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SEDAN vs SUV’s & The Best SUVs in 2022

The new SUV market is booming, but not all automakers were ready for how quickly demand would skyrocket. Early this year there was a huge influx in sales as people tried out these practical and road trip-ready vehicles only to find themselves unexpectedly low on options later down the line.

The new car industry is currently facing a massive shortage of crucial semi-conductors that have caused many factories to close.

This has had an impact on the production and supply chains, resulting in increased costs for both companies, as well as consumers.

The most popular SUVs on this market are now beginning to show their ages. The best sellers of 2021 may be gone, but it’s time for the up-and-coming generation with fresh faces in Chevy Bolts and Ford Fusions, you can get all of them at Jaftim Cars – Used Cars Dealers, which is selling second-hand vehicles for decades.

Here are our top picks for the Best SUV’s that you can buy in 2021-2022


The Kia Sportage is an interesting competitor in the compact SUV market. The latest model, coming soon to dealerships across America, will be powered by a turbocharged engine. It makes it zippy enough for those who love driving around town or need extra power on uneven terrain like trails.


The Toyota RAV4 has been on top of the best-selling used toyota SUV for sale list for four years running, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. The 2020 model year was no exception with sales reaching more than 50 thousand units.


Ford’s new Bronco is taking America by storm. The rugged styling and surprisingly frugal powertrain have made this an instant hit with American consumers, who are lining up in droves to buy one. It may be the first time we’ve seen a Ford on any top lists.


The Volkswagen Tiguan is a tough SUV that will fit the whole family in it. With a European personality, combined with an affordable price tag this car makes for some great times on wheels.


The Honda HR-V is the perfect choice for people who need an affordable, practical vehicle with all-wheel drive. It features a higher seating position than other small SUVs allowing you to feel more confident when driving in challenging weather or on winding roads.


The Chevrolet Traverse is a big SUV that’s been around for years and has been styled to fit in with the times. The carlike handling lets you feel at home on your commute. But don’t underestimate this vehicle. It can seat up to eight people comfortably. It has three rows of seating or provides ample cargo space behind those seats where diapers might go during an unexpected trip out-of-town.

What is the Seating Capacity of an SUV?

The number of seats in a car is an important factor when it comes to finding what kind. There are three types: SUVs, Minivans, and Vans which all have their benefits but also drawbacks depending on your needs.

For example, SUVs can be more expensive than other vehicle categories because they offer greater seating capacity with roomier interiors, while vans provide just enough space for occasional uses like grocery, shopping, or contractor work projects around town.

However, this same feature makes them less desirable as family vehicles due to limited legroom between rows compared with smaller cars, which typically hold 4-8 people comfortably at most.


SUVs and sedans might seem like the same car, but they’re not. SUVs offer more room for your family. In addition to carrying cargo, or pets on short trips, while still providing good gas mileage. However, if city living is what you want then we recommend going with a sedan instead.

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It’s Popularity:

SUVs are quickly becoming the new car choice for many people. The first commonality between SUVs and sedans is that they’re both incredibly popular, which makes sense because these types of vehicles have always been part of our pop culture landscape since there were ‘40s Lovers.


If you’re looking to make a statement with your car, then sedans and SUVs will give the best of what they have. Sedan hatchbacks offer an attractive option for drivers who want some customization but not too much.

SUV’s on the other hand don’t really provide that distinct difference between models unless it has been heavily tuned up from top-to-bottom in terms of performance or appearance options.

Three Reasons to Buy a Sedan

Fuel-Efficient: The best way to save money on gas is by choosing the most fuel-efficient car type. Sedans offer a hybrid option, but they’ll always be more efficient than other options such as hatchbacks and coupes.

Lower Seating Position: For drivers who typically drive sedans, the higher position of SUV seats may be an adjustment. For those taller than average or with shorter legs and torso lengths this might not make as much difference in terms of comfort.

Quality: Sedans are the most trustworthy vehicles on wheels, and it’s no wonder they’re one of America’s favorite car types. From family sedans that can carry five people or more with ease to sports models for your daily commute needs. There is an option out there just right for everyone.

Three Reasons to Buy SUV

Space: If you’re looking for a car that has plenty of space, an SUV is what’s up. And with all those acres to stretch out on long rides, and more room in your luggage than ever before here’s no better way to enjoy road trips.

Visibility: When you’re behind the wheel of an SUV, there are several things that make driving more enjoyable. The higher position grants greater visibility and larger surrounding windows grant better views for all drivers to enjoy.

Capability: If you want to stay comfortable and safe on your drive, an SUV might be better for long journeys. The all-wheel-drive is perfect when it will likely always be raining or snowing outside.

Where to Buy Used SUV at Good Price?

If you’re looking for a good deal on your next used SUV, but can’t afford to buy one new right now. And in case you also don’t want the hassle of trying out different makes until after saving up some money then don’t stress out. You’ll be able to find cars from all over in stock at Jaftim, where you can choose from hundreds of stock of used Toyota for sale, Honda, Suzuki, Ford, KIA, and many other makers.

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