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What is Ivermectin Pills and How is it Used?

Ivermectin can be use to treat certain worm infections. It can be use to treat river blindness (onchocerciasis), and a type of diarrhoea (strongyloidiasis). You can also use it to treat other types of worm infections.

Ivermectin seems to paralyze and then kill the offspring of adult parasites. It can also slow down the rate of adult worm reproduction. This means that there are fewer worms in your skin, blood, or eyes.

Ivermectin can only be purchase with a prescription from your doctor.

The following forms of this product are available:


Before you use

When deciding whether to take a medicine, you must weigh the benefits and risks. This is a decision that you and your doctor will make. Consider the following when considering Ivermectin 12mg medicine:


If you have ever experienced an allergic reaction to any medicine, or any other medication, tell your doctor. Tell your doctor if you are allergic to any foods, dyes or preservatives. Non-prescription products: Read the package or label carefully.


The studies on this medicine  done only in adults (and children) weighing at least 15 kg (33 pounds) and above. There is not much information to compare the use of ivermectin for children under 15 kg with other age groups.


Many medications have not been specifically testing in older adults. It is not possible to know if older adults experience the same side effects as younger adults, or whether they have different side effects.

It is not possible to compare the use of ivermectin for elderly people with other age groups.


Breastfeeding is not recommende because of the lack of adequate research. Before you breastfe, weigh the benefits and the risks.

Drug Interactions

While some medicines should never be combine, there are instances when two medicines can be use together. Your doctor may recommend changing the dose or taking other precautions in these situations.

It is important to let your doctor know that you are taking this medication. These interactions were chosen base on their potential importance and may not be comprehensive.

Combining this medicine with any one of the following medications may increase the risk of side effects. However, using both may be the best option for you.

Your doctor may alter the dosage or frequency of both the prescribe medicines if they are given together.

Other Interactions

Some medicines shouldn’t be take with food, or at the same time as certain foods. Interactions may occur. Interactions can also occur when certain medicines are used with alcohol or tobacco.

These interactions were chosen based on their potential importance and may not be comprehensive.

Other medical problems

This medicine may not be use if you have any other medical conditions. If you have any medical conditions, tell your doctor.

  • Bronchial asthma-Ivermectin could make it worse

Proper Use

Ivermectin 6mg should be taken with one glass (8 ounces), of water, on an empty stomach. This is unless your doctor has directed otherwise.

Take this medication exactly as prescribe to help with your infection. You may be asked by your doctor to continue taking the medicine every 3 to 12 months.

For patients suffering from river blindness, your doctor may prescribe a corticosteroid (a cortisone-like medicine) to help them. This is done to reduce inflammation due to the death of the parasites.

It is important that you take both the corticosteroid and ivermectin if your doctor has prescribe them together. Follow the instructions of your doctor. Do not miss any doses.


Different patients will require different doses of this medication. Follow the instructions on the label or your doctor’s advice.

This information only covers the average doses. You should not alter your medication if your doctor has recommende it.

The strength of the medicine will determine how much medicine you take. The severity of your medical condition will affect the dosage, time between doses and length of the medication you take.

  • For oral dosage form (tablets):
    • For river blindness:
      • Teenagers and adults–Dosage is determine by your doctor based on body weight. 150 micrograms (mcg), per kilogram (kg), (68 mg per pound) of body weight as a single dose. This treatment can be repeated every three to twelve months.
      • Children–Dosage is determine by your doctor based on body weight. Children weighing 15kg (33 lb) or more should receive 150 mg per kilogram (68 mg per pound) as a single dose. The treatment can be repeated if necessary every three to twelve months. Your doctor must determine the dosage and use for children under 15 kg.
    • For strongyloidiasis:
      • Teenagers and adults–Dosage is determine by your doctor base on body weight. As a single dose, the usual dosage is 200 micrograms (mcg), per kilogram (kg), or 91 mcg for each pound of body weight. You don’t usually need to take additional doses.
      • Children–Dosage is determine by your doctor base on body weight. Children weighing more than 15 kg (33 lbs) should take 200 mg per kilogram (91 mcg/pound) as a single dose. Your doctor must determine the dose and dosage for children under 15 kg.


Keep the medicine at room temperature away from moisture and heat. Keep it from freezing. children away from your home.Don’t keep medicine that is no longer require.

Take care

Your doctor should check on your progress every so often. This is done to ensure that the infection has been completely clear. Your doctor may also ask you to see an eye doctor if you have onchocerciasis (river blindness). 

Your doctor may ask for three stool samples if you have strongyloidiasis (a type of diarrhoea). This should be done within the three-month period after treatment.

Your doctor should be consulte if your symptoms get worse.

Some people may feel lightheade after taking this medicine. Be aware of how this medicine affects you before you drive, use machines, and do any other activities that could cause lightheadedness.

Check with your doctor if you experience any of these reactions.

Before you go to any medical testing, inform the doctor that you are taking this medication. This medicine may affect the results of certain tests, such as blood or liver tests.

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