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Why Investment In Qatar Real Estate?

Qatar utilizes its vast wealth of oil and gas in other sectors intending to expand. The economic base and develop a strong private sector. And through its full and active membership in the World Trade Organization and flexible business regulations, it works to attract foreign investors to engage in other economic sectors; besides oil and gas in the country.

Qatar provides many investment incentives, including low electricity, water, and gas rates; exemption from import taxes on heavy-duty machinery and their spare parts and raw materials; exemption from import taxes; unlimited quantities of imported materials; no restrictions on money exchange and transfer of profits abroad; and flexible regulations and procedures to import skilled and unskilled workforce.

Lusail: The City of a Lifetime

Lusail extends across 38 square kilometers and includes four exclusive islands and 19 multi-purpose residential, mixed-use, entertainment, and commercial districts. Featuring 22 hotels with international star ratings, Lusail’s vibrant, multicultural hodgepodge promises a boon for Qatar’s hospitality, tourism, and investments.

The city will be home to more than 200,000 residents of its scenic surroundings, 170,000 professionals in its 19 districts, and 80,000 visitors to its entertainment, recreation, and retail and hospitality facilities, a population of nearly 450,000 people.

Each of Lusail’s districts features an array of residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail destinations, integrating communal living in a self-contained model, complete with schools, mosques, medical facilities, and sport, entertainment, and shopping centers.

The Pearl Qatar

The Pearl Qatar is an artificial island near Doha’s prestigious West Bay District. The area also offers a luxurious shopping experience with premium designer boutiques and showrooms featuring Mediterranean-style yacht-lined marinas, residential towers, villas, and hotels.

The Island is also home to modern dining spots – from refreshing ice creams to five-star culinary experiences, and stands out for its pedestrian-friendly squares and plazas along with its wide range of landscaped gardens.

The Pearl is a popular visitor attraction by its elegance, inviting descriptions such as the ‘Arabian Riviera.’

The West Bay

The building complex in Doha
Edging the Persian Gulf, West Bay is the site of City Center Mall Doha, with its mainstream stores, plus global trade fairs at Doha Exhibition & Convention Center.

Qatar National Theater screens movies and local plays, while the Msheireb Enrichment Centre has Qatari history displays. The seafront Corniche Promenade has cycling and jogging lanes, and the area is noted for fine-dining restaurants and upscale hotels.

Msheireb Downtown Doha

Msheireb is the world’s first sustainable downtown regeneration project. That will revive the old commercial district; with a new architectural language that is modern—yet inspired by traditional Qatari heritage and architecture –its proportion, simplicity, space, light, layering, ornament, and response to climate.

Utilizing the latest in sustainable technologies, Msheireb will adhere to the highest standards in green building. The strategic objective of the Msheireb project is to reverse the development pattern in Doha, which has tended towards isolated land use, reliance on car transportation, and energy-hungry structures.

Are you fascinated about investing in property and real estate in Qatar? If you are a foreigner who loves the idea, knowing what to do should be a priority.

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