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Tips to Know about the Fraud Packers and Movers

Nowadays, many fraudulent packers and movers are functioning in the market. It is hard to identify these fraud movers. Many people get trapped by these movers. These movers attract people with low-moving quotes.

Most people like to get moving services at low prices. So, they hire these movers. But, they do not know how they befool them. The fraud movers pose themselves to be renowned movers. They claim to deliver your products with complete safety. However, they only make false promises. They don’t have professional staff with them. So, they are not responsible enough to manage your relocation process.

They only make random quotes to the people. However, they force the people to pay more and more money later for their move. So, it is good to identify these movers as soon as possible. Here are a few important tips that will help you in detecting the fraud packers and movers: –

No Insurance

The reliable packers and movers offer you insurance services when you choose them. However, the fraud movers do not offer insurance to you. These movers offer you a blank insurance policy. This policy is of no use to you. So, the movers who do not provide you any insurance are the fraud movers.

Random Quotes

Some movers offer you their quotes over the phone. This is not the right way to offer moving quotes to you. So, it is advisable to get the quotes in writing. Most reputed movers only give written quotes to their customers.

So, if your mover offers you random quotes over the phone, then he is a fraud mover. You can ask your mover for a written quote. If he doesn’t give you the quotes in writing, then you are dealing with a fraud mover. The verified movers estimate the moving price on the basis of numerous factors. However, a fraud mover doesn’t take care of these factors while giving their quotes. They give their quotes randomly. So, you should always ask for a written quote while dealing with your movers.

Communication over Phone

There is a great difference between genuine and fraud companies. The moving executives of a genuine moving company always converse in a formal tone. They always say the name of their company after picking up their phone. However, on the other hand, the executives of a fraud moving company don’t converse with the customers in a professional tone.

It is a good indication that you are dealing with a fraudulent mover. So, you can check your movers after taking care of this point.

No Physical Address on the Website

The reliable moving company posts its original address on its site. On the other hand, the fraud movers do not post the complete address on their website. Some fraud movers do not even have their websites. However, some post incorrect addresses on their sites. You will never find their address after visiting the location they have mentioned. So, you should always look for the movers that post their original address on their site.

No Customer Support

The fraud movers claim to offer you customer support from their side. However, the truth is that they don’t have a team of customer support professionals. So, they can’t help you in resolving any issue related to your move.

When the customers share their grievances with them, they promise to offer resolutions to them. However, they don’t have any solution for their problems. So, you can ask about customer support from your mover. If he is not offering you customer support from their side, then you are dealing with a fraudulent mover.

Upfront Cash

The fraud movers force you to pay upfront cash even before accomplishing their moving tasks. Some people pay cash to these movers. These customers fall prey to their selfish motives and pay them the money. These packers and movers disappear after getting money from the customers. So, it is advisable to search for the movers in a careful manner.

If your mover is asking you for cash before delivering your goods, then this mover is definitely a fraud mover.

Pre-Move Survey

All the registered packers and movers estimate your moving costs through a pre-move survey. They visit their house to know what things they will carry with them during the move. They will enquire about every minute detail related to your move. This helps them in providing the right quote to you from their side.

If your mover is not providing you with a pre-move survey, then it is a clear indication that he is a fraudulent mover. So, always ask for a pre-move survey while communicating with your mover. It is the most important thing in the whole moving process.

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Check their Licenses

Make sure to check the licenses of a moving company before hiring it. If your mover is not providing you with his license, then it is better to go for another mover. A reliable mover is delighted to show his certifications and licenses.

You can also check their other documents to verify them. But if a mover doesn’t show these documents, then he is not a verified mover.

Ask for the Contract

You should ask your mover about the contract. Some movers offer you blank contracts or incomplete contracts. Make sure not to sign these types of contracts. The genuine movers always offer you a contract after mentioning their terms and conditions in it.

Having a contract is necessary. It is important to get the contract before choosing your movers. Also, make sure to check the prices and other terms and conditions of the contract before signing the contract.

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Negative Reviews

Another way to find a fraud mover is through negative reviews. You can read the negative reviews of your mover on various websites. This will provide you with much information about your mover. Generally, the negative reviews of a company tell you so much about the reputation of a company. It is a great way to detect a fraudulent moving company. Most people read negative reviews deeply before hiring their packers and movers. You can also do this to save you from the fraud movers.


It is easy to find the fraud packers and movers with the help of the above tips. These tips will be much useful for you while choosing a mover for your move.

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