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Top 10 Japanese Cartoons for Children 0-6 Years Old

Japanese animation has millions of admirers around the world who appreciate the high-end storytelling and unforgettable characters. There’s a wide variety of characters and licensed products, especially toys for children. It’s possible that you aren’t familiar with certain characters you see in stores or are unable to be up to date on current trends that are sweeping through the world of your child’s school. If you’re looking for good dwarf names then try this dwarf name generator.

Japanese Cartoons

The 10 cartoons listed here are just an example of the vast array of Japanese animation geared toward youngsters. From action-packed shows filled with fantastical superheroes to kids working their way through their day, There’s likely to be someone on this checklist that your child is familiar with. For good group names, you can get the help of the band name generator.

1. Crayon Shin-Chan

If you’re familiar with anything about Shin-chan at all you may be wondering how the potty-mouthed teen got his place on this list. But, there’s an explanation for why he’s loved by both adults and kids.

Shin-chan is a 5-year-old kindergartner living in Saitama with his parents, his baby sister, and his dog. The series is focused on the relationship between Shin-chan and his neighbors, family members, and other friends. The comedy comes from his manner of conduct and his usage of words. Shin-chan is known for taking off his trousers and glaring at his companions. Shin-chan also has a lack of tact when interacting with adults. He also will utter whatever thoughts come to his mind.

2. Chibi Maruko Chan

Chibi Maruko Chan is a family-friendly show where its heroine the title, Maruko, faces a range of issues. In contrast to many animated children’s shows which are set in the city of Tokyo Maruko-chan is a resident of suburban Shizuoka and has a family of low income. We see the relationships Maruko is able to share with her mother, father, older sister, and her grandparents. We discover that she is a normal girl who has everyday issues that every child is able to relate to.

What can make Chibi Maruko Chan stand out from other shows on TV focused on children in elementary schools is that a large portion of the action in each episode is in the school setting. Chibi Maruko Chan is an excellent series to introduce the soon-to-be first graders to are shown a glimpse into the life of an elementary school student is similar to.

3. Pokemon

What do you think to be said about Pokemon? The worldwide phenomenon that has a huge following in every country began in Japan. In the series‘ the hero Satoshi goes by another name, but people across the globe will instantly recognize the colorful yellow mouse-like mascot Pikachu. If you’re not familiar with the series, Here’s a brief overview that the show revolves around pokemon, animals-like creatures, and trainers for humans who capture the creatures, train them, and fight other trainers using pokemon.

The card game has now become an immense video game show and a film and TV franchise. With the new series Pokemon Sun and Moon, there are more than 780 pokemon, which is a huge increase over the 150 introduced back in 1995. Visit the Pokemon Center Mega Store in Ikebukuro and purchase amazing gifts, snacks with Pokemon designs, and other seasonal items.

4. Yokai Watch

Yokai Watch follows five-year-old Keita as well as his journey with Whisper Spirit which aids Keita to collect yokai. Japanese spirits, that haunt Sakura New Town. If Keita meets a yokai they receive a friendship medal. Through the use of the friendship award as well as his yokai watch, which is a wristband that is specially designed, Keita can summon yokai to take on other yokai or aid the yokai in their daily activities.

The idea of Yokai Watch is that for every bad act or deed performed by humans there’s always a Yokai behind the action. While certain cultural references might seem to be over the heads of youngsters, the show is an excellent introduction to the rich tradition of storytelling in Japanese. Japanese and its mythical characters.

5. Aikatsu!

Aikatsu is a shortened version of aidoru Katsudou, which is learning to become an idol. In addition, Aikatsu is a succinct way, to sum up the story as it describes the life that follows Ichigo, Ai, and Ran three ordinary girls trying to rise to the top of the heap at Starlight Academy.

Moreover, Aikatsu can also be a well-known arcade and card game. The cards also play an important role to play in the TV show. The players purchase cards that are usually an item of clothing, an accessory for fashion, or a technique. You can use the cards to design an outfit. 

After that, the players take the cards to the arcade to earn points and get their unique character/idol shown off on the stage. Due to Aikatsu’s nature as a show, Aikatsu has also spanned several tracks and CDs. Fans appreciate learning about the choreography that is presented in each episode.

6. Hana Kappa

Hana Kappa is a sweet and whimsical show that is broadcast every day on NHK. The animation is easy and utilizes lots of vibrant colors, which is perfect for attracting the attention of younger viewers.

The story is about the kappa family which is one of the Japanese water spirits. With flowers that blossom at the peak of their head. When Kappas turn adults the flowers blossom. Hana Kappa, however, doesn’t know what flower her buds will blossom into. Which causes her a lot of anxiety. Along with her fellow residents from Yamabiko Village. Hana Kappa is on a variety of adventures and causes a range of flowers to bloom on her head at a random time.

7. PreCure

The PreCure might be reminiscent of the story of Sailor Moon. But to people who are fans of the series, it’s not. Furthermore, PreCure is a favorite among girls aged 4-5 or older. With a popularity that in Japan is only surpassed in the world of Disney Princesses.

What does PreCure different from other fantastic schoolgirl series is the fact that every two or three years the show reboots and introduces a brand new group of heroines? 

The most recent version will be Pretty Cure A La Mode with Cure Chocolat as the main character. Parfait, Gelato, Whip Macaron, and Custard. If you don’t have the time to binge-watch the show it could be beneficial to choose a character that you identify as your favorite. This way you’ll be able to talk with someone without feeling like you’re missing out.

8. Shima Shima Tora no Shimajiro

Shima Shima Tora no Shimajiro is an animated TV series inspired by Benesse’s educational publisher’s educational program, Kodomo Challenge. Because Shimajiro is the official mascot, you will get a range of Shimajiro-branded educational products and children’s products throughout Japan.

What is it that makes Shimajiro different from other cartoons on this list is the fact that Shimajiro is targeted specifically at youngsters. It teaches while entertaining youngsters. Each episode is focused on a particular aspect of Shimajiro’s daily life as a young child. Alongside Shimajiro they learn crucial life lessons, such as how to apologize for their mistakes, make friends, and go to the bathroom as well as many others.

9. Doraemon

The Doraemon is another character you’ve heard of the name of: He’s a time-traveling robot cat in the 22nd century who is in search of help for Nobita the young boy lacking athletic ability as well as an academic discipline. Furthermore, Doraemon is frequently the victim of bullying too.

In addition, Doraemon inspires children’s imaginations and helps them develop their imagination. The character has a fourth-dimensional pocket with a wide range of fun items, including The Take Koputa (“Bamboo-Copter”) along with Doko Demo Doa (“Anywhere Door”). When faced with a problem kids can ask themselves “Which gadget is best to use?” “What will be the outcome?”

The Doraemon film series is a focuses on friendship’s power, and are extremely emotional and moving.

10. Anpanman

If there’s a Japanese cartoon that comes to mind immediately it’s Anpanman. It’s impossible to avoid Anpanman since the character is everywhere on products aimed at children. The character is so beloved that there are five museums in Japan that are specifically dedicated to Anpanman that you can learn more about here: Anpanman Museum, Yokohama. In the museum, visitors can enjoy a live performance that features characters from Anpanman.

The character that is the main focus, Anpanman, is an Anpan (a pastry filled with bean paste) head superhero who defends his fellow heroes from Baikinman (back in refers to bacteria Baikin is a term used to describe germs in Japanese). 

With the assistance of his companions and fellows, who can be found at the nearby bakery shop, anpanman imparts to children three fundamental principles: (1.) Do not do anything wrong; (2) Justice always wins; (3) It’s important to show kindness to people around you.

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