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Top 12 Places to visit in Mussoorie

If you are looking for places to visit in Mussoorie that includes tranquil hills, pristine environment, and an unadulterated vacation experience, you should pack your bags and head to Mussoorie. The ‘Queen of Hill Stations,’ daintily positioned on a steep ridge, flaunts some of the most magnificent vistas with élan, putting it on par with Nainital, another important tourist attraction. Mussoorie is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations due to its natural beauty. One can opt for the Mussoorie Dhanaulti Tour Packages and get ready for the most exciting vacation in the Queen of Hill Stations Mussoorie.

The sight of the lush Doon Valley juxtaposed with the snowcapped crests of the Himalayas will be difficult to forget for any tourist visiting Mussoorie during their vacation. The nice temperature makes for a perfect holiday spot, providing a welcome respite from the sweltering plains. Being a favorite holiday destination, there are many remnants of the British Raj era that still immerse the fascinating hill station and can be reflected in the archaic architecture of the town including hotels, libraries, churches, and summer retreats. Whether you are a family, couple, or friends, Mussoorie has something for everyone. Here we have compiled a list of most amazing places to visit in Mussoorie. So, here are the top tourist attractions n Mussoorie that will make your holiday experience most memorable and enjoyable. 

The Mall Road

The Mall, which is located in the heart of Mussoorie, is a popular destination for tourists and visitors. This road is commonly known as ‘The Mall,’ is the busiest shopping hub in Mussoorie and is ideal for shopping enthusiasts. Tourists, as well as locals, throng the Mall Road in Mussoorie to satisfy their shopping desires. The vendors here sell a wide variety of items, from clothing to electronics. Ceramic vases, Tibetan prayer wheels, antiques, brass statues, wooden items, handicrafts, and jamavar shawls are among the other goods for fatih escort sale.

Gun Hill Ropeway

Gun Hill, Mussoorie’s second-highest mountain range, is a popular tourist spot for viewing the magnificent Himalayan ranges and Doon Valley. It is a prominent Mussoorie vantage point, is positioned 400 feet above The Mall and is also accessible via cable car. The ropeway to Gun Hill is one of the most amazing things to explore in Mussorie

At an elevation of 2024 meters, Gun Hill is Mussoorie’s second-highest point. It is reachable by cable car and provides an exciting view of the Mall Road and Doon Valley that should not be missed during your Mussoorie trip! The 400-meter ropeway ride is enjoyable, and you will be treated to a panoramic view of this picturesque hill station throughout your journey. Gun Hill is one of the best places to visit in Mussoorie for an amazing experience. A land abounding in natural resources, to be sure!

Kempty Falls

Kempty Falls is a very famous waterfall in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, gives a spectacular picture of water falling from a height of roughly 50 feet and tumbling down five cascading falls. In Kempty, there are two main falls with water pouring into large pools, providing an excellent opportunity to play in the mountain stream’s crystal clear gushing water. The lower waterfall is quite popular and draws a large crowd, although the upper one is quieter. Kempty Falls, the most well-known and oldest tourist attraction near Mussoorie, attracts visitors all year. This Falls is a wonderful picnic spot or a perfect day-out spot in Mussoorie.A British man invented Kempty more than 150 years ago. Kempty is located at a distance of 15 km. 

Company Garden

The Company Garden in Mussoorie, located about 3 kilometers from Mall Road, is a great place to spend quality time with family, friends, or your loving partner. The Garden Welfare Association of Mussoorie maintains the overall plan of this garden, which was designed by Dr. H Fackner. While walking around the garden, you will notice gorgeous fountains, lush vegetation, colorful birds, and various flower species. If you are feeling adventurous, go boating on Artificial Lake. There you can enjoy various attractions like the wax museum, haunted house, various small rides, and more.

Jharipani Falls

The Jharipani Falls is located 6 kilometers downhill from Mussoorie in the Jharipani hamlet. It is a little and stunning waterfall that gushes with water after the monsoons and then disappears into a thin strip of flowing water for the rest of the year. The 1.5-kilometer climb to the base of Jharipani Falls is a highlight. On clear days, the neighboring peaks and the beautiful valley are mesmerizing, especially when the sky is painted a rosy crimson after sunset. The notable boarding schools of Mussoorie, such as St George’s, Wynberg Allen, and Oakgrove, are all located within the Jharipani estates.

The Camel’s Back

The Camel’s Back Road, located in the center of Mussoorie, is a 3 km long road bordered by natural boulders fashioned like a camel’s hump. It has a breathtaking view of the Himalayas and overlooks the Doon Valley. It is also a great spot to watch the dawn and sunset view.

The best way to discover what this gorgeous route has to offer is to take a long walk along with it or come here for an early morning jog. On the Camel’s Back Road, you may also witness a 180-year-old British cemetery, the first of its sort in Mussoorie.

Bhatta Falls

Bhatta Falls is a fantastic tourist spot for fun and relaxation, located in the tranquil and peaceful highlands of Uttarakhand. The Mussoorie-Dehradun Road, near Bhatta hamlet, is located at a distance of 7 kilometers from Mussoorie. Bhatta village is accessible by bus or cab. A 3-kilometer walk or drive on a narrow, slightly hilly, but smooth road is possible. The stunning and natural waterfall cascades down from the hills above, forming several pools of water with variable levels suitable for bathing and playing by people of all ages. There are a few restaurants that serve ready-to-eat foods such as Maggi, soups, eggs, juice, coffee, etc.

Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba, nestled on the Depot Hill in Landour, is one of the highest viewpoints in Mussoorie. This vantage point is only 6 kilometers from the city center and sits at a height of 2,275 meters, so you can only imagine the views from up here. The viewpoint’s name simply translates to Red Hill, a tribute to the color of the sky visible from here between sunrise and sunset.

On a clear day, you may see peaks such as Bandarpunch, Kedarnath, and Badrinath from this vantage point. The telescopes built at Lal Tibba allow you to get up close and personal with the splendor of it all. 

George Everest

Sir George Everest’s House is about 6 kilometers away from Gandhi Chowk in Mussoorie. It was built in 1832 and was previously Sir George Everest’s residence, laboratory, and observatory. Sir George Everest has done it all from this location, from measuring the tallest summits to scaling the distances between the mountains of the north. Get the chance to explore the observatory to learn more about his life and work. The breathtaking views from the George Everest peak, where the heritage building is located, are so much fascinating, especially when the mist is present. Even if the past does not grab your interest, the scenic views will. It is one of the most scenic places to visit in Mussoorie so don’t miss out. 


Landour is a picturesque town in Uttarakhand located along the lower western Himalayas, nestled among a canopy of lush Deodar trees. It is located approximately 980 feet above Mussoorie. It is a little cantonment town that, curiously, takes its name from the Welsh Village of Llanddowrer and it is rich in history dating back to the British period. Landour’s intimate location and pure natural beauty offer a soothingly cheerful aura that is great for recharging one’s senses. It is only 33 kilometers from Dehradun, as well as the nearby hamlets of Tehri, Dhanaulti, Chamba, and Chakrata.

It is less than 200 kilometers from the spectacular Himalayan peaks of Gangotri, Yamunotri, and Kedarnath, which can be seen with the naked eye on a clear day. Landour’s tranquil landscapes make it a popular weekend resort for travelers wishing to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Dalai Hills

Dalai Hills, located above the Lal Bahadur Academy and near Happy Valley, is one of the most picturesque places to visit in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. It is associated with complete serenity as well as breathtaking vistas of the towering Himalayas and green valleys. The Dalai Hills, which overlook the picturesque Garhwal hills, are famous for their countless Tibetan prayer flags and Lord Buddha monuments. There is also a Buddhist temple nearby. The region is suitable for nature enthusiasts, with trees, plants, and flowers, as well as trekking trails through the forest. This place is ideal for seeing the sunset, enjoying a picnic, camping, and photography due to the calm and views. Refreshments are available at nearby food joints. Don’t forget to explore this place during your Mussoorie Trip.

Cloud’s End

If you are seeking peace and tranquility on your trip to Mussoorie, Cloud’s End is the place to go for. It is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Mussoorie. This beautiful stretch of lush deodar and oak trees is 6 km from Library Road and marks the geographical end of the hill town. From the Happy Valley area, you can travel up the Hathipaon Road to Cloud’s End.

This location not only provides beautiful views throughout the day. It also has the most dreamlike setting for watching the sun rise and set in the azure sky. Photographers adore this location, and it’s possible that you will get your next Instagramable photo here as well. 

While a trip to Mussoorie is all about the scenic views, and leisurely hiking to the greatest viewpoints, don’t forget to walk down Mall Road. The bakeries and restaurants in this area serve some of the best sandwiches and cupcakes. You can also stock up on one-of-a-kind items found only in the Queen of Hill Stations to take home. Explore the best of Uttarakhand by opting for the Mussoorie Dhanaulti Tour Packages offered by Lock Your Trip, and soak its beauty at the lovely tiny hill town of Mussoorie. 

So, these were the most popular and the most amazing places to visit in Mussoorie. Plan your Mussoorie trip for your next weekend getaways from Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Dehradun, or other northern towns.

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