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Top Ten Books Written by Stephen King

Stephen King is the best selling writer because he is famous for his terrifying horror novels. This American writer has written almost 60 books and more than 200 short stories. He has published his first book in 1974. After publishing his first book, he has adored the readers with his perfect scare. To amuse the readers, Stephen King has also written supernatural thrillers and crime fiction. We can also see the glimpse of his stories in some TV serials. The experts are saying that he has sold 350 million collective copies of his books. Here, we will discuss the top ten books written by Stephen King.

The Long Walk:

Stephen King has published this novel in 1979. In this novel, he has shown that 100 young men take part in the non-stop walking contest. The person who will win the race will get the prize that he will never want again. The second prize of this race is death. If walkers will slow down, they will give three warnings. When the race lasts, only one person lives alive. This novel is showing the extremes of zero-sum culture. He has also shown empathy, mercy and kindness in this novel.

The Shining:

It is also one of the best books by Stephen King. The Shining is a story of a father. He brings his wife and son to the desolate place. When you will read the detailed information in this book, you will learn the excruciating details of the slow descent of the father. This kind of nature of the father threatens the safety of his family. After releasing this book, he has spawned multiple adaptations of this book. All of these adaptations are legit for the readers. Nowadays, this story has become stuff for the legends.


If you want to read a sweet tale of friendship and love, IT is the best choice for you. This has become one of the most popular bunches in the modern era. The readers have also accepted this book in the form of a mini-series. Some people also like this book in the form of a blockbuster movie. The young children can share the story of this book with each other. King has given characters to the dialogues. As a result, the readers can deeply understand his way of talking. The new readers can also read the mind of this writer.

The Dark Tower:

It is the King’s version of the Game of Thrones. That’s why this book is available in the form of an epic of 8 series. This book is centring on the tower. As a result, it is connecting the universe of Stephen King. The dark wizard of this book is destroying the towers and world. In this complicated epic of the 8 series, he has presented the references of all the books. Different directors have made multiple attempts to turn this series into films. Anyhow, all of them get failed.


This Stephen King’s book is a nightmare for dog lovers. Here, he has explained the story of the man’s best friend. While explaining this story, he has turned the philosophy upside down. He has also combined horror with dark humour. While reading the story of this book, you will learn that a human being’s nice friend suddenly turn into a monster. He has explained the violent acts of this dog on human beings. The readers are saying that this is not the best book for dog lovers. Anyhow, if you want to learn violent acts of pets, this is the best book for you.


Told by an assignment help firm, this is the story of an accomplished author. He is under the custody of a crazy fan. This story shows the relationships of the artists with the fans. He has explained that sometimes, the artists have to face this problem. While reading this book, you will worry about the fate of the artist. That’s why he has kept his title ‘Misery’. That’s why this book has performed well among the audience. The directors have also made a film based on the story of this book. This book is showing loyalty to its source material.

The Stand:

This book consists of 1400 pages. It is about the flu. While reading this book, you will know that this disease has spread among 99% of the world’s population. The remaining population has to face the forces of this disease. Anyhow, the readers will not find enough signs of horror in this movie. The readers don’t expect this kind of story from Stephen King. Anyhow, it is a thrilling book from start to end. Stephen King has released this book in 2012. The price of this book is $9.09.

The Mist:

This story is about innocent civilians who are trapped in the supermarket. Here, they see the sudden invasion of the monstrous creatures. This is a real horror book for the readers. The monsters have to play a vital role in proving this book. The readers will frequently start to think about the fragile nature of human beings. In this book, he has shown everything from friendship to religion. Anyhow, we can’t judge the mist of this story just from its cover. The readers are saying that it is one of the most popular and thought-provoking stories of Stephen King. It is not only about monsters but it is also about the people who are running away from them.


Stephen King has also written some books about evil babies and evil dogs. To stretch the imagination of the people, he has also written a book about an evil car. Anyhow, the premise of this book is absurd for the people. They don’t know the terrifying nature of the car. The people also know that Stephen King is the master of horror. Therefore, he can do anything. The story of this book is about a new car. He has shown that this new car has become an evil soul.

Doctor Sleep:

This is the sequel of The Shining. In a long list of books, this is only the sequel of Stephen King. He has presented this sequel after the success of the story of ‘The Shining’. He has continued its story to show his mysterious supernatural ability. Anyhow, this storybook has not proved as masterful as the original book. It is still a great piece of thriller for the readers. Here, Danny’s character is like a tortured hero. By using his powers, he saves the life of a girl.

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