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Unique Features of Medical Chronologies by Telegenisys Inc

Telegenisys is a HIPAA Compliant company. Due to our deep engagement in healthcare delivery support, we have medical professionals from a variety of specializations available to review, organize, and supervise data extraction and medical chronologies creation.

Our medical chronologies have several unique features that set them apart.

Time Stamps – Not just dates.

We order medical events by timestamp, so there is clarity of exactly when during the day a particular event occurred. This type of resolution is critical when reviewing an event-based action like personal injury.

Provider Attribution – Every provider will identify by NPI Registration and registered specialties. This way, our attorney clients know that the provider is qualified to render a specialty opinion.

Every event is Annotated & Hyperlinked – Providing a high-level view of a medical record is not enough. This auditable trail is necessary to ensure that attorneys have authority when it comes to finding any assertion they derive from the chronology. The ability to navigate to a page immediately can be vital.

Structured Data provided with each chronology – All our summaries contain structured data and spreadsheets to allow users to update their trial software without having to retype chronology components. Every page number of each entry is hyperlinked to the source file that can be a quick reference on hand or an exhibit.

Mass Tort Spreadsheets beyond compare – Since the entire chronology of every disease is visible, attorneys don’t have to limit to a few data elements for each person injured. Common elements will establish and research based on the entire medical record by combining chronology sheets.

Our software-assisted chronologies show several dimensions of chronologically ordered data.

Medical events Chronology – This is a pure chronology of all known events in the medical record

Event Type Chronology – (Administrative, Billing, Hospital Records, APS more than x other types of events clearly show the reader the nature of medical each event. These help the reader quickly navigate to any event recorded rapidly by type and data.

Provider Type and Provider Chronology –

Disease Chronologies using ICD 10 and 9 databases – These chronologically ordered disease mentions show onset and a current resolution of each disease type. Dates indicate the first mention of each disease in the medical record.

Drug Chronologies – Demonstrates drug use over time with start dates and current mentions.

Custom Medical Term Chronologies – Users can provide their own terms to be extracted and ordered chronologically. This can be done per case so that specific terms applying to the case can be ordered chronologically by mention.

Telegenisys has doctors and nurses available to support medical records chronology staff when needed. Telegenisys has highly trained medical professionals who are available to review and provide expert opinions if required. Our chronology department will focus on the ZERO defects pledge signed by our entire staff.

Why Sign up with Telegenisys:

1) HIPAA secured

2) Super Simple Delivery of Chronologies: We deliver Medical Chronologies customized to each client’s ease of use. Every customer has their own customized format.

3) Rapid Turnaround Time: Chronologies are generally turned around within 2 business days. Urgent and custom SLA work will do within 6-12 hours of the request.

4) Scalability: We can scale to your needs with planned experienced staffing ready to handle your work with precision and speed.

 About us

Telegenisys is an ISO-certified Business Process Outsourcing provider which provides reliable, cost-effective, and HIPAA-compliant solutions for its client’s needs. We are aiming to be an extension for our client’s enterprise, focus co-sourcing to generate client success. Our operation center commits to delivering world-class performance. Telegenisys has submitted and proven compliance with quality standards and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. It has also been submitted to security procedure audits and is ISO 27001:2005 certified. Third-party HIPAA audit further assure delivery to the highest privacy standards in the world. These efforts demonstrate our ability to deliver data security and adherence to quality standards. We specialize in healthcare services such as medical chronology, medical summaries, and medical record retrieval. Other services we provide include contact discovery, lead generation, appointment setting, customer support, technical support, GIS support, traffic analytics.

If you need more information or want to know how Telegenisys can help? Just Ask! and we will be happy to help you understand how we can help your needs.

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