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“Even a bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.” – David Lynch.

Whether it’s to start the day or to finish an assignment before approaching a deadline, or to just enjoy your favorite drink in the middle of the day, coffee is a must for most of us. Without the morning latte, the day seems dull, and the hazelnut frappe is all that it takes to lift your mood up; a cup of black coffee accompanies late nights with work or studies. But the problem we face is that making a good cup of coffee is no child’s play. It requires time and skills to recreate that perfect cup of you like.

That’s when we go out to the coffee shops to buy that perfect cup of coffee that delights our soul. Well, buying coffee is always not the best option when you’re broke or like to balance the books. We leave wondering how the coffee shops make such a perfect cup of coffee every time; that’s when we get to know about the coffee maker machine. 

As a passionate coffee drinker who loves drinking coffee many times a day, a coffee machine will come in handy. It will save you lots of money, and it will be easier to make a cup of coffee any time a day without being forced to go out and buy one. 


Coffee shops and brands popularized the coffee maker. But initially, it was the Ibrik from Turkey who started brewing coffee. It was a copper container with a long handle and grooved director with tongue-tie. It was pretty popular in the Middle East,  there was no filtering included in the process, so the brewed coffee was intense.


  • Well, it saves a lot of money if you drink 2 cups of coffee in a day, then it saves you around 400 – 500rs per day, and with the fare and gas charges added to it seems a lot.
  • It is inconvenient to go out every time just to get a cup of coffee; with the coffee maker machine, you can make the coffee all by yourself at your home, so no midday run to coffee houses anymore. 
  • Well, having a coffee maker is not only an economical option but sometimes also can make you feel luxurious as you can try a variety of coffee with different flavors at a low cost. 
  • Cleaning up gets more manageable as people don’t have to rinse and scrub every time they have a cup of coffee. 
  • People who drink coffee several times a day can make a large amount of coffee at one go, which will help them save time while meeting the deadline.

Types Of Coffee Maker Machine

Well, coffee is about taste, and everyone has different tastes and needs. So to think a single type of coffee maker machine would suit everyone is incorrect. So to satisfy everyone’s needs, there are different kinds of coffee makers for everybody to choose from.

  1. Drip Coffee Maker: Very Popular and Easy to use. Ground coffee is added to a filter, and cold water in the container goes through the beans, which heat the water. Brewed coffee is then placed into a pitcher to keep it warm.
  2. Thermal Coffee Makers: It is very similar to Drip Coffee Maker, but it keeps the coffee hot for a longer duration because it has an Electric Thermal carafe. 
  3. Electric Espresso Machine: Electric Espresso Machines are mostly inexpensive side it creates a type of coffee that uses roasted beans or fine grind. The concentration of the drink is higher than drip coffee. There are many espresso machines, such as Manual, Semi-automatic, Automatic, Superautomatic, and Capsule machines.
  4. Percolator: Percolator is an old-fashioned coffee Maker that was used way before Drip Coffee Maker. Nowadays, there is also an electric variant of it. Percolator produces an ample amount of flavourful coffee, and it’s also easy to clean, which is why it’s a great alternative to drip brewer for the household.
  5. Siphon Coffee Maker: A vacuum pot coffeemaker is rather a fun choice for coffee nerds. With its attractive shape and the aromatic cup of coffee, it makes it becomes pretty eye-catching. But it has its downside as the brewing method is pretty gentle, so it takes a lot of work to make a single cup of coffee.
  6. Moka Pot Coffee Maker: A Moka pot is the most simple and economical kind of coffee maker; it produces a dark brew similar to espresso. The coffee it makes is dark, which is a good base for cappuccino, latte, and frappes; It is also great for people who like camping since it doesn’t need electricity and, in general, is easy to use
  7. Aeropress Coffee Maker: Aeropress is an easy to use, travel-friendly, and cost-effective coffee maker machine. Coffees like Americano can be made with it. However, it is not precisely like espresso but is very similar. You can also make a cold brew with it by letting the coffee grounds soak for a minute instead of ten seconds. It is suitable for people who want to choose an easy way to make coffee.
  8. Cold Brew Coffee Maker Machine: It creates a kind of brewed extract, and the extract is also known as “cold water extract.” The extract is mainly diluted and mixed with ice or heated like regular coffee. It is a hands-off method to produce large batches. Though it makes a large amount at one go, it takes 24 hrs. to create one batch of coffee. 
  9. Vietnamese Coffee Maker: If you’re a fan of sweet and cold coffee with condensed milk and cream inside, then it is the right choice for you. It only makes a single cup of coffee at one go and can only make cold coffee.
  10. French Press Coffee Maker: Also known as ‘plunge pot’ is an easy-to-use variant of the coffee maker. it is incredibly flavourful as this type of coffee maker allows you to have all the coffee oils in your cup.

People started using coffee makers centuries ago, and with the evolution, it became what it’s today. Having a coffee maker is very advantageous; not only it gives you that delicious cup of coffee every day, but it also gives you the ability to control what ingredients and how much of it goes inside your coffee.

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