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What is a Virtual Property Expo?

Virtual Property Expo

A Virtual property expo empowers the builders to showcase their projects online and allows the target audience to do House hunting from the comfort of their home on their smartphone/desktop. 

With the evolution of technology, booking a dream home had never been so easy. Organizing a virtual property expo is beneficial for both- vendors and buyers. The buyers can explore different properties without going out and book one. 

It also opens up the ways for NRIs who desire to buy a property in their homeland but couldn’t visit due to travel restrictions. Thus, the virtual property expo organizer has a large target audience who look for easy options to book their dream homes at the comfort of their homes.

The physical property fairs being very expensive could address limited buyers who reside around the physical venue. On the other hand, the virtual event can cover the audience across the world without bothering about where the user is residing. The virtual attendee can browse through as many projects as listed with a few clicks and finally make a big decision of finalizing a property. 

Key Features of Virtual Property Expo

360 degree Virtual Tour

The potential buyers would like to experience a property tour before they invest. With the virtual tour, buyers can explore the property in 3D and its amenities, features, rooms, balcony, and outside views. This tour enables the buyers to take a quick decision. 

Virtual property Expo Platform

The virtual property expo platform is the only medium that connects real-estate developers with potential buyers. Choosing a platform that offers all the advanced features to engage the buyers and convert them into leads is essential. The perfect platform ensures the attendees have a great experience from the moment they step in until they stay and take a property-related decision. The platform should be compatible with the latest browsers that can run on desktops and smartphones smoothly. 

Documents downloading

 Provide an option to the users to download the necessary documents on their system/mobile phone. The attendees can view the Brochures, Layouts, catalogs, video tours, images, business cards exchanged, property maps & blueprints, application forms, real estate information sheets, and chats with the exhibitors. 

Dynamic virtual exhibitors’ Booths

Embed images, datasheets, documents, and videos to make the virtual exhibitors’ booths dynamic and attractive to the attendees. The real-estate developers can share their offers and schemes while showcasing their properties at booths to entice the customers. 

More things that can be accessed by attendees are-

Exhibitor Company Info– Buyer can view the detailed company information and its history.

Virtual Business Card– Exhibitor can display the Contact details and keep an option of business card exchange with a request option.

Videos– Post company introduction video, virtual tour videos, and property walkthrough videos.

Posters– Make the posters and banners clickable to enable the attendee to view high-resolution images.

Meeting Scheduler- This feature enables the attendees to schedule a meeting with the exhibitors by selecting a suitable time slot. When both parties agree then a meeting via audio/video call is set up. 

Promote the Virtual Property Expo 

Promoting your virtual property expo is necessary to reach the target audience globally. Leverage social media and prepare a social media marketing strategy to draw more attendees to your expo. Curate effective content to grab the attention of users and post them on various social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, etc. Use email marketing for promoting your virtual expo. The email content should be effective in encouraging the user to register as soon as he views the email.

Virtual Interaction between Buyers and Vendors

The buyer has gone through different properties and watched their virtual tours. To make a final decision, buyers need to communicate with the vendors. There are various options to connect them virtually.

Live Chat- Allow the real estate buyer to chat with the real estate developer in a virtual space. The buyers can clear their doubts and resolve their queries on an instant basis.

Video Conferencing– What makes the virtual real estate expo experience incredible? The attendees can do video conferencing with the exhibitors’ team and have an open discussion. With the in-built video/audio calling feature in the platform, the user doesn’t need to download anything. 

Data Analytics to measure the success of the virtual expo

Input study involves user engagement throughout the event. Data with deep insights are tracked and shared in the form of a CSV format report with the expo organizers and exhibitors. 

Details opinion Report received by real estate developers- 

  • Number of attendees who visited their booth
  • Time spent by attendees on every booth
  • Number of business cards exchanged
  • Number of 1:1 chat took place
  • Documents statistics
  • Filtration of the number of attendees based on their origin, profession, income, interests, and industry. 

Data analytics Report received by virtual property expo organizer-

  • Total number of registrations
  • Number of business cards exchanged
  • Number of 1:1 chat took place
  • Average time spent by the attendees on booths, auditorium, help desk, tech desk, business lounge
  • Document statistics
  • Properties mostly viewed 

Customer Support

Customer Support is the backbone of every virtual event. Provide reliable and 24X7 customer support to the attendees to ensure their queries are resolved with instant solutions. The virtual event platform assigns a dedicated team to handle the customers’ issues. 

Get more Sponsors for your Virtual Property Expo

Approach the sponsors for your virtual property expo. Sponsors help in promoting the event along with their promotion. For the virtual property expo, banks and NBFC can come forward to sponsor the expo and offer home loans to the buyers. Buyers would be interested in buying their dream home with home loans as it gives easy options to buy the property. 

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have included all the aspects of hosting a Virtual Property Expo. Hopefully, it will help you in hosting your expo. 

To learn more, get in touch with Dreamcast, a virtual event platform with total customizing features.

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