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Types of Wastewater Treatment

There are 3 main types of wastewater treatment: primary, secondary and tertiary, with some considering a fourth type before primary treatment. Pretreatment.

Wastewater treatment

It is a practice that, although it has been carry out since ancient times, today is something fundamental to maintain our quality of life. There are many techniques for each type of wastewater treatment with a long tradition and that have been improve over the years in the knowledge and design of WWTPs or PTAPs.

The increasingly demanding water treatment regulation laws that must be comply with have open the way to the application of new water treatment technologies. Many of these technologies allow a recovery of resources and give an important value to the waste that is generate, such as: reuse of wastewater for irrigation, recovery of Oil and fat from wastewater or power generation.

Industrad Group offers a wide variety of  Wastewater Treatment in Pakistan systems and for each type of wastewater treatment. Here we will name you some of the treatment systems, and also some of the types of wastewater treatment services that they offer.

Types of wastewater treatment


Among the types of wastewater treatment, in many cases a pre-treatment or preliminary treatment is consider, followed by the primary treatment. Basically these consist of the elimination of coarse solids, resulting in a reduction of the pollutant load in your wastewater. Depending on the require quality of your final effluents you may need either a filter, a flotation system or a flocculation and flotation system. If you discharge your water into a sewer system, a primary treatment may be sufficient to meet the final effluent requirements.


Primary filter systems are use to separate large particles from wastewater. Removal of these particles prevents plugging of “downstream” pipes and protection of “upstream” equipment. The following types are available:

  • Fix bars.
  • Channel filters, including Aqua rake (motorize screen) and channel screw filters.
  • Parabolic filters, including static and vibratory types.
  • Rotary filters, internal and external supply.
  • Fabric filters.Wastewater treatment -DAF


They are use to remove heavy solids and floating particles, such as oil from wastewater, without the need to add chemicals.
The following systems are available:

  • Sedimentation units.
  • Screw conveyor for sand.
  • API / CPI / TPI oil and water separators.
  • Cross flow separators.
  • Counter-current separators.
  • PPA modules.
  • Hydrocyclones.Wastewater treatment -DAF


By adding air or dissolve gas, flotation systems are use to separate materials by air or dissolve gas flotation.
Industrad Group provides a Dissolve Air Flotation System base on Jinhua’s proprietary intelligent aeration system . Where the formation of fine air bubbles promotes and increases the separation of the particles. The following systems are available:

  • IAF induced air flotation.
  • IGF induced gas flotation.
  • DAF dissolved air flotation (with and without foil packs).
  • DGF dissolved gas flotation (with and without foil packs).


These coagulation and flocculation systems are used to remove emulsions, dispersions and heavy metals from wastewater by adding coagulants, flocculants or precipitants.
The following coagulation – flocculation systems are available:

  • Tubular flocculator.
  • Reaction tank.
  • Electro coagulation.
  • Chemical dosing equipment.
  • Chemical preparation equipment.


Depending on the type of wastewater, the characteristics of the substrates and the discharge limits for your wastewater; our team is in charge of selecting the best concept and the most suitable and profitable wastewater treatment equipment. Our solutions are based on a combination of the following products:

  • Filtration systems to remove large particles.
  • Sedimentation systems to remove heavy particles.
  • Water-Oil Separation.
  • Coagulation and Flocculation.
  • Flotation systems (DAF) to remove fine particles and flocs.
  • Anaerobic and aerobic treatment systems to remove dissolved organic matter through microorganisms.
  • Polishing systems that remove impurities to meet the most demanding requirements.
  • Creation of energy value from sludge and waste.

Upon request, our standard equipment can be modified to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

In addition to offering our systems and equipment for the treatment of your wastewater, we perform on-site services such as:

  • Effluent Characterization.
  • Flow measurement.
  • Plant operation: WWTP and PTAP.
  • Maintenance of equipment and plants.
  • Jug test tests.
  • PVC and HDPE welding
  • Technical advice.
  • Staff training.
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