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Studio Apartment Configuration

A studio apartment is an apartment that is designed for one person. It is called a studio apartment because it’s just about the same as a large studio. A studio apartment apartments in Calicut can be used by either a man or a woman. A studio apartment has only one bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room. The other amenities are similar to those in any other normal-sized apartment.

Studio Apartment Configuration

Studio apartments are usually located on the top floors of the building. The space has one or two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. There is not much-unused space in the room, but it’s still possible to find everything you need. Still, if you like to keep your things in order, you might need some storage boxes.

Studio apartments are relatively small and do not occupy large areas of land. There are various layouts for these apartments; however, most of them consist of a living room, bedroom and bathroom (and sometimes a kitchen). If you like your apartment to be cosy and comfortable, then this type is perfect for you. These types of apartments usually offer less sun exposure than other types; however, they also cost less per square foot.

What is The Studio Apartment Size?

Studio apartments are one of the smaller apartment sizes, but they typically have the same amenities as larger units.

The term studio can be applied to any apartment unit that is smaller than a one-bedroom apartment, although the exact square footage required to be considered a studio varies by region.

Housing costs vary greatly from city to city and state to state, so it’s essential for renters to know what they’re getting for their money. That means knowing how big a studio is and what amenities might come with it.

A studio apartment size is typically defined by a single room with a kitchenette and a bathroom. Studios can also have washer and dryer hookups, which are often located in the kitchen area or in an adjoining closet or cabinet.

From there, studios can get even smaller. 

Studio Apartment: Who Should Consider?

Studio apartments are mostly chosen by young professionals or students with small families. A studio is great for a couple or a small family with kids. It is very convenient for those who don’t want to share their space with anyone else. For a small family, a studio apartment is the most comfortable place due to its small size and one bedroom feature.

Best Suited For Single Dwellers

Studio apartments are relatively small but cosy. A studio apartment is best suited for single dwellers. If you are a person who likes a peaceful and quiet environment, then it is an appropriate one.

Studio Apartment: Benefits

Lower Electricity Bills

A studio apartment or bachelor apartment is a small efficient dwelling unit. It is usually limited in size to sleeping for one or two people who may not have the need for formal dining or cooking facilities. A studio flat also has lesser electricity bills, they are small and hence require less energy than the lengthy suites.

Best Suited for Single Dwellers

Studio apartments are relatively small but cosy. A studio apartment is best suited for single dwellers. If you are a person who likes a peaceful and quiet environment, then it is an appropriate one.


Studio apartments are known for their affordability and easy living. They generally feature a combined kitchen and lounging area and separate bedrooms. The architecture of this building type is such that it can be easily constructed to create more space when needed. 

Low Maintenance

The thing with a studio apartment is that…it’s a studio flat. It requires low maintenance as compared to a house. In contrast to other properties, an apartment provides easy access to amenities and transport facilities.

Not Suited for Bigger Families

Studio apartments are a very different type not meant for bigger families. In general, these rent units are quite old and built as an extension to the main house for longer rent as a source of income. This variety of flats is typically located on the lower floors and has limited space, which makes it really hard to build big rooms with suitable areas for living.

Lack Of Privacy

A studio apartment refers to a type of apartment that is small and lacks the space for multiple rooms or apartments. A studio apartment in Thrissur does not have privacy if you have guests.

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