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The Common Forms of Paper Grades for Packaging Boxes

Tuck Top Mailer Boxes

The custom packaging industry is incredibly huge, and brands often have a hard choosing the right tuck top mailer boxes and packaging solutions. This is basically because they don’t have a clear understanding of the paperweight. And the paper grade. Both of these terms are very confusing. And they might sound like absurd language that you have never heard and talked about. However, you don’t need to worry because this article includes a variety of paper grades to make the packaging process a breeze.

Paper Weights

A few seconds ago, we mentioned how paperweights and paper grades are confused with each other. But they are actually different from each other. This is why we are talking about paperweights before we discuss the paper grades. The paperweights are used for identifying the thinness and thickness of the paper. Which also shows durability. And standards of quality in the packaging process. However, the method of the calculating paperweight is different in different countries.

For example, when we talk about the United States, the paperweight is calculated according to the manufacturing origin. On the contrary, the rest of the world compares a single square unit of paper with the weight. So, whenever you have a similar type of paper from two different manufacturers. The measurement can become challenging. This is because the physical appearance of the papers will be the same. But the manufacturing process will be unique.

A Variety of Paper Grades

In addition, if we are comparing different grades of paper. It is very important to keep in mind that categorization is determined mainly by the purpose for which the paper will be used; therefore. It is important to determine how the paper will be used when categorizing the paper.

Offset Uncoated & Opaque Papers

The offset and uncoated papers are used as the large-volume commodity of the paper grade. This is why it is utilized for archival purposes. Particularly because of how it is produced. In addition, the production method makes it alkaline. Which tends to oppose acids that help achieve a newer. And a fresher look to the paper. In addition, the internet bonding between different paper components is sturdy. Resulting in a durable paper that doesn’t tear apart easily.

In the majority of cases, these offset papers weigh ranging from 50lbs to 80lbs, and are known for the smooth finish, patterned finish, and vellum finish that tends to be tough. On the other hand, the opaque paper is quite similar in terms of weight. But it has a better pulp quality. Also, it is explanatory that this paper has a higher level of opacity, making it a thick paper. As far as the finishes are concerned. The opaque paper is available in a durable film coat, protective thin coat, and elegant satin finish.

Writing Paper

If you would like to know what bond paper is, or what correspondence paper is, or if you have any questions about them. You should check your printer at home or work. You might not be able to print these types of writing papers in your office printer, or in your home printer. However, you may find them in a printer of your choice. People who use this can write handwritten notes. And letters including letters to their acquaintances and friends as well as be able to send them out to their acquaintances.

In addition to this, some companies add cotton fibers to the paper stock in order to enhance its functions. And classiness and to provide a premium product to their customers. As of today, there are many new alternatives for paper materials that can be used for watermarking. But some companies also add cotton to the list of paper materials they use for watermarking.

Cover & Text Papers

Our premium papers on this page come in the form of a variety of covers. And text papers are available to you at your convenience. Both uncoated and pre-coated papers are available at your convenience. These papers are designed so that you can create different types of business cards, brochures, note cards, folding cards. And other material such as leaflets, note cards, and brochure covers, using these papers.

Taking into consideration the options that can be produced in terms of the patterns, colors, and patterns that can be used along with the appearance options, it can be said that the appearance options can be easily tailored to suit the needs of presenting different types of presentations by making simple changes to the colors, patterns, or designs.

The Common Paper Grades for Packaging

Whenever brands go out to purchase tuck top mailer boxes, they end up getting confused by terms like uncoated paper and 100#. However, there is actually a very easy way of understanding different paper grades. Simply put, if the paper has a higher PT or GSM unit, the material will be thicker. Which makes it more durable and has higher weight sustenance. However, the commonly used grades include;

  • CCNB – this is the clay-coated news backboard which is made with a mixture of recycled newspapers. And old corrugated boxes in addition to other paper. This is an affordable and cost-effective solution for printing. But it comes with higher water absorption, which is obviously a drawback. The most common application of CCNB is the foldable carton packaging
  • FBB – this is the folding boxboard, which is made with a combination of mechanical processes, materials. And chemicals to create the pulp with higher thickness. And multiple layers to create a durable and high-strength configuration. Also, the pulp is bleached, which makes it a suitable choice for printing and customization
  • SBS – this is the solid bleached sulfate that has pulped and bleached fibers. After this bleaching process, it is made into boxes. These tuck top mailer boxes have white color on the outside and inside, making them suitable for printing. It can be used for debossing, embossing, spot UV printing, and hot foil stamping

At this point, we are sure that you have a clear understanding of different paper grades. And you will be able to make the right choice for your tuck top mailer boxes. So, which is it going to be?

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