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What are the main services included in the hospitality industry?

The hospitality industry is part of the service industry with an emphasis on relaxation rather than meeting basic needs. What is hospitality consulting services, how does it differ from tourism, and what sectors does it include? We will tell you!

What is the hospitality industry?

It is important to define what is meant by the modern hospitality industry. This is a service industry that includes hotels (resorts, boutique hotels, hostels), restaurants (cafes, pastry shops, bars), event agencies, theme parks, transportation, cruise lines, travel agencies, i.e. everything related to relaxation. The industry focuses on luxury, pleasure, experiences, and experiences rather than meeting the essentials. In hotel Sales and marketing, luxury hospitality consulting is so popular.

The difference between the hospitality industry and the tourism industry.

Both industries are closely related, but there are some differences. Tourism and travel companies provide services to people who have moved or are about to leave their usual place of residence for a relatively short period of time. For example, they sell vouchers for 7-16 days, weekend tours or excursions to tourist places. The hospitality sector deals with services related to the recreation of clients, both tourists and local residents who want to have a good time.

What is included in the hospitality industry?

1. Accommodation

The accommodation sector in the hospitality industry is responsible for providing temporary lodging to clients, whether tourists, travelers, or locals who decide to change their environment.

  •  B&Bs. Bed & Breakfast hotels are characterized by a small number of rooms and offer accommodation with breakfast. Most of the owners live in the hotel, and guests are provided with private rooms with private or shared bathrooms.
  •  Hotels. The most popular type of accommodation for one or more nights. In addition to accommodation, hotels provide additional services such as room service, cleaning, meals, and much more. For more information about one of the types of hotels – boutique hotels – read the link.
  •  Motels. Motels are similar to hotels but are designed for people who are on the road, such as drivers. Given the purpose, they are usually located on the side of the road and have free parking. Unlike hotels, they offer a minimum set of additional services.
  • Hostels. form of communal housing. Hostels are distinguished by accommodation in common rooms, i.e. guests pay for the bed, not the whole room. All guests use the kitchen and showers. Hostels are not very private, but they are inexpensive, which is a plus for budget travelers.
  • Resorts. Resorts are in many ways similar to hotels, but provide a wider range of services and facilities. In practice, this means that the guest can get whatever they want without leaving the territory. The resorts have restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, SPA centers, and parks. Many establishments of this type offer all-inclusive packages (“All-Inclusive”).
  •  Service apartments. This type of apartment is preferred by guests who seek privacy and good service. There are options for short and long-term accommodation. As a rule, service apartments are fully furnished, have a kitchen, and services include cleaning and changing bed linen and towels.
  •  Timeshare. Time-sharing housing implies the right of one of the owners of a multi-ownership property to live in a house, apartment, or apartment at a certain time of the year or month.

2. Nutrition

Even though nutrition is a basic need, most food and beverage services are in the hospitality industry, as they give people the opportunity to spend leisure time, chat with friends and spend free funds. Again, the food sector caters to a wide range of customers including tourists, locals, expats and passers-by.

  •  Restaurants. Catering establishments where guests enjoy food, drinks, and service. There are gourmet restaurants, takeaway restaurants, fast food restaurants and many others.
  •  Catering. It implies the organization of public catering at visiting or non-standard points. Catering is the preparation of meals, delivery to a certain place, serving, serving, for example, organizing a banquet on company premises, or opening a pop-up cafe in a stadium or amusement park.
  •  Bars and cafes. Created so that people can relax, chat, drink and eat. They differ from restaurants in a more relaxed atmosphere. The cafe serves coffee, tea, and light snacks, and the bars offer a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as an entertainment program.
  •  Night clubs. Night clubs are a paradise for people who want to have fun from evening to morning. Guests can dance, listen to music and enjoy alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks with friends. Many clubs choose a certain theme while serving both locals and tourists.
  •  Coffee Shops and tea bars. They are similar to cafes, but have a narrower focus, offering a wide selection of teas or coffees, as well as the opportunity to buy tea leaves, grains, and products for making these drinks. Usually they occupy separate buildings (small), or are located in shopping centers and hotels.

3. Travel and tourism

As we wrote above, the tourism and hospitality industries are closely related, but have important differences. The travel industry focuses on services for people who are on vacation or are about to travel to a new place, picking up vacation packages, weekend tours, etc.

  •  Travel agents. Agencies that sell ready-made tours formed by the tour operator. Usually they provide services to inexperienced travelers who want to get recommendations on the most suitable destinations, hotels and prices.
  •  Tour operators. Companies that create package tours that include round-trip flights, transfers, meals (not always), insurance, a guide and much more. Tour operators are responsible for the coordinated work of the sending and receiving parties and provide information support to customers throughout the trip.
  •  Travel online agencies. Such companies provide all the same services as travel agents, but online. In practice, this means that the client is more free to choose a tour, because. independently reviews proposals, and, if necessary, seeks help from agency consultants.
  •  Cruise companies. A cruise is a journey on a cruise liner for pleasure, not for the purpose of getting from point A to point B. Giant ships provide accommodation, food, entertainment (amusement parks, swimming pools, casinos and much more), and also make stops at interesting places along the way, for example, on various islands in the Caribbean.
  •  Car rental. Car rental services are used by tourists or local residents who need personal transportation for a short or long time.
  •  Casino. This is an entertainment establishment that provides customers with the opportunity to play gambling: roulette, cards, slot machines, etc. In addition, many casinos offer additional services by opening their own hotels and restaurants, as well as hosting an entertainment program.
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