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8 Proven Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Online Store

A smooth online shopping experience is what most buyers look for. You have an online store that features some great products. This is not enough on its own.

What you need is an effective marketing strategy for lead conversion and attracting new customers. The biggest culprit for your store’s ineffective operation is competition. The major culprit out there is probably Amazon.com which has introduced innovative online shopping trends and focuses on improving customers’ experiences.

Amazon is a big heavyweight, and it is hard to compete with small merchants in terms of price and breadth of product availability. Small online owners need to learn ways and implement strategies to divert the customer’s attention towards their products.

Challenges Encountered by Small Online Businesses

One of the major challenges for a new online store is competing with Amazon. The second biggest challenge is how to get awareness in this cluttered marketplace, especially with limited resources and a limited amount of time.

This becomes harder for small business owners and limits their growth in the industry. Small online business needs to look for ways, so they can hack that and breakthrough in all the noise

Why Are Millennial and Gen Z Buyers Important?

There is one kind of buyer with the buying power and greatest potential for loyalty. An interesting statistic related to online shopping spending reveals that 67% of the millennials don’t own a credit card which is a big issue for online stores because at times these stores only have credit card payment methods.

Without having any other option to pay for the products, business owners lose millennial and gen Z buyers. With this issue in mind, we are presenting some proven solutions to bridge that gap.

To make it easier for you and your friends we have listed some effective ways to increase traffic to your shopping website without letting you spend a hefty among on marketing.

Effective Strategies for Your Online Store

1.      Having a Flamboyant store

As the demand for online shopping is fueling with stores like amazon introducing Amazon Daily Deals, you need to come up with ideas to make your store’s appearance eye-catchy. Your store is the representation of your entire business.

The first impression is the last, right? So, work on making your store classy and organized to compel the visitors to surf and buy something right away.

2.      Building Reputation through social media

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube are social media platforms that most people use for entertainment. But gradually, people have commercialized their accounts and started to use them for earning, brands and small stores can take help from influencers for promoting their products and brands.

The reputation of a brand is what customers check first. And the best way for building a brand reputation is through influencers and actively engaging with customers through your social media page.

3.      Targeting the right Audience

A good thing about Amazon is that they target the right customers at the right time helps in more engagement and product selling.

Search your current market, learn the new trends and preferred choice of customers. This will help list those products first that customers are looking for and attract the right buyers.

4.      Catchy product reviews

Not only building a strong reputation will invite your customers to visit your store, but the reputation of your store products also matters and will make a difference.

The majority of the buyers will first head to the customer’s review section to know about the product and its quality. For instance, people are likely to buy a product with more than 50 positive reviews and comments. You need to work on satisfying your customers and ask them to leave a review.

This will definitely help in increasing sales.

5.      Not forcing buyers to sign up

We all hate to sign up messages that pops-up on the screen whenever we visit a website. These pop-ups are surely a turn-off for website visitors. So, if your website has this feature, it is better to remove it before you lose your potential clients.

Although getting your customer’s email is important to stay connected with them, you must make the initial purchasing step easy and trouble-free.

6.      Coupons and Discount deals

When you see this flashing new amazon discount codes 20 off anything, what’s your immediate response? You’ll definitely go and check the products this offer is valid on. Discounts, promo codes, and coupon codes are no doubt a great deal for shoppers. Why? Because it let them save up money and can even use it to buy something else.

Surprisingly, people do not intend to buy a particular item, but they do it if an amazing discount is being offered on the product.

7.      Supporting your customers

Make certain that your customers are happy with your service and the quality of your product. Underestimating the power of buyers will lead your business nowhere.

In order to serve your clients properly, you need to answer their questions as soon as possible and provide them with the proper guidance.

About 45% of the consumers quit the transaction process if their queries are not addressed quickly. So try to avoid leaving your customer dissatisfied with your service.

8.      Email Marketing for Promoting Your New Products

amazon student discount code and email marketing is the way to go. Email marketing can be really helpful for an online store to gain traction in the marketplace and engage with new customers as well as retain the old ones.

You can make it much easy by sending free shipping and 25% off emails like amazon does amazon promo code 20 off anything to grab their customer’s attention.

This strategy will result in encouraging a customer to flock to your store website and look for products and make full use of this opportunity.

We know, attracting new customers to your store is not a piece of cake. These strategies will not help you get many customers immediately. But, with patience and consistent efforts you can make your way into the online marketplace and build your name with these amazing tips.

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