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What to pack for a weekend away in Europe

Have you already booked a flight from USA to London and are looking for a perfect packing guide? Or are you in the need of a list of the packing essentials for a European trip? Find them with what to pack for a weekend away in Europe.

Let’s know what to pack for a weekend away in Europe

Traveling luggage

Firstly, before deciding what to pack for your European trip, you must decide where you are going to pack it. Yes, a backpack or a suitcase, you got it right, and choosing the right type of luggage is important. Thus, this decision requires your careful thoughts and how many places you are traveling to.

Like, suppose you are taking direct flights to Italy from US, and choose your luggage for it. Now, if your travel itinerary includes visiting Rome only then a wheeled suitcase would be great. Because it won’t throw the weight on you and can be easily organized. Moreover, it fits almost every place and is hard to damage and hence will protect fragile items.

However, these bags can break easily when thrown around and it’s their biggest disadvantage. Thus, if your travel plan includes many Italian cities like a 7 day 7 cities tour then go with a backpack. However, a backpack makes you carry the weight they don’t get torn easily. Hence, are great for sturdy travels and bumpy travel locations.

Clothing style

All of the European cities have their own dressing style and thus, you have to look for it. All you have to do is analyze and understand the clothing style of the location you are traveling to. And then look out for the clothes that can be styled in the same way. Further, this will give you the same look and will help you look like a local.

There are many benefits of doing so and the first is to avoid the attention of con artists and pickpockets. Also, maintaining a local clothing style helps you blend in the surroundings and the locals find you one of them. Thus, it is easier to ask them for recommendations or share a beer at a local pub with them.

The necessary things that you must take care of while deciding your clothing packing list are-


If you are traveling to Europe during the summers the t-shirts are going to be your best friend. Look for t-shirts that can be paired with different bottoms as this will save you a lot of space. Do the same with your dresses and choose the ones that can be styled in multiple ways.


For bottoms, you can go with anything from trousers to skirts whatever you like. What we would recommend to you is a subtle combination of different bottoms. This will give your dressing style enough elements and your pictures won’t look repetitive or the same.


The hardest to choose is the footwear always as heels are bold but they don’t give comfort. While many find shoes old-school and they don’t match their aesthetic. However, it is important to choose footwear that is both comfortable and stylish. You should also look for something waterproof if you are traveling during the rainy season to avoid traveling with wet feet.


Instead of packing many bags invest in one that goes with everything and is super thin. As a traveler, you have many items to accompany you while strolling and thus you must have a bag big enough to keep them. So, look for something that isn’t bulky, looks elegant, and is water-resistant. And then use it to keep a water bottle, quick snacks, slippers, and other essentials that you will need. Also, a foldable umbrella is never a bad idea to keep inside your bag while exploring Europe.


The European countries follow the minimalistic approach with jewelry and this is what you should follow. Thus, instead of going for pieces that are too big or heavy go for the subtle ones. Further, keep an eye on elegant pieces that leave a subtle mark and adds up to your style.

As they say “accessories can make or break an outfit” make sure to try them in advance. Also, avoid wearing much jewelry while traveling as you will end up getting the attention of con artists. Make sure your elegant and delicate jewelry pieces blend with the local crowd.


Well, not always what people see is the most important and the same goes with undergarments. A bad choice f undergarments can give an odd shape to your body and degrade the quality of your looks. Also, a pair of uncomfortable underpants can make it hard for you to explore the city through walking. Further, the fun activities and biking start to seem like a task when you are feeling uncomfortable as well.

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