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Repairing Tips for Macbook Screen Replacement

Are you troubled with your Macbook screen replacement? The Macbook is a stylish and lightweight Apple computer that is really useful for future generations. This high-tech brand is really evolved and improved. As you know, this gadget is a costly one so we need to protect it from external damage. Otherwise, you will face many issues including dead pixels, battery issues, and Macbook screen replacement. If you need to know the best tips for repairing tips for screen replacement, you are on the right platform.

This article is focused on the repairing tips for Macbook screen replacement. After reading this post you will get benefits while doing the all step of troubleshooting. Let’s dive into the details.

11 Repairing Step for Macbook Screen Replacement

Step 1:

Initially, you need to turn off your Macbook before you begin your repair. After this, you need to remove the ten screws such as eight P5 pentalobe screws, and two P5 pentalobe screws.

Step 2:

In this stage, place your fingers between the display and the lower case carefully. Now, remove the lower part of your Macbook gently by pulling it upward.

Step 3:

After completing the second step you need to disconnect the battery connector. It’s recommended that you should detach the battery completely to de-energize while you work on it. Now pull the plastic tab that is attached to the battery connector at the front edge. This will allow you to detach the battery from the logic board of the Macbook.

Step 4:

In this troubleshooting level, you need to connect the I/O Board. Then pry the I/O board cable connector up and out of the socket on the board with the flat end of the spudger. Now remove the I/O board cable slowly from the adhesive holding.

Step 5:

Pry the alternating sides of the connector using the spudger tool in a gentle manner. This will able you to remove the I/O board cable easily.

Step 6:

Lift the retaining flap on the fan cable with the ZIF socket using the tip of the spudger. After this, remove the rubber gasket off the top of the fan properly.

Step 7:

In this stage, you need to separate the fan from the upper casing of the circuit. Slowly remove the fan from the I/O board side of the upper casing.

Step 8:

Move the cable that is parallel to the logic boards and face toward the Macbook’s right edge. Push the left speaker connector from the socket on the I/O board.

Step 9:

Take the display data connection parallel to the logic board. While removing the screws you need to place the exterior screws in a proper place.

Step 10:

In this stage, you need to turn the computer carefully to the opposite edge. This will help you to reach the right display screw. After this, you should hold the display with both hands before removing the final display screw.

Step 11:

Then, push the upper case toward the display assembly, then back it away from the hinges of the device. Attach the new display on your Macbook then turn on your device. Check all the important functions of your Macbook whether they working or not properly.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, you need to all the above steps are really easy if you do them with patience. We hope you will get benefits by using all processes sequentially. It is important before starting the troubleshooting process you need to get important tools and laptop parts. As you know if any single part you miss, you may face big issues in near future.

Thanks for reading!

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