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Why We Should Be Your Ultimate Wiki article Writing Resource

Process We Follow for Wiki Writing

Having a Wikipedia article writing may just be the marketing technique your website requires to acquire traction. On the other hand, writing an article for Wikipedia that is promptly accepted is not a piece of cake. Imagine putting in a lot of time and effort to produce a Wikipedia article page in order to save a few dollars, only to have it rejected by Wikipedia. Doesn’t that sound awful? Well, a much larger percentage of people go through this than you might think. As a result, hiring an expert to help you create a unique Wiki page is a fantastic option. Fortunately for you, Phantom-writing has a large pool of experienced Wiki writers who can be contacted at any moment! Use our wiki writers for hire to get your wiki entry produced as soon as possible. Wikipedia article writing is most unique or attractive.

Wiki Writing

When writing a Wikipedia page, the guidelines established by Wiki’s editorial staff must be followed to the letter. To be honest, these standards are difficult to follow and, if not followed to the letter, can lead to your wiki page being denied. You won’t have to worry about perfecting these rules if you employ Phantom-Writing to create a Wiki article for you. We guarantee that our dependable and skilled writers are experts at Wiki writing.

Our skilled wiki writers have a track record of producing exceptional Wiki pages that are accepted on the first try without any modifications.

You can expect our efficient and responsible Wiki writers to update your Wiki pages on a regular basis so that your audience is always up to speed with your business.

Wiki writing provides your brand with a large platform and a large audience that no other kind of writing can match. As a result, it is not only necessary but crucial to ensure that the material on the wiki page is error-free.

Our specialists understand the importance of this component and take it very seriously in order to provide high-quality wiki writing pages that stand out in this crowded and competitive world.

Process We Follow for Wiki Writing

Order Details

Fill out a simple, quick form to reserve your position and be greeted by one of our friendly project managers, who will take in all of the information you have to provide about your wiki page.

Research & Outline Draft

They begin by conducting an extensive study on the nature of your firm and producing an outline on the wiki page after picking the best applicant for the job.

Approval Wiki page

Our writer continues composing the complete wiki page when our client approves the outline. The entire wiki page is created according to the client’s requirements, and our authors take into account any special guidelines that the client may supply.

Editing and proofreading

After the wiki page is finished, it is forwarded to our expert proofreaders and editors, who ensure that the information is error-free.

typesetting and formatting.

Our skilled coworker creates the highest quality wiki page possible by formatting and typesetting the entire wiki page, making it compact and ready to be submitted.

Submission & Promotion

After the entire procedure has been completed and the wiki page has been reviewed by many specialists, it is sent to the wiki’s editorial department, where it is hoped that it will be accepted on the first try. It is published once it has been submitted.

Updating the Wiki Page

Once the page is live, we make sure it is regularly changed and updated to benefit your company. To protect the integrity of your material, we use comprehensive update and correction procedures.

One-on-One Writing Coaching

You know in your gut it’s the right time for this book.

You’ve had enough of putting it off, and guess what? I’m not going to let you get away with it. We’re going to finish this baby, and we’re going to finish it right.

I’ll be your go-to person for staying focused, productive, and on track to writing a book that wows readers and changes your life.

I know how large and intimidating it seems now, but you can finish it and have fun doing it.

My one-on-one tutoring is based on tried-and-true techniques that have helped my clients get published, but it’s completely tailored to you and your book. You’ll stay focused and motivated while you work on a cohesive draught of a book that matters to you and your readers.

Unstoppable Momentum: 3 Months, 100 (good) Pages

So many authors have told me that once they reach 100 pages, they are certain they will complete their book. For the first three months, we’ll focus on producing 100 high-quality pages while also teaching you how to write like a pro.

I won’t merely encourage you to increase your word count for the sake of increasing your word count. You’ll end up with a jumbled mess as a result. Instead, we’ll work on your book’s overarching goal, improve your skills, and grow your professionalism along the way, all while building momentum.

This does not have to be the first 100 pages of your book. Don’t panic if you’ve already written a substantial portion of your book and are feeling lost or stuck. It happens to the best of us at times. Allow me to assist you in reaching the finish line.

I’ll be providing you with detailed feedback on your pages, scheduled coaching calls, and Voter or email assistance in between calls (no assistants, no groups).

By the end of our first three months together, you’ll have:

  • An intriguing and tight notion that will keep you focused and attract publishers and readers.
  • At least 100 pages of content.
  • A long-term plan with the habits, dedication, and momentum to see it through, even when life gets in the way.
  • Sharpened writing skills and a better understanding of your strengths and shortcomings as a writer will help you develop your craft over time.
  • I have a strong belief in the importance and uniqueness of your book writing.

The initial three-month intensive coaching program costs $2,600.

Let’s Finish Your Book Proposal Together.

You’ll be pitching literary agencies with a 40–60-page book proposal rather than a finished manuscript if you’re writing a memoir or nonfiction. Consider it a business plan for your novel. You’ll be selling them on your book’s potential impact, along with an overview and one to three sample chapters—why the market needs your book, how it stands out from the competitors, why you’re the ideal person to write it, and how you’ll support it with marketing and publicity. How many words in a book really matter? How many words in a book really matter?

If you decide that self-publishing will provide you with the highest return on investment, you’ll already have marketing, publicity, and platform-building strategies in place. No matter how you choose to publish, it’s a win-win situation.

You’ll have the following by the end of our collaboration:

  • A complete book proposal can be sold
  • A tailored strategy to help you swiftly grow your platform.
  • An inquiry letter that grabs the reader’s attention
  • A plan for pitching agents with confidence and effectiveness
  • You’ll receive a hand-picked list of 5–10 agents to contact.

Visit our website for further details on “Phantom-writing”.

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