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What Should I Do Avast is not Allowing Downloads

Avast antivirus is a top security app for Windows PC. You can use Avast on other platforms like Mac and phone devices. The free Avast plan is available for every platform; you can install the setup and use the basic Avast tools. For advanced tools, Avast has paid plans. The user can purchase the subscription and then access the premium tools. The Avast program is reliable but still few users reported that Avast is interrupting the download process. Whenever they try to download anything, Avast is now allowing it. Your antivirus restricts the download when it finds anything suspicious but sometimes you get the error when Avast features are not working correctly. 

Reasons Behind Avast is not Allowing Downloads Issue:

  1. You are downloading a malicious file
  2. The device is connected to the public network
  3. Avast program files are missing
  4. The firewall is not working correctly
  5. No space on PC for download
  6. Another security program is interrupting Avast processes

Troubleshooting Avast is not Allowing Downloads Issues:

Restart the Device

Whenever your Avast antivirus shows a downloading error; you should restart the computer. Issues on downloading appear when some of the files on the PC are not working correctly. Before inspecting other reasons, try restarting the PC. When the services start from the beginning, your Avast antivirus will start working correctly. Close the web browser and all the apps; restart the device. Now open the browser and retry to download the file.

Don’t Download any Malicious File or Program

Avast doesn’t allow malicious downloads on the PC. If your antivirus is not allowing the download, inspect the file. Assure that your file is safe to access. The user should not download and file from third-party sites. If you are downloading any program, get its setup from a reliable site. Many free gaming or editing apps are free to install but are malicious. Your antivirus is not allowing the download due to the potential threats. Don’t install any suspicious programs which can cause harm to the device. If you receive the download link from an unknown email, don’t click on it unless you are sure that the link is secure.

Connect the Computer to Secure Internet Connection

The user can get the download issues with Avast antivirus when the device is connected to a public network. When your Avast antivirus inspects that the network is not secure, it may restrict processes like download, share, etc which can harm the data on your device. The user shouldn’t install anything on unsecured internet. If you need the file urgently then enable the VPN on the device. Avast VPN is available on paid plans only. Enable the Avast VPN tool and secure the device on a public network. Now go to the link and retry to download it on the device.

Disable Avast Antivirus

If Avast is not allowing you to download the files then disable it temporarily. Disabling the antivirus will stop avast popups and you can download the files. But you should only download a secure setup or files. Without security software, your device may become vulnerable to threats. 

  1. From the desktop, right-click on the Avast icon
  2. Tap on Avast Shield Control
  3. Select Disable until the computer is restarted option
  4. A warning wizard will appear
  5. Hit on OK, Stop button

After downloading the file; restart the device to enable the Avast antivirus. 

Check Hard-Disk Space on the System

The download process may fail when the hard disk space is very low. The apps on the system require space to process and update. When the free hard disk is very less; the system won’t allow downloads. Go to the device and remove unnecessary files. You can delete movies or other large files to increase free space. Once you increase the space, retry downloading the file on PC.

Remove Another Antivirus

Avast antivirus can show issues due to conflicting applications. This error can appear due to third-party programs or other antiviruses. When Avast shows you an error, you should check the PC for other security programs. Click on the apps folder and check all your applications. Remove other security programs and third-party apps from the system. Now restart the computer and download files easily.

Reinstall Avast Antivirus Setup

The user can get Avast download issues when its setup is corrupted. For fixing the error, the user should install the correct setup. Remove your corrupted Avast program and install a new setup on the system. Now your antivirus won’t show issues while downloading any file. 

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I am working as a technology consultant.
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