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Pros & Cons of Getting a Tree For Plantation in Ahmedabad

You might decide to plant a tree for several reasons, like beautifying your backyard, for shade in hot summer, or creating a shield to protect your garden. Yes, planting a tree can provide various benefits, but it also has many downsides if done incorrectly. Continue reading this article as we will be listing below the pros and cons of getting a tree for a plantation in Ahmedabad.


1) Provides unending beauty

One of the significant reasons people plant trees is for their lasting beauty. Along with providing shade in the hot summer season, they connect us with nature. According to a recent study, the green color helps reduce stress and improves the visuals of your backyard or neighborhood.

2) Helpful for the environment

Planting trees will also help in making this world a better place. For example, strategically planted trees can help in reducing noise pollution & blocking sound waves up to 40%. They also help decrease air temperature by blocking the sunlight and serving as a natural air conditioner.

3) Reduce noise pollution

One more benefit of planting a tree is that they trap dust, smoke & pollen from the air, significantly reducing pollution as well as they also help in the prevention of surface water runoff.

4) Helps in improving air quality

Trees help reduce the greenhouse effect by absorbing harmful gases like carbon monoxide, sulfur & carbon dioxide from the air and then releasing the oxygen that we breathe.

5) Provides shelter

Trees you plant can be used as a habitat by many animals, birds & insects.

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1) They are expensive

Trees can be costly compared to a bit of shrub or native perennials. You might need to pay as much as 200$ / tree or even more if you hire a landscaping company to put them in.

2) They can cause Havoc above or below ground

A tree planted in an improper space can cause a lot of damage. Underground it can damage or break a pipe or water lines & above ground they might take down power lines if you do not trim their branches.

3) Slow grower

So you take your time and & pay the price of planting a tree in the ground & then wait to expect your tree to turn big & beautiful with mature canopy & shade. But it can take decades before your dream turns into a reality, and it is not always worth effort and time.

4) Requires proper maintenance

Indeed, you need to maintain your plants, too but not as much as a tree. Trees must be pruned & trimmed regularly.

5) Avoid fruit trees

The cons of planting a tree may start overwhelming you when you think about it. Stick with trees & plants that are more manageable, cost-effective unless you have unlimited money, space & labor. You have many reasons for planting a tree that starts from making your backyard more attractive to decreasing the effects of global warming. We agree that planting the wrong tree in the wrong place can cause serious problems, but it is always good to produce the right tree at the right place.


Trees have a special place in people’s hearts due to the various benefits they provide to the world around them. Taking proper care of trees will beautify your property, help in energy efficiency & control erosion.
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