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You Can Accomplish a Great Deal with Legal Mediation

Mediation differs from other types of law in that is can be applied to most other types of law. Mediation is the step you take before getting into serious, contentious litigation.

A neutral third party assists in facilitating the conversations, negotiations, and (hopefully) resolution of the disagreement during the mediation process, which is a way for parties to reconcile their differences. Mediation in Melbourne, FL is typically voluntary and non-binding, in contrast to arbitration. It is frequently your greatest chance to reach a resolution before engaging in the pricey process of full-scale litigation. Unfortunately, a lot of in-house attorneys—or their clients—treat mediation like a second-class relative to arbitration and squander the chance. Usually, people believe you can simply turn up and mediate. Wrong! You need to be aware of a lot of crucial mediation advice to give yourself the best chance of success:

What exactly is mediation?

The majority of mediation is voluntary, meaning that the parties have mutually decided that they are a) interested in trying to resolve the conflict, b) that they want an impartial third party to assist them, and c) on the mediator’s identity.  Literally at any stage of a disagreement, including before official legal action has been taken, mediation can take place. The following factors determine when to begin the process:

  • uncertainty on the outcome of the lawsuit
  • the price of legal action
  • the desire to keep information private (as opposed to making it public during a trial or motion practice
  • the desire to “get it over with” as soon as you can
  • the continuation of the parties’ relationship

Does mediation sound right for you? If you find your situation aligns with the bullet points above then the answer is probably yes. You can do a simple Google search to find qualified and licensed legal mediators in your area.

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