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What are the online live options for tennis betting on?

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. The main reason for the popularity is the ATP and WTA tours that happen almost every day. People love tennis betting because the authorities have made the statistics easy to access. That makes research easy. An online betting site provides many ways you bet on a tennis match.

Types of betting on tennis:

  • Match betting: It is an extremely popular type of betting in tennis. You must predict who will win a tennis match: player 1 or player 2. For example, in a tennis match between Federer and Nadal, you can bet on Nadal winning the tennis match. The odds for match betting are usually in terms of a money line. The money line will have a positive or a negative sign associated with the player’s name. The player with the positive sign is the underdog, and the player with the negative sign is the favorite. 

Along with the sign, there will be a number. For example, Federer (-300) Murray (+500). Here, Murray is the underdog, and Federer is the favorite. The numbers mean that if you bet 100 USD on Murray, you may get 500 USD if he wins. And if you bet 300 USD on Federer, you will get 100 USD.

  • Over/Under: Here, you select a value. Then, you bet that a player would win more/fewer games than the value. For example, you can bet that the tennis match between Federer and Nadal will have less than 20 games.
  • Handicap: Here, a player is selected and given a handicap. That will ensure that both players will have an equal chance of winning. It happens in games with a huge difference in player strength. For example, a match of a world number one with an unranked player could have handicapped betting. The bet could be that the world number one is a winner only if he beats the unranked player in straight sets.
  • Set Betting: In tennis, the player who wins three sets is the winner. Here, you bet on the number a player would win. For example, you can bet that the loser will not win any set.
  • Tie Break: In this type of betting, gamblers bet whether the set will end on a tie break. A tie break happens when each player wins six games. For example, in the match between Federer and Nadal, you can bet that the third set will be a tiebreak.
  • Double Result: It just means that you take two types of bets. For example, you can bet that player one will win the match, and player number two will win two sets.
  • To Qualify: This is a type of betting that happens before the start of a tournament. Firstly, place a bet on whether a player will qualify for a particular tennis tournament.
  • Outright Betting: Here, you will bet if a player wins a tournament or not. For instance, you can bet that Rafael Nadal wins the Australian Open.
  • Spread Betting: In spread betting, you bet that one player will win a few games more than the other. For example, a spread betting option is given as Nadal +4 Federer -4. It means that if you bet on Nadal, you will only win if Nadal wins four games more than Federer.

Live Betting

You can bet online either live or before the game starts. So, for example, if Djokovic lost two sets and is on the verge of losing the third, you can bet that he will come back into the match. And if he does, you win.

Prop Betting

Some betting sites offer high-risk bets. For example, you can bet on the exact score of a tie break. However, they offer big rewards for winning.

How to start betting?

  1. Find a good betting site: You will find many gambling websites on the internet; however, select a website only after meticulous research. Google search and asking opinions from people you know will go a long way to finding a legitimate site.
  2. Sign up on the site: Provide the required personal information and the payment info. You might need to verify your identity and email.
  3. Deposit funds into your wallet: Gambling sites offer various methods to deposit, PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, etc. Pick one and transfer funds. Additionally, some websites accept payments in bitcoins.
  4. Place a bet: Select a tournament or a tennis match; decide the type of bet you want to make, and bet on it.

The licensing of an online summerhouse is one of the rudiments to consider while opting one. It ensures that the online summerhouse point has satisfied the established criteria, regulations, and morals for online laying. When an online summerhouse is certified, you may be confident that it provides fair gaming and randomized gambling or wagering games. Pukka online pavilions feel to have a set of laws and regulations in place to authenticate their players’ individualities and keep their data safe and secure.

Look at the reviews from other members to find out if an online summerhouse in India is certified. Instruments and licenses are frequently displayed at the end of thepage.However, you should look for another online summerhouse, If you suspect that the online summerhouse isn’t veracious about its delegation.
It’s likely to witness problems or miscalculations when playing at online pavilions. As a result, you want to choose an online summerhouse that can help you and respond to your issues as soon as possible. Try to elect an online summerhouse that allows you to communicate their client care service in colorful ways, similar as web converse, dispatch, or voice call.


There are many options for live online tennis betting. You either bet on the result of a match or a tournament. Further, you can bet on the total number of sets or games. That could be an over/under bet or for an exact number. In addition, if the matchup is one-sided, you can place a handicap bet. To start betting, first, research and find a website. Then, you can make a deposit and select a type of bet, and you are set.

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