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Trending Logo Designing Businesses to Watch in 2022

the most trending logo designing businesses

Trending Logo Designing Businesses to Watch in 2022

A logo is one of the most important parts of the branding and marketing strategies of a company. The logo design of a company has various benefits to offer like it represents the brand, connects with the audience, speaks about the brand, and much more. To create such an important thing, you need the perfect services. You can create professional, unique, and responsive logos with logo designing businesses that offer amazing services. 

Here we have mentioned the most trending logo designing businesses to watch in 2022-

Designhill Logo Maker

Designhill logo maker is one of the most trending logo designing businesses to watch in 2022. This tool is very easy to use and can be handled easily even by beginners. This tool works on AI technology and creates professional designs in just a few clicks. All you need to do is add some important details about your company such as company name, industry, mission, icon choice, color palette, etc. After this, the tool will create a variety of designs based on your choice. Select the one that fits your needs and you can customize it to make it perfect and unique. With Desinghill, you can hold contests with professional logo designers from all over the world. 

Wix Logo Maker

Wix logo maker is a DIY tool for creating a business logo. With this logo maker, you will need a little time to invest in creating a logo on your own. However, the Wix logo maker is quite easy to easy and has a little learning curve.  Just answer a few basic questions about your company and this tool will display plenty of samples for you. You can choose your favorite sample and then customize that just like you want. You can alter fonts, colors, background, layout, etc according to your choice and create a unique piece. After designing, you can download the logo for free as a PNG file. 

Fiverr Logo Designers

Fiverr logo designing business is famous for offering quality services at very low prices. This platform has a business logo design search wizard which helps in finding the perfect designer for your company. You can have a look at profiles of different designers to see their past work and feedback from other clients. You will find plenty of designers offering logo designing services at cheap rates. If you lack creativity and time to create a company logo on your own then hire someone using Fiverr. This is a perfect platform to get in touch with experienced designers from all over the world by just using your mobile phone.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is one of the simplest logo makers for creating your own company logo. This tool is great for branding purposes and is ideal for bloggers and small businesses. It is very useful, especially for beginners. There are plenty of icons, texts, fonts, colors, etc that you can use in your logo. However, Tailor brand’s free logo maker does not have advanced customization features. You can try out this tool completely free of cost and pay only when you like the results.

Free Logo Design

Free logo design is next on our list of trending logo designing businesses. This tool is great for small businesses or startups that have a low budget. You can get web hosting, website design, premium plugins, themes, and logo design services at very low prices. You can also get a temporary free logo with this platform before spending any money. The logo editor is very easy to use. You just need to select a template that fits your brand’s needs. After that customize any detail that you like on your logo. To get a high-resolution logo image, you need to pay $59 and $249 for a professionally customized logo. 


99designs is one of the best options for creating personalized logos. This tool offers great value for the money that you pay.  You can run a private design contest and then choose the design that you like. After creating the logo, you get around 40 versions that can be used over various platforms. This tool is quite easy to use for beginners. You can use plenty of design options like colors, fonts, graphics, layouts, etc to customize your logo and create a unique design. Premium services are also available for agencies at 99designs.


DesignCrowd is a platform that is a community of professional designers from all over the world. You can even host a logo contest and select your favorite logo design. There is an option if you want to work one on one with a designer. This platform can be a little costly for some. However, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you do not like your design, you can get your money back. DesignCrowd offers various other services such as web designing, t-shirt designing, business cards, etc.


Moving further, the next trending logo designing business on your list is Looka. This powerful logo designing tool gives hundreds of logo designing options from which you can choose. There are plenty of icons, fonts, colors, graphics that you can choose from. The tool is free to try and you will need to pay only after you like the results. The layout and spacing of the logo design are clearly worked out which allows beginners to create professional logos. They also offer a social media kit that includes 40 plus logo files of the right size for Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Canva Logo Maker

Canva logo maker is one of the easiest to use free logo makers available. It uses a drag and drop interface which makes it so easy and simple for beginners to create professional business logos. You can select from thousands of templates available on the platform. After choosing a template, customize text, color, icons, size, layout, etc based on your choice. You can easily get your logo design free of cost with Canva. However, your design can get a little generic. So, you need to make a little effort to create a unique logo for your brand. Canva is free to use and download logos. If you want different logo files of better quality, you will need to spend just a little money. 


DesignEvo lets you create a logo design from scratch using the design library at DesignEvo. Or you can choose from 10,000 plus logo templates available in this tool and then customize it accordingly.  This platform is very easy to use and handles with a low learning curve. You can download a PNG file of the logo design that you create. You can use this free logo commercially as long as you link your business logo to DesignEvo from your website. 


Placeit is another logo creation tool that takes just a few minutes and a few clicks to create a professional logo design. You can design logos for businesses that need multiple designs at a time. Purchasing designs individually can get costly if you have to do it regularly, so use Placeit instead. It has 8000 premade logo templates which can be customized later on. These pre-designed templates can be customized to fit the needs of brands. You can alter the color, fonts, text, layout, graphics, and almost everything. Use these trending logo design businesses in 2022 to create the best logo design for your own company.

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