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Top 10 Android App Development Trends To Follow In 2022

Android App Development

Android has the largest global market share compared to iOS. There are over 2.89 million Android apps available in the Google Play Store. With the growing popularity of Android mobile devices, Android app development is faring better day by day. Most business owners prefer to develop apps for Android as it is cheaper and faster to launch them on the Google Play Store as compared to iOS apps.

An Android app designed with the right approach keeping the customer demands and the business needs in mind is sure to get maximum downloads. Incorporating the latest trends into the app will also score you some brownie points. So then, why not have a look at the top 10 Android app development trends to follow in 2022?    

1. AI and ML in Android app development

Though there is considerable hype on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), these concepts have definitely helped to provide customer-centric solutions. Image identification, data analytics and its processing, chatbots, translators, product & content recommendation, review classification are all the byproducts of ML and AI. 2022 will see upgrades in these concepts and more of them will be implemented through the Android app development services.   

2. Chatbots and Google Assistant

In today’s age, the majority of consumers rely on bot technology. Google Assistant is one such AI voice and chatbot for customer interactions. Chatbots change the way your customers interact with the Android app. It connects your brand to the customers like never before.

  • Chatbots and voice assistants continue to operate throughout the day 24*7 improving customer satisfaction.
  • They can handle simultaneous conversations with thousands of your customers. You can set up automated responses to deliver them to your customers.
  • You can integrate a customer support chatbot for simple queries while the complex ones are passed on to the support agents.
  • Assigning repetitive tasks to chatbots helps you save time and money in business.

Chatbots and voice assistants in your Android app support and help you scale business relationships with your customers.

3. Multi-platform development

Native apps are preferred due to the benefits they bring with them. But millions of startups and small businesses still rely on cross-platform apps rather than investing in separate Android app development or iOS app development services. A single codebase for both Android and iOS apps is cost-effective and the app can be launched fast. The ease of use of popular frameworks such as Flutter, React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, PhoneGap, and Node.JS have made the app development process seemingly uncomplicated and fast.

4. Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack is a collection of software components such as libraries, tools, and architectural guidance to help developers build great Android apps quickly and easily. The software components are divided into four libraries  

  • Foundation components
  • Architecture components
  • Behavior components
  • UI components

The best part is that developers can adapt each library separately to run the apps on different versions. You can select the components you need in the app to make it unique or add the components to the existing code. The Android Jetpack will make the Android app development services cost-effective and help developers in building apps faster and better. It will ultimately lead to smarter user-friendly Android apps.   

5.Blockchain technology

It is synonymous with Bitcoin, but blockchain technology has much more to it than just cryptocurrency. Built on the decentralized concept, this technology can be integrated into Android apps for banking & finance, supply chain, manufacturing, retail, and many more. An interesting concept that has emerged from the Ethereum blockchain is the NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). It is basically using technology to sell anything such as digital art, collectibles, or games. NFTs are designed to give ownership rights of the work that can’t be copied. The blockchain technology implemented during Android app development helps to keep the customer data and transactions safe and secure eliminating unauthorized access.

6. Android instant apps

Available for Android, instant apps allow users to access specific content from the app without installing the full application. When a user clicks on the Android instant app’s URL through a link, they will be sent to only a specific section of the app meaning only the code needed to display the module is downloaded instead of the entire app. You have to decide if you want to implement this concept in your app during Android app development as it involves writing codes for section modules. This concept is particularly useful for e-commerce businesses and game developers. For instance, the New York Times app allowed only its Crossword puzzle section to be downloaded or shared. It improved its discoverability. Similarly, game developers can use this concept to help people download a part of the app, play a sample game and decide if the app is worth downloading.

7. Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)

Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) is a set of policies used by enterprises to secure sensitive corporate data and employee-owned mobile devices. Basically, it combines the capabilities of mobile device management (MDM), mobile app management, mobile content management, and mobile identity management. It allows teams and admins to manage devices across multiple platforms by enforcing security measures on the Android apps to protect business data. It also allows granting remote access to only certain data required by the employees of the organization. Talk to an expert on integrating EMM into your app when you hire Android app development services.  

8. Application Performance Management (APM)

As the name suggests, Application Performance Management (APM) is managing the availability and user experience of Android apps. The APM tools monitor the speed and the network infrastructure that supports the app providing an end-to-end overview of the interruptions and bottlenecks affecting mobile usability. Load testing, synthetic monitoring, real-time user monitoring, and root-cause analysis are some of the tools found in a good APM. Implementing Android app performance management through an APM tool helps you fix the issues and makes your app the best-in-class to get you more downloads.

9. Beacon technology

Beacon is a small device using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to send out radio signals to nearby (within 70m clear range) smartphones. When your phone detects the signal, it triggers an action as initiated by the beacon. Android apps scan for BLE and can be used to trigger requests or as virtual guides for a physical store, tracking people, location-based advertisements and messages, security and automatic locking/unlocking of devices, or indoor positioning and navigation. Decide how and why to implement beacon technology in your app while hiring mobile app development services.      

10. 5G technology

The 5G network enables faster data transmission between different devices and has the capability to completely transform businesses. It will help both Android and iOS app development services to bring out efficient apps. Let’s see how it will benefit Android apps.

  • It will enable the extensive application of IoT (Internet of Things).
  • It will help developers integrate more features into wearable devices.
  • The immersive AR (Augmented Reality) and 3D-based mobile app development such as 3D printing and games will see an upsurge.
  • Developers can easily integrate AR and VR into Android apps.
  • It will allow smoother performance of live video streaming apps.
  • 5G network will boost GPS performance of navigation apps
  • It will help developers to reduce dependence on device hardware and include cloud accessibility in the Android app development process.
  • 5G will create better real-time opportunities for chatbots such as quicker response time and prompt feedback.

This technology will open brand-new network architecture and provide better app experiences.

Wrapping Up

The above top 10 trends in Android app development will surely help you create an efficient user-friendly app with maximum profitability. Hire the best mobile app development services to design an Android app incorporating the latest trends for 2022.     


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