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Tips and Tricks to Make Sure Your Smartphone Lasts Longer

Make Your Smartphone Lasts Longer

No doubt the smartphone is a helpful device that works for us throughout the day. In a way, it became necessary that you have your phone 24/7 with you. Where we love using our phones non-stop and benefitting from them. We keep on forgetting that it is a machine and requires maintenance to last longer. When you are too careless with your device it will end up getting damaged within the first year.

Today, we are going to share some tips and tricks which will ensure that your smartphone lasts longer. If you are bored with your old phone and would love to trade it for a new one. Therefore, sell used phones at Quickmobile for instant cash and buy the latest version for yourself.

Treat Your Phone Screen with Care

Like any glass object, our smartphone screens are delicate. If you are not careful it will end up damaged. A cracked and scratched screen is not only an eye sore. But they are dangerous as well. While swiping your finger across the cracked screen your finger might suffer a deep cut. Always use a good screen guard and always hold your phone firmly. Also, keep your phone away from water and the same thing goes for when your hands and fingers are wet. The water can end up getting into major parts of your phones and causing water damage.

Maintain Phone Temperature

Just like the human body, too much rise and drop in the phone temperature can be harmful. Overheating is never a good sign and that indicates your phone health is deteriorating. You should never expose your phone to the harsh weather. Especially the sun, when your phone is in direct contact with the harsh sun rays during summer. Your phone will shut down on its own. Keeping your phone in a dehydrated place will ensure that the phone doesn’t slow down due to unfavorable weather.

Remove Unnecessary App

Smartphones already arrive with factory default apps that cannot be uninstalled. They can only be forcefully stopped. However, the company only provides you with apps that they think are necessary for you. Later on, we keep on adding new apps to our mobile phones. Some of these apps we use daily while other apps just sit on your phone crowding the space. Over time these apps slow down your phone and also use your phone data when they run in the background. It is important that you know which apps are necessary and which are unnecessary so you can uninstall them to improve your phone performance.

Update Your Apps

To keep your phone and apps bugs and virus free. It becomes crucial that you update them regularly. Old software is bound to catch new virus malware. Doesn’t matter if you’re using an iPhone or Android phone. Whenever the latest and updated version is introduced. You should make it your priority to download it immediately.

Maintain Your Battery

Battery plays a significant role without them your phone is nothing. As long as your phone battery is healthy there are high chances that you will be able to keep your phone for a long time. To maintain your battery health never let your phone battery power drop to 0%. Charge it when it starts showing around 20% battery. Do not overcharge your phone once charged, remove it from the plug. Always use the original charger that came with your phone. To ensure your battery lasts longer, keep your phone brightness low, use vibration mode for notification, and turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when you are not using them.

Backup Your Files & Data 

Overloading your phone with too many photos, videos, and other files. It can impact your phone performance. So make sure all of your files are backed up regularly to your Google account. From time to time delete extra photos and videos from your phone and keep your Smartphone storage clean from additional baggage. This way you always have your data saved in your Google account and keep only important and latest files on your phone and have extra space for the future.

Invest in Good Case Cover

Today, we are obsessed with slim phones. However, your phone safety should always come first. Purchase a durable and sturdy case cover to protect your phone. It might make your phone look a little bulky. But it will be worth it. The best thing about the modern-day market is that you can always find a case cover according to your taste. There are thousands of designs and colors available; you can even have someone custom build it for you.

Final Verdict:- If you follow up with our advice undoubtedly you can keep your smartphone for 5 to 6 years easily without any trouble. No matter how careful we are, phone batteries can easily be damaged and need replacement. Use Quickmobile smartphone repair service and get your phone battery fixed for affordable prices.

At QuickMobile we offer you the best market price when you sell old phones and mobile repairs. Moving on to our additional services that are buying refurbished and second-hand from QuickMobile. A consumer has every right to be wary while buying refurbished and second-hand due to the impostors that surround us. In a world of frauds and scammers, we are more than delighted to provide our trustworthy services and sell you certified second-hand and refurbished Android and iPhones that will come with a warranty and help you save money from spending on a new device.

As for our Android and iPhone repair services you may be thrilled to hear that we are offering online smartphone repair services. Where there is well-trained and mannered professional staff who will be handling your delicate device and will fix it as soon as possible to the top of their abilities and once your phone is repaired it will be delivered to you right away. It’s the right time to ease your worries and come to us to buy and sell old phones, and also book our online smartphone repair services.

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