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What Are The Stages Involved In The Process Of Gestational Surrogacy?

Process of Gestational Surrogacy

Whether a woman is interested in growing her family through surrogacy or presenting the gift of parenthood as a surrogate, she needs to counter several questions about the Process of Gestational Surrogacy. 

While the legitimacy of surrogacy may vary as per the state laws, the medical process remains the same throughout the world. Through this guide, individuals will learn about the stages involved in the process of surrogacy.

Stage One: Decision-Making Process

The primary stage of the surrogacy process involves the careful consideration of the procedure. In this stage, individuals need to address all their doubts and concerns about the process. It is because the process of surrogacy is a long and emotional journey, which requires a significant commitment from both parties, i.e. intended couple(s) and the surrogate.

Similar to any decision-making process, the intended couple(s) and surrogate(s) need to scrutinize the state laws about the process. For this purpose, people can frankly ask about the process of surrogacy professionals. This way, they can learn better about the process, which will be beneficial for the decision-making process.

Stage Two: Preparation For Surrogacy

After the prospective surrogate or intended couple(s) make their decision for the surrogacy, they need to set their goals and requirements for the process. Also, parties need to consider the type of surrogacy they wish to work with. Usually, there are two types of surrogacy that people opt for. These involve:

  1. Traditional surrogacy: In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother also has to play the role of the biological mother. It is because the eggs used for the process belong to the surrogate mother. As per this arrangement, the father’s sperm are fertilized with the surrogate’s eggs via the intrauterine insemination method.
  2. Gestational surrogacy: In the Process of Gestational Surrogacy, the child does not relate biologically to the surrogate mother. It is because the formation of embryos takes place from the eggs of the intended mother or a donor. This form of surrogacy arrangement takes place via In-Vitro-Fertilization (IVF). Following the fertilization of eggs, the embryos are then transferred to the surrogate’s uterus.

Secondly, there are two types of surrogacy professionals who are responsible for carrying out the process of surrogacy. These involve:

Surrogacy agency: These are agencies that offer all forms of surrogacy services, including matching, screening, case handling, support, counselling, legal assistance, and more.

Surrogacy Attorney: Their task is limited to addressing the legal formalities associated with the process. This is why they do not relate with other services necessary for surrogacy.

Both the intended couple(s) and surrogates will have to address these factors while planning and preparing for surrogacy.

Stage Three: Finding Match

One of the most crucial steps involved in the surrogacy process is the identification of the right surrogacy partner.

After locating an opportunity for surrogacy, individuals only have to work with attorneys having special in assisted reproductive laws.

However, if someone faces difficulty in finding a good match, then they can go with the assistance of surrogacy clinics like Patriot Conceptions. The task of these agencies is to make Surrogacy Process for Intended Parents a convenient one. This way, individuals would not have to worry about the identification of a good surrogacy partner.

Stage Four: Legal Requirements

Once a surrogate and intended couple(s) have decided to move forward together, they have to draft their decision into a legal contract. According to this, the concerned parties have to hire legal attorneys. The task of attorneys is to ensure the representation of their client’s legal interests in the drafted document. For this purpose, the concerned parties meet separately with their respective attorneys to review the legal aspects of the surrogacy process.

After receiving confirmation from both parties, the respective attorneys give their nod for the contract. After which, the agreement gets signed by both parties, and a further process for embryo transfer process takes place.

Stage Five: Fertilization And Embryo Transfer Process

After the drafting of the legal contract, it is time to initiate the Medical Process of Surrogacy. At first, the preparation of embryos takes place for the embryo transfer process. This process usually takes place under the supervision of doctors at the fertility clinic.

During this process, the intended mother or the egg donor receives certain hormone stimulating medications. These medications facilitate the egg generation process. After the intake of medications, egg formation takes place in the ovaries of the donor (or intended mother).

The developed eggs are then retrieved through a needle. The retrieved eggs are then fertilized in the laboratory for embryo formation, which will then be transferred into the surrogate’s uterus. Speaking about surrogate mothers, they receive fertility treatments throughout their surrogacy journey. After the confirmation of pregnancy, the surrogate mother starts getting the payment for base compensation and monthly allowances.

Stage Six: Its Time To Welcome A New Member

After the long process of surrogacy, the birth of a child presents a life-changing moment for both the surrogate and the intended couple(s). Most times, the intended parents join the surrogate at the hospital to celebrate this massive experience.

After the child’s birth, the surrogate mother is discharged from the hospital. She collects with her the satisfaction of offering the selfless gift of parenthood to someone who cannot do it on their own. Similarly, the parents take their baby along with the uncountable joy of parenthood.

It is important to note that most of the time, the surrogate mother and the intended family remain connected throughout the child’s life. For this purpose, Patriot Conceptions assist the carriage of such relationships. This agency is also good to present its support and services to the concerned parties even after the completion of the surrogacy contract.

There are many processes that are more special and exciting than family building. Whether a woman is considering building her family or willing to assist someone else builds theirs, a surrogacy arrangement can incredibly be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

About Patriot Conceptions

Patriot Conceptions is a fertility agency that offers numerous services relevant to pregnancy. The service structure of this agency cover facilities involving:

  • Egg donation process.
  • Medical Process of Surrogacy.
  • IVF.
  • Fertility treatment.

Donor and surrogate screening.

Process of Gestational Surrogacy

These are some services offered by Patriot Conceptions. Individuals willing to learn more about the services and associated costs can check the agency’s official website.

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