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Reasons to prefer robot vacuums over traditional vacuum cleaners!

A robot vacuum is a multifunctional home appliance that automatically vacuums and sweeps, thus reducing the workload for you. Robotic vacuum cleaners of Roborock vacuum come in different sizes and prices depending on their features. In addition, robots are easier to use than traditional vacuum cleaners: they can be programmed to run at certain times of the day or scheduled for once-a-week activities via remote control.

Another benefit of using a robotic cleaner provided by Roborock vacuum is that most models come with various cleaning cycles, which can help free up the dust or hair in tight corners. The first robotic vacuum cleaner was developed in the late 60s by two Stanford University Computer scientists and engineers.

The idea for a robot vacuum cleaner came about after the couple had tried to clean their garage with a traditional vacuum cleaner and discovered that it was tough to access the far corners of the garage. It prompted them to develop a robot vacuum cleaner.

8   Reasons to prefer robot vacuum cleaners over traditional vacuum cleaners!

1.    Simple cleaning mode

 Robotic vacuum cleaners come in different models with either flat or narrow side brushes. It helps to collect dust and hair from the hard-to-reach areas, which human cleaners may not pick up.

2.    Save Time

 Many robotic cleaner models can run up to 2 hours a week, but many do not go above that as they are designed for quick and easy maintenance. They are usually equipped with automatic brushes and a few sensors that enable them to detect their position on the floor to avoid bumping into walls and furniture, thus reducing the risk of damage caused by the blades.

4.    Reduce allergens

 Allergens such as dust mites and pet dander that may carry viruses and bacteria are usually found in hard-to-reach areas which ordinary household vacuum cleaners cannot access. Robotic cleaners come with automatic brushes and side rollers that help remove allergens from corners, among other rooms that human hands may not be easily clean.

4.    Automatic maintenance

Unlike traditional vacuums, robotic vacuum cleaners clean your home without your supervision or oversight. After it has finished its job, you can empty the dustbin without waiting for anyone to come over and help.

5.    No deposit:

A robotic vacuum cleaner does not require any deposit, unlike traditional ones that may be damaged while in use by a tenant or a house guest. Therefore, it will not cost you anything additional in case of damage.

6.    Safe and Secure

From an operational perspective, robotic vacuum cleaners are safer than traditional ones as they do not create noise because they are electrically powered and run on batteries which are non-combustible materials. They are also programmed to avoid falling and do not require any supervision.

7.    Easy maintenance

 Robot vacuum cleaners can be easily programmed to go through cleaning cycles that match your needs, and some models also come with tools that enable you to clean the brush with a dusting brush. It makes them easy to maintain and requires no tools for maintenance.

8.    High quality

 Many robotic cleaners come with an LED light to indicate when to empty the dustbin and when it is time for the brush and the side brushes to be cleaned. The LED light also turns on during the process and enables you to watch the cleaner in action without opening it up.

The problem with traditional vacuum cleaners!

 Most traditional vacuum cleaners are designed with brush rolls that create noise and may be a nuisance to those living in apartments or with children. Some models also tend to lose suction power after several years of use and require you to replace the belts and other parts, which can be expensive.

Traditional vacuums must be used briefly on carpets, then longer on hard floors. In contrast, robotic cleaners are designed to be used until the dustbin is full, or you can press a button for it to return for docking automatically.

They also require you to drag them from one room to another, and not all cleaning agents by manufacturers contain allergens. Vacuums come in multiple sizes ranging from small ones that can fit under tables, chairs and beds and large ones that are used on hard floors like wood floors, tiles and laminate floors.

A robotic vacuum is more cost-effective, convenient, and accessible than a traditional one.

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