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What Is QuickBooks Error 6177 And How To Overcome It?

No matter how good QuickBooks Desktop is, it also gets snarled in complicated errors and technical glitches, a bit like other account software present within the world. One such problematic error is QuickBooks error 6177, which falls under the 6xxx series errors of QuickBooks and occurs when a user tries to open the corporate file (hosted over the multi-user network) in QuickBooks Desktop. Through this text, we are going to speak about the causes behind QuickBooks Desktop error 6177 and also the solutions that you simply can follow to mend it.

QuickBooks error 6177 pops up with a slip message, which states, “We’re sorry, but QuickBooks can’t open your company file.”

Know better QuickBooks Error 6177 with this small introduction

QuickBooks Error 6177 arises when users open or access the corporate file. The error message is displayed on your screen as: “QuickBooks is attempting to open this Company file.” It says that QB cannot follow the trail for opening the corporate file. to repair this error quickly, ensure that you just have the newest version of QuickBooks Desktop. Further, you wish to reboot your computer and check if the error is resolved.

When you use QuickBooks accounting software, you have got to use a user id and password. And your complete inputs are secured and saved automatically with the new or unique id and password. But once you are attempting to open any get into a set location in QuickBooks software, it’s possible that the file might not open easily. But, of course, your system might not find it. And thanks to a number of the issues, the software could also be incapable of simply opening the wanted file. This condition of not just opening any file is also caused by a severe error called QuickBooks error code 6177.

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Why does QuickBooks Desktop error 6177 take place?

Generally, QuickBooks Desktop error 6177 gets triggered when some technical glitches within the QuickBooks program files require new updates to repair. However, there are other causes moreover behind it, such as:

1. the corporate file (QBW) is possibly damaged or corrupted.

How to rectify QuickBooks error 6177 with safety?

Solution 1: Manually update QuickBooks Desktop to the foremost recent release

1. just in case QuickBooks Desktop is open, close it.
2. Select the beginning logo on the left end of the taskbar.
3. Choose the All Programs option.
4. Find QuickBooks Desktop within the list of programs and right-click its icon.
5. Choose the Run as administrator option.
6. On the No Company Open window, open the assistance menu.
7. From the computer menu, choose the Update QuickBooks Desktop option.
8. Move to the choices tab and choose the Mark All option.
9. Then select the Save option.
10. Move to the Update Now tab and make sure the checkbox next to Reset Update is chosen.
11. to start out downloading the available QuickBooks updates, select the Get Updates option.
12. After that, close and reopen QuickBooks Desktop.
13. When prompted to put in the downloaded QuickBooks updates, choose the Yes option.
14. Once the updation of the QuickBooks Desktop finishes, restart your computer.

Follow the second solution if you continue to get QuickBooks error 6177 while opening the corporate file.

Solution 2: From QuickBooks Tool Hub, start the QuickBooks File Doctor tool

1. Close QuickBooks Desktop.
2. From Intuit’s website, get QuickBooks Tool Hub of the foremost current version (
3. Run the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file and practise the steps stated on your video display.
4. to complete the QuickBooks Tool Hub’s installation, accept the terms and conditions.
5. In QuickBooks Tool Hub, choose the corporate File Issues tab.
6. Click on the Run QuickBooks File Doctor option and wait until the QuickBooks File Doctor tool opens.
7. Choose your company file from the drop-down list.
8. If you don’t see your company file, choose Browse and search to locate it.
9. Choose the Check your file option and choose the Continue option.
10. Enter the admin password of QuickBooks then select the following option.

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Solution 3: Manually fix your file path

Find the ND file

1. visit the QuickBooks folder from file explorer.
2. Locate the corporate name and ND file at the tip. For example: [MyCompanyFileName].qbw.nd.
3. Double-click the ND file and click on on Delete.

Configure your QuickBooks Database Server Manager

1. Install QB Database Server Manager from the official website.
2. head to the Windows Start menu on the server computer and enter “Database.”
3. Run the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
4. Click on the QuickBooks folder with company files.
5. Tap on Start Scan and shut.
6. Set the folder permissions to share the corporate files.
7. Run the applying, and your problem will get resolved.

Steps to follow if you’ve got the total version of QuickBooks on your server:

Users having the total version of QuickBooks Desktop installed on the central system have to follow the below-listed steps:

Step 1: Reset multi-user hosting

1. Start QuickBooks on your central system and head to the utility tab.
2. Click on the Stop Hosting Multi-User Access.
3. head to the File menu and choose Quit QuickBooks. it’ll reset your hosting settings.
4. Start again with QuickBooks, but don’t access your company file.
5. Click on the File menu and choose Host Multi-User Access on utilities.

Step 2: Move the corporate file to the server’s local Winchester drive

Same because the above.

Step 3: Create a transportable company file

Browse and open the corporate file you’ve just moved to your C: drive.

Step 4: Generate a replacement folder for QuickBooks

1. Make a replacement folder on the server’s local C: drive on the QuickBooks folder.
2. Next, copy all folders, including the portable company file on this folder

Step 5: Start QuickBooks

1. Run the QuickBooks.
2. Click on the Open or restore an existing company rather than choosing a company from the list.
3. Tap on the Open a company file and then Next.
4. Open the portable company file (QBM) you moved to the new folder.

If you are still confused about the solutions or not getting anywhere with the steps, you should connect with our QuickBooks Pro Advisor Team. You can ask for any help. They are happy to assist you.


Suppose you fail to remove QuickBooks error 6177 with the help of the troubleshooting as mentioned earlier solutions. In that case, we advise you to get additional assistance fixing it from our QuickBooks officials at +1-855-856-0042.

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