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Uber eats vs Doordash: The Ultimate Comparison

Technological advancement has brought every single blessing way closer to us beyond imagination. It’s no less than magic that Uber eats, and Doordash does to serve us. Even you can make $1000 a week with Uber eats.

If we go a few years back from now, when there was no such thing as Uber eats or Doordash, people could hardly think about someone or something that would deliver their ordered food at their doorstep.

The popularity of Uber eats and Doordash is increasing day by day. However, there’s still competition out there about who serves best to their customer, which food delivery service has won more heart than another one.

Let’s have a look at the comparative discussion between Uber eats and Doordash.

Uber eats vs Doordash: Who is better?

Here is a comprehensive comparison between these two in terms of popularity, payment, and many more. Let’s get started.


When it comes to the comparison based on popularity between the two biggest food delivery services, Uber eats and Doordash, the winner varies from time to time.

Sticking at the same position is tough when we talk about something mostly on the same level of popularity in the market.

If we look at a recent report of earnings of these two most famous online food delivery services, it shows that in September of 2021, Doordash earned around 24 percent more than Uber eats in the US.

Though this business sector was highly interrupted by the covid 19 lockdown situation, they adopted numerous marketing policies and strategies to fill up the gap due to the pandemic.

They extended their partnership, and surprisingly, it earned around 57 percent online food-providing sales in September 2021.

In contrast, at the same time, this percentage of Uber eats was only 23 percent. So, from this scenario, we can assume that the present popularity of Doordash is at its peak in comparison with Uber Eats.


When discussing the payment of these two biggest online food delivery services, we can categorize the whole money discussion into two sections.

One section of payment is for those who are described as customers. Customers are those people who order food online and pay the delivery charge to the service providers.

Another section of payment discussion goes for those who work under these online food delivery services to provide service to the customers. They also get a payment that is worthy of the comparison as all delivery men provide the same kind of service that brings food to the customer’s doorstep.

When you work as a delivery man, Uber eats turns out more profitable than Doordash because of its payment method. If anybody wants, they can make $1000 a week with Uber eats, which is hardly possible while working for Doordash.

Doordash makes its workers wait for weekly deposits, which is the biggest reason for its unpopularity. However, both of these companies pay their workers $12 to $15 per hour.

Customers have also reported their bad feelings towards Doordash for unimpressive menu items.

Service fee

When the issue arises about big food delivery times, service fee plays a big role in choosing the online food delivery service. People always look for the cheaper one as a customer to save money.

In this regard, Uber eats wins the race. It cuts fewer service fees than Doordash.

The service fee for big orders that get cut by Doordash is about seven percent to fifteen percent, which is a big amount to pay for. However, both the services show a very good and standard rating which makes it more confusing.

Online ratings can not tell you the real story, though. Doordash holds the point of rating that is 4.5, and this point for Uber eats is  4. This slight difference varies from the opinion of the customers.

Except for the fee, if we talk about their service in general, Doordash provides you the opportunity of delivering alcohol at your doorstep, where Uber eats does not give you this kind of service.

Both of the delivery services use surge pricing.


Uber eats and Doordash are both known as the most expensive online food delivery services.

So, it’s tough to compare these two from the perspective of expensiveness. Their charge varies from lunchtime to dinner time.

When it’s lunchtime, Uber eats seems costly than Doordash because of making the delivery fee increase by $9. At dinner time, Doordash does the same and acts pricier than Uber eats.

When you use their apps to order the food, both online food delivery services provide the chance of getting offers that make the delivery charge less than the original cost.

Final verdict

Among the rising popularity of numerous food delivery services such as Uber eats vs Doordash, we can not ignore the local food delivery services.

As a customer, it’s always tough to choose the one who can drop your food to you in a hygienic manner at the lowest delivery fee.

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