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Travel Fights: 5 Reasons Why Couples Argue on a Trip

It’s a sweet and special experience to travel with your significant other. You get to learn a new side of one another, set the pace of your relationship, and create amazing memories together that you’ll reflect on for the years to come. Travelling together is an opportunity to spend quality time together away from the usual distractions. 

Although travelling with friends is one fun adventure of its own, exploring places with your partner is an opportunity that can deepen your relationship. However, some couples normally expect a lot out of their vacation as they should. But this can have a downside since it can result in an unhealthy pressure for couples for wanting their holiday to be perfect and problematic-free. 

With that being said, here are some of the things that couples argue about when they travel. So, if you have plans with your special one for the holidays, we’ve included some tips on how to resolve these problems also. 

1. You want to do different travel activities 

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Your partner wants to relax at the beach, while you want to explore the city. Your partner wants to lay around, watch a movie, and chill at the hotel accommodation you’ve booked while you’re excited to hit the dancefloor. Most likely this will happen and it’s completely reasonable. You and your partner are two different persons. What you can do is to work it out and try to calmly talk about it instead of shouting at each other. When you do this, you will eventually arrive at a specific compromise and both agree on doing everything together. 

Meanwhile, if you think that this technique will not help at all, it would be best if you have time off. This means that you have to split physically and not in the relationship for a few hours to be able to do what you want to. This is not actually a bad thing since it’s also fun to have some alone time! 

2. Too busy on your phone and social media updates

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This is one of the biggest problems of having technology. Although it has given us a lot of good things, and it became a part of our everyday routine and interacting with activities on a regular basis, it became a bit overruling and defocusing. What we mean by this is that some people are living online life more rather than paying attention to what’s presently happening in front of them in the real world. This problem not only happens between couples, but it also happens when you’re out with your friends. 

It can be annoying when your partner is more interested in the screen rather than talking and exchanging looks, right? To avoid this, you can set some rules and include a few points about how you can use technology. However, these rules should be agreed upon by both of you, otherwise, there is no point in talking about it. You can set a limited time for the online world, and try not to bring with you those tablets and laptops. 

3. Bringing up past issues 

Communication is essential to any relationship. But it’s not a good time to dig up past issues, it would be better if to forget about those difficult conversations until after the trip. This is important especially if you’ve recently encountered conflict, or you are still holding to some past issues. 

If you want a peaceful and happy travel venture, leave out any touchy conversations that have lingering resentment tied to them. You already know what those are. 

4. Allowing jealousy to destroy the travel vacation 

If you plan to have your vacation in the summer, people are normally visiting the beach, where they would relax, feel free, and most likely self-confident. This means that there would be plenty of girls wearing bikinis and even men showing off their hard work in the gym with their muscles. Be open-minded because probably you and your loved one will catch a glimpse or even compliment some of the people around you. 

Don’t feel jealous immediately or think that you’re unimportant to your partner for taking a look at somebody on the beach that has a great fit. Also, another type of jealousy that happens when you’re on a vacation that may fire up a huge argument is when you see that some friend is texting your partner. This usually happens because now you have a lot of free time together and there’s a possibility that you do things you haven’t done before, such as looking at his or her phone or spending some time going through his or her privacy. 

This kind of issue has something to do with trust and it would be best to sit down and have a serious talk with your partner. Be patient. If you and your partner have a healthy relationship, then there is no reason to ignite a huge fight. You just need to be honest with each other and have some trust. 

5. Making things personal 

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Sometimes, enjoyment can exhaust you, making you tired, hungry and dehydrated at the same time. During these times, you will tend to react unpleasantly since you’re looking for something that will feed you, rest you, and make your body return to its track. So, avoid starting a fight with your partner especially when you are not in a good mood. Just breathe first and talk to your partner about what frustrates you. 

Furthermore, unforeseen events can occur on your vacation that may disappoint you, such as losing your passport or arriving late for the musical show or you don’t know where you placed your phone. During these times, it can feel stressful and you might get nervous about what is happening. You need to be calm and think logically and avoid letting it all out on your partner regardless if your partner is the one at fault or not. Don’t try to blame everything on your partner as this will only worsen the situation and may lead to a huge fight. 

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