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What are the good things that happened by the education minister to the Punjab people?

What are the good things that happened by the education minister to the Punjab people?

Worldwide, people know that education is essential for them and helps them reach the goal they determined in their career. However, due to not having a tremendous ruling party in many countries, diverse individuals struggle to get the education they deserve. From this, you can understand how a ruling person and education are essential for everyone in their lifespan.

Does Punjab have a great ruling party?

A good ruling person can afford a sound education system for their country, or it does as possible as you expected. Everyone knows how Punjab is performing as one of the developing nations in India; when you wonder how the ruling party in Punjab is functioning now, and then it is acting fabulous when relating to other nation ruling parties.

In recent days, the ruling party of Punjab has changed; if you think who the current ruling person is, it is Charanjit Singh Channi. He is the current Chief Minister, and there are many interesting facts to know about him: he is the first CM who comes from the Dalit. Generally, a person does not vote for the Dalit person, but he is the first elected by the people as a CM. So that’s why everyone is considering him as a role model and an impressive person for them.

Who is the education minister of Punjab?

Under his ruling, he developed a new cabinet ministry for Punjab. He provided the education ministry position to a wonderful person called Pargath Singh. If you wonder if he is a well-educated person, then yes. He is also talented in multiple professionals. Before being elected as an pwd minister Punjab, he used to play in the Indian hockey team. He played for multiple years for India and also acted as a captain for the team.

Due to that, he has excellent knowledge of the sports profession. Aside from this, he has tremendous knowledge about the Indian Railways and possesses a great relationship with the entire Punjab police. From there, you can understand why he had got the position of education minister Punjab.

What are the roles of a minister?

In Punjab, he has performed and implemented a lot of extraordinary things in education. Now children and adults are not facing any troubles in education; multiple facilities created for the educators. Multiple government schools and colleges were opened by him in Punjab so that individuals could educate with their talent and not because of the money.

When you wonder education minister Punjab is a simple role and does not have any huge responsibilities and works for them. Then it is not, and he has a lot of works to take care of as a minister. The department he has to take care of is

  • Department of standards and curriculum
  • Accounts unit
  • Department of Teacher Education and Specialized Services
  • Internal Audit unit
  • Department of open and distance education
  • Department of Human Resources and Administrations.

There is a lot to take responsibility for more than these departments, and the minister is performing great in all those works.

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