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Why Custom Printed Shipping Boxes Are Perfect for Subscription Services?

Customers and sellers alike want to know exciting facts about subscription boxes. They want to learn interesting details regarding their custom printed shipping boxes to maneuver them as per their requirements.

Some attention-worthy facets of customized subscription boxes

To understand why sellers, take such a high interest in crafting their boxes, one has to see the worth of these boxes for customers in general.

Numerous polls suggest that a high percentage of customers prefer branded boxes over standard ones. About 55% of buyers said that they are more likely to share positive feedback with others when they get customized boxes. The characteristics and specifications of custom printed shipping boxes are different for every item. We will help you learn about these in detail.

A further 63% said that they are more probable of reordering when the brand sends personalized packaging. All these results point to the significance of using custom-made subscription boxes that customers and businesses cannot seem to do without.

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Dissecting the boxes step-by-step

What makes the boxes worth so much customer loyalty and likability? We are here to spell out some of the most significant facts about subscription boxes.

  1. Makes the customers vouch for the brand

As a subscription brand, what matters the most for your sales? It is the continued subscriptions that make up a higher percentage of total sales revenues.

Marketers have pointed towards the packaging boxes as the single most powerful tool in culminating customer trust and enticing them to keep reordering time and over.

Shipping boxes are made to not only complement the product characteristics and measurements but also are built to last. The corrugated stock is flexible to be shaped differently too. One-piece mailers, folding tops, auto-lock tops and bottoms are among the many custom forms available.

Customized subscription boxes are made with customer retention elements consisting of:

  • A distinct brand title and emblem
  • Color hues specific to the brand story
  • Images and graphics that help to recall the brand identity

In a nutshell, the boxes are created with features that reinstate the brand image onto the customer’s every time they see them. Customers tend to rely on brands that they can recall easily.

  1. Be created in custom forms

Since the subscription services provide varied products, not every item can fit into the same box. They all require different box dimensions, shapes, and safety gear to arrive safely at the customers’ doorsteps.

Modern boxes come in all creative forms. Be it the conventional top-lock boxes or the recent custom sleeves, or auto-lock bottoms, the boxes can take any custom shape to allure buyers.

Moreover, these innovative shapes have another function, they fit well with the products to save them from excessive shakes during shipping and save on material costs. Buyers love receiving and opening offbeat boxes that look worthy of their shopping.

This box facet particularly helps to encourage customers to keep up with their subscriptions by making their unboxing procedures fun and memorable each time.

  1. Meet regulations swiftly

International shipping regulations must be followed otherwise, your subscriptions may not able to reach the desired customer demographic.

Standard boxes often fall short of fulfilling these set box specifications. E-retail giants like Amazon have upped the benchmark for shipping boxes. Only custom printed shipping boxes made for the exact purpose are the perfect way to satisfy customers’ varying expectations.

Whether you are distributing subscriptions locally or internationally, custom-made boxes are the best way to ensure that your brand minimizes refund costs. Some popular methods include:

  • Labeling the boxes with cautions.
  • Specifying the apt temperature and conditions for storage.
  • Adding handles and seals to make transport convenient and safe.
  • Reducing the box weight to save on shipping freight.
  • Allowing room for custom alterations like porous materials and custom trays.

custom printed shipping boxes 

  1. An appealing look for every buyer community

Professional-class buyers won’t react the same way to beauty products made for older customers. This is because every customer demographic can be treated more precisely using specific box printing components.

Your brand can have a universal appeal by crafting boxes for every type of customer while emitting a uniform brand image. This is how L’Oreal and Dior sell a magnitude of products to an expanded customer base. Not all standard boxes are capable of impressing clients.

Of course, the brand reputation depends on how effectively it ships the orders to customers. For this, the shipping boxes play a bigger role than many would care to imagine.

  1. Building a precognitive brand identity

A constant flow of high sales revenue is defined by how easily the brand image is recognized by customers. The whole idea of custom subscription boxes melts down to carving a niche brand identity that customers can instantly spot.

Recent market studies have revealed that more than 50% of customers buy from brands that they know of. This makes it important to customize your subscription packaging so it looks distinct from the rest otherwise, the brand may take eons to reach its sales objectives.

  1. Exemplary box designs

Who says that you only have to follow trends? You can create them too!

The box designs have the power to change perceptions among buyers and thus your brand’s fate. About 95% of all similar products are packaged the same way with little changes. You can successfully use custom box options to cut through the rest and give your customers something worthy.

For instance, the recent trend of putting personalized welcome messages on the opening tabs, printing product details on the inner box sides, and using simple box patterns are all part of extending favorable brand vibes.

Once your brand appears in the unboxing videos on social media platforms, you would immediately experience enhanced customer retention and sales growth.

What about the financial aspects?

One of the reasons that custom printed shipping boxes are so popular among subscription brands is that they are easy to attain and have profound effects on costs.  Plus, biodegradable boxes create less negative environmental effects and contribute to further sales escalation


Custom subscription boxes have the above unique features that make them more efficient than ordinary boxes. Your business can get a packaging solution and marketing platform rolled in one.


Printingblue provides high-quality custom printed products at affordable prices and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We are confident that no other company can match our quality and pricing for custom stickers, folders, banners, retail packaging and other printing services.
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