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Protection against power problem

The primary purpose of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is to provide backup power in the event of a power failure problem. A modern UPS system is also capable of providing protection against a range of electrical disturbances to which sensitive business equipment is often exposed.

What is critical load?

These sensitive devices are also called critical loads. Critical loads are the devices that the UPS installs to protect them from damage during a power failure. Each critical load is different and depends on the business or organization’s activity. Most often, data centers are used to store or process company or customer data. If these systems are damaged, there is a high risk of business interruption.

Power issues you need to protect

Without a UPS system, powering these critical loads carries many risks. Below are the top power issues you need to protect against.


These are total power failures that can last from a few seconds to several hours. In the event of a power failure, the UPS must provide backup power to keep the system running. Without system protection, a power failure can severely damage hard drives and result in data loss.


Power surges can be large and powerful and therefore extremely damaging to hardware and software systems. Power surges are caused by rapid voltage transients that affect the system’s power supply. They are often caused by lightning strikes in close proximity or when another electrical device is transmitting high electrical currents.


Occur when the power supply drops below its normal value for a short period of time. This usually occurs when a high-powered system is turned on and can cause the power supply to the entire system to be interrupted.

Power Surges

Voltage dips are essentially the opposite of voltage sags; they occur when a high-powered system is turned off. The voltage rises above normal levels for an extended period of time and can damage electrical system components.


Like sags, voltage dips are the result of a drop in grid voltage but can last much longer. They occur when the grid’s power supplier has a high demand for electricity and is forced to reduce the grid voltage.

Useful features of the APC Backup uninterruptible power supply.

The APC UPS is a useful backup power supply for offices and even homes. Unexpected power outages and power surges are a nuisance. Not only do computers suddenly shut down without warning, which can result in the loss of all unsaved data, but computer systems are also at risk of being damaged by these sudden outages and/or power surges.

Protect your data and computer

This is where the importance of a backup power supply comes in. It’s not a generator that provides power, but a battery that provides power for a few more minutes, giving you enough time to save your work and safely shut down your computer.

APC Back-UPS can keep your computer systems powered up and running for 13.1 minutes at half charge. That’s more than enough time to get your data and systems back up and running before you shut down.

Overload or low battery warning

It’s also very useful with its extra features. An alarm warns you of a possible overload of eight outlets. It tells you when the battery is low and if the battery charge is distributed. However, this standby device is only suitable for systems with a maximum power requirement of 390 watts. Anything above that will not work well.


Most people feel more comfortable with electrical equipment if they know how to use and operate it. APC’s Back-UPS have this added benefit. They come with software that can be installed on a computer system. This allows the user to change the backup power settings of the computer system, although most computer equipment easily recognizes its battery power source.

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