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Which parts are most important in a car?

Each vehicle has numerous complex parts that help in the long term as well as the efficient working of the car. Certain components might seem small; however, they are essential for maintaining a healthy engine. To keep the car running at the peak it is crucial to pay attention to regular maintenance as well as drive properly. Practicing the right driving habits would help in keeping the car and its parts in good condition.

Reasons to Know About Components of the Car

To drive the car as well as get the most out of it, it is necessary to understand all that makes it tick. With cars having nearly 30,000 parts, it could be impossible to understand what each part does for making the car move. However, understanding the key parts of the car could be helpful. You could know in case any part is not working and you need to visit car garage in Dubai.

Main Parts of the Car as well as Their Functions

Without knowing how the vehicle works, you could not understand or appreciate what it does or how it does. However, when you understand the car, you could understand what each rumble or noise could mean. Knowing how brakes work and what engine does could help in diagnosing problems and knowing if you require Range Rover service. Here is the list of some key parts and what they do


Without a battery, the car would not go anywhere. From a motor that starts the engine to an air conditioner that keeps the driver and other passengers’ comfortable battery gives power to each part. The battery is vital for the full functionality of the car. It is the responsibility of the battery to power each electrical system in the car.

When you drive the car, there is something that keeps the power going throughout the vehicle without draining the battery. That something is known as an alternator. In case you do not have it, you would need to plug the car battery in each time you drive for filling it back up.


Working as the heart of each automobile, the engine provides power to the car’s wheels for making it move. In the absence of an engine, the vehicles are just metal carriages. The engine uses a spark as well as gasoline for causing a controlled explosion in the cylinder for producing power.

The different kinds of fuel that engine uses include diesel, gasoline, electricity, and ethanol. It is worth noting that engines need a regular oil change for staying lubricated, preventing wear and tear. With timely car oil change, you could avoid unnecessary visits to the car garage in Dubai.

Axle & Differential

The axles of the car are the component that sends power to sets of wheels in the vehicle from the transmission. When the spinning driveshaft moves backward, the two axles transfer energy to the right as well as left wheels. This way the wheels get the power for moving.

A part attached to the axles is known as the differential. It allows wheels on both sides of the car to rotate at different speeds as required. Both axles as well as differentials provide the car the ability to move the wheels are different speeds so that driver could turn smoothly.


Another significant component of the car is the brakes. This helps reduce as well as halt the car’s speed. When the driver applies the brakes, hydraulic fluid transmits to the wheels of the car through steel pipes. Failure of brake system could lead to serious accidents. Earlier the entire system used to work on human inventions. However, nowadays with sensors installed in cars, the car could sense the need for braking as well as take appropriate action.

No matter whether you have the manual or the sensor braking system, it is crucial to pay attention to the maintenance of brake parts like a brake. It is important to note that the brake pads could crack with age. Therefore, ensure you get Range Rover service on time to ensure they are in good condition.


The automotive chassis refers to the vehicle’s frame that supports different parts like steering, tires brakes, axle, engine, etc. If the engine is known as the vehicle’s heart, then the chassis is the skeleton. It is the car’s significant structural part. Usually, these are made from light steel material or sturdy materials such as aluminium.

It keeps the vehicle tensile as well as stiff and ensures low vibration & noise in the car. The different kinds of chassis used in vehicles include backbone chassis, monochrome chassis, and ladder chassis. Nowadays, most cars use the steel-plated chassis because it ensures durability and strength.

Timing Belt

It is an overlooked part of the vehicle; however, it plays a significant role. The other name of the timing belt is cambelt. It is the part that connects the crankshaft to the camshaft. It functions in synchronised sequence at the extreme efficiency of the parts. Controls the opening as well as the closing of valves of the engine.

The breakage of the timing belt causes damage to the piston as well as valves and could even result in catastrophic engine failure. Therefore, it is crucial to keep an eye on the time belt’s condition. A timely visit to the car garage in Dubai for replacement on schedule would reduce the chances of the cracked timing belt.


It is the components that connect the engine with the wheels and allow the transfer of power from the engine efficiently. The transmission has a set of gears that are shifted manually by an operator or automatically by the transmission computer. It is required so that engine’s power could be effectively transferred to wheels. Without the transmission, the engine would send all its power to the wheels and just cause the car to spin.

Apart from these, another crucial component is the tires. They are always in the contact with the road and wear down naturally over time. To avoid the accident, ensure the tires are aligned as well as inflated properly and have enough amount of tread. In case tires are worn, it would be important to replace them else you might experience slipping while driving. Visit the Range Rover service center to get the tires checked and replaced if required.

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