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Top-rated Features of athena EMR in 2021

athena EMR System – An Overview 

athena EMR provides a full-featured package of health IT technologies for healthcare practices striving to boost workflows and care quality. It allows medical facilities to organize billing, scheduling, appointment management, revenue management, and other operations. athenahealth reviews show that you can also benefit from its charting and medical recordkeeping features. Moreover, the athena EMR cost is affordable for various practice sizes. 

athena EMR system is a cloud-based technology that provides strong deployment models and greater flexibility with mobile assistance, allowing you to provide treatment while on the move. Overall, the athena EMR system will enable physicians and health professionals to focus on patient care while maintaining clinical efficiency and productivity. 

athena Medical Software 

Athenahealth system, which over 160,000 healthcare practitioners trust, provides several products to meet a wide range of practice sizes, including the following: 

  • athenaClinicals – It is an electronic medical records (EMR) system preferred by medical offices seeking to increase productivity while reducing provider workload. 
  • athenaOne – the entirely integrated cloud-based suite including an EMR system and practice management. 
  • athenaCollector – It is a robust web-based practice management and revenue cycle solution. 
  • athenaCommunicator – It is a set of patient interaction tools that includes a self-scheduling solution, a patient interface, and a chat option for patients to contact an administrator to help with scheduling and payments. 
  • Epocrates – This EHR system-integrated application, Epocrates, provides clinical decision support in prescription medicine while improving practice efficiency

Top-rated Features of athena EMR System 


athena EMR System has powerful scheduling capabilities that allow your staff to rapidly add appointments to your available schedule and open available time slots on the calendar. You can also select existing patients from the registered list.  

When a patient’s consultation is scheduled, these tools immediately import their previous patient records. As a result, new patients can directly book an appointment, avoiding the time-consuming planning of the initial session. Moreover, the athena EMR demo gives you an overview of the appointment scheduling functionality. 

Clinical Notes 

Clinical notes can be provided by practices through the patient portal or on paper using athena Medical Software. Upon conclusion of the patient interaction, the software generates an encounter summary that you can upload to the portal or print and give to the patient. This feature also sends ‘tasks’ to a care team member in the office, allowing them to follow up on patient education and healthcare planning actively. 

Cloud-based Portal 

According to athena EMR reviews, the patient portal is intended to assist you in sending HIPAA-compliant messages, scheduling new appointments, and capturing overdue balances. In addition, it enables patients to update their current contact information, choose their preferred pharmacy, and access their medical data, medication list, and allergy information. Patients can also request prescription refills. However, The athena EMR demo allows you to navigate through the patient portal feature.  

Medication Management 

You can keep track of a patient’s previous and current drugs using the athena EMR systems. In addition, it enables you to keep track of all medications that patients take, even those obtained over-the-counter or prescribed by other practitioners. Moreover, athenaClinicals is SureScripts certified, and SureScripts medication history allows you to keep your patients’ medication list updated. 

athena Medical Billing 

The athena medical billing software, athenaCollector, is powered by a robust. Automated claims management engine unrivaled by other medical billing software on the market. In addition, the athena medical billing dashboard streamlines administrative processes while providing total visibility into your organization’s revenue cycle performance. 

The revenue cycle management solution from athenahealth provides complete visibility into performance while helping practices enhance collections and be paid sooner with less work.   

Reporting Module 

athena EMR includes a reporting suite that generates virtual reports on every area of a healthcare practice weekly or monthly. You can modify reports to filter data in ways that are most appropriate for your medical facility. You can also get help with creating custom reports from within the app. 

How Much Does the athena EMR Cost? 

The athena EMR cost starts at $140 per practitioner each month. Therefore, This pricing model indicates that a firm with five providers would pay a minimum of $700 per month ($8400 yearly). 

athenahealth Reviews 

athena EMR reviews are of great help as they give you an insight into the software from a current users’ perspective. You can find reviews on various online sites. Overall, we recommend you read athenahealth reviews before buying the software as they will help you evaluate. Whether athena EMR is worth an investment or not.  


  • It enables healthcare professionals to communicate critical patient information from other clinics while simultaneously adding vital information to a patient’s chart in real-time. 
  • Patients may quickly contact you, obtain prescription refills, and check their lab test results. They can also receive automated billing, appointment, and follow-up care reminders and notifications. 
  • athena allows you to repurpose time spent on technological difficulties and duties to improve patient care and eliminate disruptions. 
  • You may rapidly obtain clinical information from several sources, giving correct therapies while conserving time. 
  • athena EMR provides low-cost Practice Management solutions. 


  • athena EMR cost may include significant charges for continuing billing services. 
  • Some reviewers found it challenging to enter or search for data within site. 
  • It does not have a built-in telemedicine solution

Our Two Bits 

athenahealth provides a cloud-based EHR, Practice Management, and Medical Billing solution for small, medium, and large healthcare offices. This user-friendly platform handles clinical and administrative tasks in a medical facility. 

To determine whether athenahealth is the most excellent fit for your practice, read online user reviews and think about the elements you want in your EHR solution. Such as primary features, support details, possible integrations, and so on. Then, to enhance your chances of discovering the perfect application for your organization’s specific needs, carefully assess. The athena Medical Software demo and seek clarification from the vendor. 

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