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Massages are unquestionably beneficial. But let’s get a little more specific—what kind of massage actually gives you the chills? There are numerous strategies to choose from, each of which is unique. Are you seeking a deep tissue massage that is a little bit painful (in a good way)? Or a more restorative, workout-friendly massage like you’d find at Equinox? Perhaps a traditional Swedish massage, which most spas provide because it combines the best of both worlds.

Perhaps it’s something new, like abhyanga, something you’ve never tried before. Ayurvedic massage London, also known as abhyanga, is based on holistic healing principles that were initially discovered 3000 years ago in India. The main goal of this massage therapy is to promote spiritual fulfillment and relaxation by balancing the doshas in your body. It also aids in lymphatic drainage, muscle tension relief, and skin nourishment.

What is an Ayurveda massage, also known as abhyanga?

Abhyanga, or oil massage, is an Ayurvedic practitioner London, that promises physical advantages including less muscle tension, lymphatic drainage, and more nourished skin from head to toe. It differs from conventional massages in that it concentrates on the skin rather than the underlying muscles—from the oils used to the circulation-stimulating techniques, it feels more like a facial massage for your entire body.

What distinguishes it from a typical massage?

An Ayurvedic massage in London differs from a regular Swedish massage in that it uses a lot of essential oils and focuses on specific energy points in the body. Plus, don’t anticipate a lot of actual massages—the therapy is more about manipulating your energy fields and releasing emotional burdens than it is about working out the kinks in your muscles.

During an ayurvedic massage, what should I expect?

The massage technique is considerably different from traditional Swedish, deep tissue, or sports massage. To obtain the benefits, the massage therapist can mix unique methods with essential oils. Because the approach focuses mostly on skin manipulation and certain energy areas, you shouldn’t anticipate a therapist to use deep pressure to break down the ‘knots.’ Ayurvedic massage in London uses a variety of essential oils.

For example, if the massage therapist believes you need treatment to increase the flow of your Pitta, he will use cold oils; but, if he believes you need to improve the flow of your Vatta, he will most likely recommend warm or even hot oils.

What are the advantages of getting an ayurvedic massage?

The massage therapist may propose oils like verbena, rose, tea tree, or ginger depending on your desired outcome. For example, if you want to improve your focus, memory, concentration, or efficiency, the massage therapist may suggest oils such as verbena, rose, tea tree, or ginger.

The therapist may recommend camomile, cedar, or pine to reduce inflammation, fight infections, or treat ailments. You may not have heard much about Ayurveda massage, but if this article piqued your attention, it is absolutely worth a try.

Are there any adverse effects of Ayurvedic medicine?

Some Ayurvedic herbs can have negative effects or interact with prescription pharmaceuticals, but only if they are consumed. Of course, consult your therapist first to ensure that the oils are appropriate for you. Massage therapists advise against using it during pregnancy, infants, or nursing mothers due to a lack of research.

Types of Ayurvedic massage strokes:

1. Abhyanga:

Abhyanga is a type of Ayurvedic massage that uses friction-based strokes and heated dosha-specific oils. This type of massage improves circulation, strengthens the immune system, and induces deep relaxation in both the mind and body.

2. Gandharva:

Gandharva improves energy flow by combining touch and music treatment. The therapist employs heated herbal oils and crystal singing bowls to vibrate and change the body’s cells during this type of massage. This treatment enhances happiness and vigor.

Most common Ayurveda styles:

1. Ayurvedic massage Odyssey: This treatment uses five Ayurvedic approaches to focus on the complete system, including the mental, bodily, and energy levels. The massage is performed by one or two therapists. Garshana, a dry-glove exfoliation that begins the detoxification process, stimulates the lymphatic system, and prepares the skin to absorb the oils, is the first step.

2. Pizichilli:
Two massage therapists commonly perform pizichilli. To improve circulation, eliminate toxins, and purify the body, this therapy warms, lubricates, and nourishes the skin.

A rhythmic massage technique called Vishesh is also used. It elongates tight muscles, breaks adhesions, and aids in the removal of deep-seated impurities by using firm, steady strokes. Oil is used sparingly by the therapist. Much of the surface oil is eliminated when it is followed by an Abhyanga massage. This enables for more skin friction and deeper tissue access. Some people report feeling light, loose, and relaxed after a Vishesh massage.

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