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Unique Features Of Toolless Manufacturing For Custom Design of Enclosure

Plastic enclosures house sensitive electrical and electronic components used in a variety of applications. These are usually molded from ABS or polycarbonate since they are flame-retardant and impact-resistant and are useful in different indoor and outdoor applications requiring non-metallic enclosures. You can get them in different shapes, sizes, and colors that are suitable for your application. So, you can get a custom design enclosure. There can be different applications for such custom enclosures. Applications for these enclosures include handheld devices, industrial control boxes, computers, remote sensors, telecommunication devices, wireless, gaming consoles, medical equipment, etc.

 Custom Design Enclosure

These enclosures hold the electronics safely and securely. So, the enclosures not only serve to protect electrical components from falls, but also liquid spills, weather, accidental impact, vibration, and shocks. However, designing such enclosures demands technology and experience in designing and building enclosures without tooling or molds. This is because tooling and molding often bring down the strength of enclosures. Moreover, tooling and molding cost is high due to various reasons such as making molds for prototyping and more. Our design team provides excellent customer service to meet the client’s needs. We find out the strength and proper material for your application. Our mechanical and industrial engineers work to create a 3-D model that meets your needs.

Plastic Enclosure Manufacturer

 Advantage of Toolless Manufacturing

Toolless Plastic Solutions employs experienced designers and mechanical engineers who develop new or modify existing plastic enclosure designs. The Toolless technology provides a welcome alternative to mold purchases during project development and results in a significant competitive advantage in reduced costs and cycle times. Toolless manufacturing is also known as additive manufacturing. Here are the benefits of tool-less manufacturing.

Accuracy and repeatability 

Additive manufacturing technology helps to accurately and repeatedly make every piece.

High-speed manufacturing

Such production and curing can be done in a matter of minutes.

Flexible and versatile material

You can make a range of flexible and versatile items with a range of materials like elastomeric, plastic, ABS, Polycarbonate, etc. You can make biocompatible dental materials as well as other custom materials with specific designs.

Design and manufacturing flexibility

Additive manufacturing offers flexibility in design and manufacturing and enables outputs of different shapes, sizes, and colors to be produced in the same batch of production. You can produce both long-run and short-run batches.

Low-Cost Manufacturing

You can start production of a custom design enclosure immediately in response to large orders. You can deliver parts without delay. You don’t need to insist on minimum order quantities or hold minimum inventory for legacy parts. This can help you save on cost and space.

Scaling to meet your needs

Scalability is one of the most interesting aspects of toolless manufacturing of a custom design enclosure. So, if you need to suddenly scale up production, toolless manufacturing can help.


Rapid prototyping, low volume production, modular systems, scalability, and low cost are some of the most important aspects of custom manufacturing. You just need to make sure that you are hiring the right designer and manufacturer.

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