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What does it take to be a Good Roommate?

Having your own affordable house and lot or condominium in the Philippines is a huge privilege, especially considering how difficult it is to invest in real estate in the Philippines. While some developers, such as Camella, make your life easy by providing you with a home, many people are still unable to afford their own home at this time.

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Importance of Being a Good Roommate
Importance of Being a Good Roommate

This difficulty is most common among millennials and Gen Z who are just starting out in life. Renting an apartment or condo is the most cost-effective living option. Even yet, some people try to bedspace and be someone else’s roommate to save money. This is a fantastic challenge because you’ll have to get along with someone you’ve never met before.

Students who attended universities prior to the epidemic are familiar with the experience of sharing a room. However, an increasing number of people are renting or working as a bedspacer. If this is your first time sharing a room, here are some pointers on how to be a good roommate.

Learn about your roommates.

Yes, you and your roommates have your own lives, and you’re only there to sleep. You should, however, get to know them because you will be living in the same place and they may become your best friend. Even before you move in, you should get to know them. There are two compelling reasons to do so.

To begin with, getting to know your roommate eliminates any awkwardness that may arise on the first day of your new residence. Second, knowing your roommates ahead of time can offer you an advantage in determining whether or not they are worth sharing a space with. You can always choose to live somewhere else if you don’t think they’re ideal roommates.

Respect your roommates’ personal space.

Everyone has their own set of boundaries, which you should respect as a good roommate. This means you won’t invade their personal space or utilize their possessions without their permission. You should also establish boundaries for your housemates, as you have the legal authority to do so.

Aside from limits, you should also talk about house rules with your roommate. The establishment of house rules brings order and harmony to the home. As a responsible roommate, you should adhere to these house rules as a sign of respect for your roommates.

Respect their decisions in life.

You and your roommates will have different personalities. Their ethnic heritage, sexual orientation, culture, religion, and upbringing all contribute to these variances. It’s uncommon to meet a roommate who shares your personality and upbringing. As a result, you should take activities that will never cause them to be offended.

When it comes to living with others, creating a safe and healthy environment is a top priority. If you and your roommates have opposing habits, the easiest approach to avoid confrontation is to find a medium ground. You must respect your roommates, but you must equally recognize that your housemates must respect you.

Have a look at each other’s schedules.

Your roommate’s schedule may differ from yours. You should be aware of their schedule so that you can respond appropriately at your workplace. You shouldn’t use full speaker mode on your phone or drink alcohol with certain guests who are sleeping. Find a time when you can undertake leisure activities together that is convenient for both of you.

Some people sleep in the morning, and you don’t want to wake them up by banging ceramics in the kitchen sink or slamming the door shut. You can have both of your schedules put on a wall or fridge, in addition to asking about theirs. That way, you’ll be aware of what the person is doing right now.

Possess initiative

While you can delegate home duties, it’s preferable if you both take charge of sweeping the floors and cleaning the house. You will, in most situations, dine at a separate hour from your roommates. Washing the dishes right after you finish eating is the best way to help around the apartment or boarding house so they don’t pile up.

When it comes to laundry, find out when your roommates’ laundry day is so you can keep a separate routine. Another alternative is to establish a specific day of the week where you and your roommates clean together. The crucial thing to remember is that you are all responsible for the same things.

Be a good buddy.

Your roommate will have difficulties from time to time, whether they be emotional, financial, or personal. You are not responsible for listening to their problems and offering assistance. What distinguishes a good roommate from a wonderful roommate, though, is the hand they are ready to extend to the people with whom they share a home.

Even listening to your roommate if you notice that they are upset might make a significant difference. You can give them advice on how to fix any problem they’re having. In exchange, your roommate will feel more at ease around you, and you’ll have someone to lean on if you ever find yourself in a difficult circumstance.

Disagreements should be discussed.

You and your roommate may have disagreements at times. There will almost always be someone who is offended by their roommate’s actions, and the best way to resolve this conflict is through communication. Keeping emotions bottled up will only lead to passive aggression, which will result in more conflicts.

Most problems can be resolved by talking about what is bothering you. This also makes people more aware of their activities and motivates them to improve. The finest thing you can do if you upset someone is to listen and apologize. Following that, make sure you don’t do it again and that you’re a better roommate for them.

What characteristics to look for in a roommate

Roommates at Home
Roommates at Home

If you’re the one who’s interviewing potential roommates, look for someone who does everything on this list. Your life will be more harmonious if you have a good roommate, so choose wisely. Another thing to consider is whether or not they can pay their share of the bills on time.

Don’t worry; you’ll soon have your own Camella. For the time being, all you have to do is trust the process and be a good roommate.

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