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Website Design Guidance – How to Make Your Website More Accessible

Website Design Guidance

It’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of your Website Design. You might be too enamored with the design to focus on usability and the user experience. But a few guidelines can help you separate the aesthetics from the functionality of your site. Below are some tips to make your website more accessible. Use accessibility features that will improve the user experience of your users. If you want to increase your conversions, use these simple tips. If you are looking for website customization, then look no further than soda pop graphics. Soda pop graphic Website Developer Kansas City is one of the best Web Designers in Kansas City.

Background of your website

Try to use neutral colors for the background of your website. This will make it easier for your visitors to read text. Also, it’s better if your website’s colors are not too vivid. They will be able to distinguish between the primary and secondary brand colors. You can try to use more than three shades for your primary brand color. It may be necessary to include a tertiary color to illustrate your user interface.

Right colors will enhance their recognition of a brand

Colors are another important design element. According to studies, people are influenced by their perceptions of color and choosing the right colors will enhance their recognition of a brand. The psychology of color plays a huge role in enhancing brand recognition. Similarly, you should select colors that fit the brand and the message you want to convey. Aside from that, it’s also important to remember to match the font to the overall theme of your site.

Navigate your website

Use an active voice. Instead of writing in the passive voice, write in the affirmative. Moreover, define words and phrases that your visitors might not understand. This way, your visitors can easily navigate your website. It will also make your website easier to navigate. With these guidelines, your website will be more accessible to your viewers. And your content will be more effective and more engaging. Therefore, follow these guidelines to make your website more user-friendly.

Appropriate to the screen size

Keep your site simple and clutter-free. The Handbook of Computer-Human Interaction recommends using no more than five colors and three typefaces for your website. The fonts and sizes should be appropriate to the screen size. It’s important to keep the design simple and uncluttered. You also want to use images that are smaller than the screen size. Avoid making the page too crowded with images, as these distract your visitors.

Important to use the right fonts

It’s important to use the right fonts. If you’re designing your first website, you should consider your target audience. By using the right fonts, you’ll be able to create a website that appeals to your target audience. The fonts must be simple to read and use. Your site should also be easy to navigate. If you’re unsure of what fonts to use, you can always ask someone else to do the research for you.

Follow the W3C standards for accessibility

The type of your website is crucial. It’s important to follow the W3C standards for accessibility. It should follow these standards and be accessible to screen readers. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities recognizes access to information as a basic human right. It’s important to use the W3C standards for accessibility. This will make your site accessible to people of all abilities. Creative Website Design that are accessible to everyone is an essential step toward success.

Should attractive and appealing to the eyes

Ensure that your website follows the asymmetrical pattern. The visual weight of the elements should be equally distributed between the two sides. In other words, the content should be on the left side of the page. The layout should follow the F-pattern. The Z-pattern has the same meaning as the F-pattern. When it comes to accessibility, asymmetrical layouts are recommended. Asymmetrical websites are also more attractive and appealing to the eyes.


You should consider the visual identity of your company. It’s not just about the color scheme. Your logo is your company’s visual identity. It’s important to make your website easily identifiable to customers. The Best Websites adhere to the Z-pattern. They are easy to navigate and contain the information customers need. In addition, they follow the same visual pattern as their competitors. However, you may not want to follow the Z-pattern. Soda Pop Graphics is a top Website Design Agency as well as providing Kansas City SEO services that has a team of dedicated individuals working to give you the best in design and digital marketing.

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