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Pros and Cons of Orchard CMS Platform

Building a web Content Management System (CMS) is not similar to building any regular web application. It is more like creating an app container. When you’re designing such a system, building extensibility as the first-class feature is crucial. It can be a challenging task to do because the open type of architecture is vital for great extensibility, and it can compromise the usability of the app. Orchard cms are all about arranging all the system parts that are not familiar with each other into a coherent whole.

What Is Orchard CMS?

Orchard CMS is an open-source, continually evolving, and community-driven free platform that enables you to build ASP.NET and the apps that leverage its components. It has the full support of Microsoft, which means it has a robust support base in the developer community. The CMS platform offers a more flexible layout. With the features of plug ability and custom modules, it allows users to create customer placements, types, and more.

Orchard CMS is a relatively new product and technology having a solid design. For beginners, it is the best option to start with because of its flexibility. It’s similar to Joomla from an administrative standpoint, and you can use it productively in a short period of time. The tool is getting quite popular because of its ease of use and the potential it holds for future development.

Features of Orchard:

  • Community

Orchard CMS has a smaller community, but it is surprisingly accessible. CodePlex offers responses to bugs within a day, and you can’t find this feature in other CMS platforms like WordPress.

  • Semantic Modeling

It has an administrative interface for making some custom content types. You can use them for creating custom content types. The tool is capable of architecture that is hard to achieve with other CMS platforms like WordPress.

  • Designer Control

This tool was designed for the creation of template alternatives. It contains the metadata files offering some serious high-level formatting.

What Makes Orchard Content Management System Special?

Orchard CMS produces a layout that is far more flexible to work with as compared to other platforms. It has features like custom modules and plug ability that allow the users to create placements, custom types, and other similar operations.

However, it doesn’t offer a wide range of themes.

  • Multi-Lingual:

The content in this program can be translated into any language, and you can also share the elements of information across languages.

  • Multi-Tenant

With just a single installation, you can manage multiple sites. The notion of recipe enables users to write reusable websites templates.

  • Workflows

You can easily create content workflows with it or react to events.

  • Media Management

The users can define custom media types and add metadata such as copyright, taxonomies, author information, and much more.

  • Modular

Every feature of Orchard is a module. You can enable these modules, disable them or replace them according to your will. If you do not like what you see, you can replace it with your own feature.

  • Security

Using it, you can define permissions and roles for all of the users. You can conveniently track changes and see the history of your content.

Pros For Orchard CMS Platform:

  • It comes with the most basic things baked in.
  • For novice developers, the flexibility offered by Orchard makes it the perfect place to start out.
  • C# feels nicer than PHP.
  • It is fast.
  • Reuse content fields.
  • Create SPA apps or even static websites.

Cons For Orchard CMS Platform:

  • It has a small ecosystem.
  • Most of the budget hosting is Linux that is aimed at PHP CMS.
  • It has a few premade themes.


The flexibility, convenience, and user experience the Orchard CMS platform offer make it one of the perfect choices for beginners. Although there are some cons, those can’t suppress the amazing features.

If you are looking for a vendor who can help you implement the Orchard CMS platform into your organization, Xavor Corporation will fulfill your demands. We transform how you manage your content across different tenants, languages, and regions. Along with that, we ensure that your organization remains compliant with your brand and regulations.

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