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Thinking Of Purchasing Commercial Refrigerators for an Industrial Kitchen? Consider These Things First.

Running a hotel or a catering service requires plenty of reliable devices and equipment to keep the kitchen running and at full capacity. A commercial refrigerator like that of SKOPE is such a device that is crucial in allowing the kitchen to keep up with the growing demands. Industrial or commercial kitchens are all over Australia, catering to different cities, functions and festivals. Most of them specialise in general cuisines, while some branch into specific styles like Thai or Chinese. Whatever the case may be, keeping the food products cool and keeping other vital consumables from being spoiled requires good quality refrigeration systems.

When choosing the right refrigerator, kitchen owners in Australia need to look into plenty of things. With Australia’s kitchen appliances market growing rapidly and with the availability of hundreds upon hundreds of variations in design, choosing the best refrigeration system might be a bit of a challenge. However, there is no need to get hung up on the model variants and consider these pointers below to choose the right type:

  1. Where Is The Refrigerator Being Installed?: Finding the right spot in the kitchen is crucial for the optimal functioning of the entire kitchen. Even a minor inconvenience can disrupt the entire workforce, leading to cooking delays and unsatisfied customers. Measure the dimensions of the space accurately and get a model that fits within the specified measurements. For compact kitchens, go for smaller refrigeration units for more versatility.
  1. Type Of Food To Be Stored: The type of refrigeration system will depend on the type of food that is to be stored inside. Fridges made for storing meat will differ completely compared to fridges made for storing and showcasing dairy products or drinks for customers. Ensure that the refrigerator is easy to access for the kitchen staff during normal working hours. Even bakeries and confectionaries use a lighter model of glass covered fridges to give customers a good view of the bakery products.
  1. Refrigerator Brand: The appliance’s brand matters more reliable brands always offer great products at reasonable prices. Brands in Australia like SKOPE have all types of refrigerators for commercial kitchens. It might be beneficial to look for extra features like eco-friendly consumption, less electric waste, better insulation, and excellent thermal efficiency. The more features present, the better quality will be worth the price.
  1. Other Factors To Look Into: Make sure the design is durable enough to last long, and don’t forget to grab the warranty for the purchase. Adequate capacity will allow more stuff to be stored, reducing the need for another refrigerator. Based on the kitchen’s needs, owners can go for separate units containing the cooking system and the freezer or buy a single system that does both. Maintenance requirements should also be checked as most refrigerators require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them running in pristine conditions for years.

There are various types of commercial refrigerators available in the Australian market:

  1. Small square models are fixed under the counter or the desk to save space.
  2. Display refrigerators are seen in stores and bakeries. They are meant for customer use to display the products available.
  3. Chest refrigerators are the ideal solution for a portable cooling system. They are also used in commercial kitchens owing to their storage space.
  4. Reach-in or walk-in in freezers depending upon the size required.

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