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What is Average and Its Different Forms?

Hello, Math lovers! We have brought one of the most interesting and commonest topics, Average. If you are a math or stat student or practitioner then you must be aware of the Average. Anyhow, not only those who are concerned with maths or stats tend to come across this term, in fact, every university student has the know-how of avg calculation as it is necessary to determine their GPA or CGPA (Marks). 

So, here we are to tell you about the avg as well as its calculation method, and purpose of calculation. 

Know About Average 

Average can be referred to as a central or medium point of something. Referring to mathematics or statistics, the average can be marked as a typical representation of all of the figures present in a set of data. It means that a single figure is used to represent the rest of the figures present in the set of data. Such as the average value of a set of data containing numerals “2, 3, 4, and 5” can be marked as 4. Or the average of 2, and 3 is 2.5. 

We hope that you are getting the point that an average is the central value of a set of figures that are used on behalf of the whole data. 

There are different types and uses of average. Let’s discuss them.

Different Forms of Average

There are three forms of average. It means there are three different types of averages that are calculated for different purposes. In maths or stats, we have three forms of averages: Mean, Mode, and Median. If you are a maths or stats learner then you must have come across these three terms. Three of these are used as an average value to represent the whole set of given data. 

  • Mean Average

Mostly we take it as the mean value. It means that the mean is the most common form of avg. It is the commonest type of average that is widely used in mathematical or statistical notations. 

The mean average can be referred to as a central value computed by calculating the sum of (closely related) figures present in a set of data and then divided by the total number of the figures. For example, we have a set of numbers as follows:

(5, 7, 8, 10, 20)

Add these figures together:  5+7+8+10+20= 50 

Now divide 50 by the total number of the figures: 50/5= 10

So, 10 is the avg mean of the figures present in this data set. 

Or else, if you want to calculate the mean average of larger data then what you are required to do? 

For example, consider that you want to calculate your average traveling speed per minute as you have traveled 50 miles in 1 hour. 

Firstly, you are required to convert the hour into minutes: 1 hour= 60 minutes

Secondly, divide the traveling distance by the time taken to cover the distance:

50/60= 0.83 

0.83 miles per minute is your average speed.

The mean calculator with the solution also provides us with help to find the mean of the numerous data set.

  • Median

Median is another form of average. It can be referred to as the middle value of the figures present in a set of data. Median is calculated and used to split the higher values and lower values from each other by presenting a middle value that is neither high nor low, like the rest of the figures. The middle value, the median is chosen with respect to the order of the numbers. 

For example, we have a set of numbers: 4, 5, 7, 8, 10

The median of these values can be marked as 7 because 7 is neither high nor low and as per the order of all of these numbers, it ranks the middle. 

In case, the median consists of two numbers then we can determine a single value of median as per the method given below:

For example, we have a set of figures: 5, 7, 9. 12, 15, 17 

The middle values of this set of data: 9, and 12 

To determine the median as a single value, you are required to calculate the mean value of these two middle numbers. 

9+12= 21 

21/2= 10.5

Hence, 10.5 is the median value of 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 17. 

  • Mode

Here comes the third form of average. The mode can be referred to as the value of a figure that most frequently occurs in a set of data. It means that the quantity of which figure is present in a data set is more as compared to the rest than it is the mode of all of the figures. 

For example, you have a data set containing 50 rubber bands in each of their sizes. 

There are 5 different sizes of 50 rubber bands

12 extra small rubber bands

10 small rubber bands

8 medium rubber bands

15 large rubber bands

5 extra-large rubber bands

To calculate the mode of the 5 different types of 50 rubber bands, look for the size of rubber bands that is more in quantity as compared to the rest. 

large rubber bands are more in quantity so, 15 is the mode of this data set. 

We hope that now you are aware of all forms of avg and the methods of their calculations. Well, these were the manual ways of avg calculation. You can calculate the avg by using the online average finder to save your time and energy as these online calculators are efficient in calculating the avg as per the given input within the second. 

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