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SmartPRP Hair Restoration That Work for Better Hair Restoration

Accepting that you are losing hair is not an easy thing, especially if you are a woman. A woman’s pride partly falls on her hair. That is why most of them keep their hair long. However, there comes a time when certain conditions beyond our control, hair starts shedding, falling out, or stops growing. This condition is known as hair loss. It can affect both men and women, but it is more rampant in men. Hair loss can happen to anyone at an older age, starting as early as a teenager. Different types of hair loss can affect you. Should the unfortunate happen, or if it has already happened, you need to be courageous enough to look into its cause. PRP treatment for hair loss is an ideal procedure for those wild.

Knowing the origin of your hair loss will help you nip it in the bud before the problem escalates. Many people suffering from hair loss often go for treatment such as medication without clearly knowing the root cause of the thinning hair is. Before suggesting ways to treat your hair, Dr. John Kahen from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration will first examine your hair follicles and the scalp to better understand what causes the hair loss. Before seeking treatment, you need to look for a reputable hair loss clinic after your interest. If you reside in Los Angeles, the best place to get your hair restored is Beverly Hills Hair Restoration

Dr. Kahen was among the pioneers of the famous SmartPRP procedure that has proved to work wonders in hair restoration. In the past, the only available way was the strip surgery method, which left a linear scar in the donor area. Let’s find out how SmartPRP hair treatment works to decide if it is the right procedure for you. 

The hair restoration industry has made significant efforts to look more natural and durable. One of the latest hair restoration techniques is SmartPRP. Although PRP is used in the medical field for other types of treatment, today we will discuss SmartPRP hair treatment. 

SmartPRP Hair Treatment

Hair means a lot to us because it completes our facial beauty. The therapy involves the same procedure that the PRP for hair loss uses. When the procedure begins, the doctor will start by extracting blood from the patient seeking hair restoration treatment. Blood is drawn out with a syringe. One blood is removed from the patient; it is placed into a centrifugal machine, spun rapidly to separate the various compounds. Since what the doctor requires for the procedure work is platelet-rich plasma, he will extract and administer plasma into the patient’s scalp using a syringe. The procedure usually takes place inside the doctor’s office or clinic.

Platelet-poor plasma

If there is platelet-rich plasma, platelet-poor plasma will have to be disposed of once the necessary product is removed; it will be mixed with other solutions to ensure growth happens very first. 

How SmartPRP Works 

There are two procedures to the SmartPRP therapy. The first one is the removal of hair in the donor area. These are called hair transplants, where the doctor will target healthy hairs in the scalp where hair loss occurred. The second method is using the PRP solution. 


The hair transplant procedure combined with PRP treatment for hair loss results in an effective therapy that allows you to grow thick hair permanently in the scalp. The machine also has a compartment for ensuring the harvested hair follicles are kept safe, increasing the survival rate. The only place to get high-quality hair restoration procedures is Beverly gaziantep escort bayan Hills Hair Restoration. If you are unsure which hair loss conditions you are suffering from, ask a specialist because not all procedures will work well. With the SmartPRP hair treatment for hair loss, the outcome becomes quite natural and strong, and lasting. 

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