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What Makes Live Chat an Important Part of Your Business?

Live Chat an Important Part of Your Business?

The key to succeeding in this fast-paced digital era is quick service. People expect everything to happen fast and at the tip of their fingers. Therefore, the demand for quick services like live chat is prevalent even in the e-commerce sector, where people expect a one-day delivery, even for products from inter-state shipping.

However, in the case of customer service, it is not always possible to deliver prompt and seamless offerings. Even when customers complain about social media, most brands’ average response time is approximately 10 to 12 hours.

But there are still communication platforms that are quicker and follow the same urgency that customers look for. For example, inbound call center outsourcing with live chats allows brands to answer 100 times faster than any other digital service channel. In addition, BPO companies employ live chatbots to improve response times in various sectors, from e-commerce to healthcare.

Now, having talked about the basics of live chat support and its benefits, let’s dive in to know deeper.

Benefits of Live Chat Support for Businesses

Live chat allows customer service representatives to proactively assist visitors and customers. The utilization of the live chatbot feature is acknowledged for increasing customer service communication and strengthening customer connections.

  • Live chat: Extremely Proactive in Customer Service

Customers love it when you offer prompt assistance. This has a better standing if you treat them to tailored services from a brand. In addition, most customers prefer communicating on a live chatbot because it provides them with the shortest reaction time among any digital medium.

With the use of visual engagement tools, live chat support outsourcing may help provide proactive customer service while engaging them in a successful interaction. In addition, an agent can handle multiple issues simultaneously while offering real-time personalized solutions, reducing queue time.

  • Meets Customers’ Experience

Many people consider live chat as one of the most effective communication platforms for contacting their preferred brands. Compared to many other digital communication platforms, most customers prefer live chat for their real-time solutions.

With advanced capabilities like preset tags, URL, and image forwarding, live chat from inbound call center outsourcing is known for its quick and prompt reaction time. Customer support representatives use live chat to reduce the number of touchpoints between them and their customers, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

  • Better Customer Experience

A majority of businesses worldwide prioritize improving customer experience as a top-level offering. Live chat helps resolve customer issues before they escalate into big issues in the future. In addition, customers can receive proactive service promptly by connecting to the live chat support channel.

The instant communication with the customers is what draws prospective buyers to a live chat integrated website. Plus, this also provides a great customer experience.

  • Avoid Abandoned Cart

Cart abandonment is a major issue that most e-commerce businesses worldwide face. Generally, customers take some time before they purchase anything on the internet. They may have questions about the product or service or about the purchase process and invoice as a whole.

Customers can have answers to their issues on the go using live chat on the website that they are buying from. This reduces the cart abandonment rate by converting a higher number of potential visitors into customers.

  • Offer Contextual Support

There are various software and other addons are now available to enhance the feature’s ability of live chat platforms to provide contextual support to customers. It increases customer involvement and assists in the delivery of customized solutions.

This resulted in higher customer loyalty and increased sales. Live chatbot platforms and tools speed up the resolution process, lowering the number of touchpoints. In addition, such tools increase the FCR (first call resolution) by preventing clients from returning with the same inquiry.

  • Superior Experience from Customers

Customers get a better communication experience when chatbots is placed on the homepage since their questions are answered in quick time and promptly. As a result, they can go from being a potential buyer to a regular customer.

Many buyers abandon their cart if they do not receive a response from the brand within 24 hours. To be precise, online shoppers prefer to have their concerns answered by a live chat agent while they are in the middle of their purchase. Customers are three times more likely to purchase on the website if the live chat feature is used to improve the customer experience.

  • Brand Personalization

Every business across the world focuses on collecting the deep demands of its customers. Live chat is a viable alternative for breaking the mold and fostering long-term client loyalty. The smart routing modes from inbound call center outsourcing can automatically connect consumers to a brand’s frontline representative.

As a result, the agent will fix the customer’s issue quickly while also giving him a pleasant customer experience.

  • Better Product Decisions

The agents from the top BPO company in the USA, or any other part of the world, can collect data from customer interactions, thanks to advanced functionality in tools and software. One of the key advantages of using live chat support outsourcing is that data can be extracted from the tools. This can be done via segregation based on tags, categories of issues, or even the products being talked about.

Alternatively, in the case of any services, brands can improve the quality of the service or modify any component below par. The marketing team can also use the data to develop strategies to help customers connect with the brand.


With live chat support outsourcing, you can redefine your brand’s customer experience by adding a digital communication platform and bringing a new meaning to digital communications. Businesses increasingly realize the value of live chat in improving the customer service team efficiency by offering proactive real-time assistance to the customers.

Besides improving the customer experience, live chat from inbound call center outsourcing boosts the customer support agent’s motivation and productivity. When you pair this with the data, it leads to the higher success of the company. It will also boost sales of your organization. This resulted in higher customer loyalty and increased sales

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