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Coinbase Clone Script

Everything You Need to Know!

In this article, in addition to introducing the Coinbase exchange, we try to help you get acquainted with the Coinbase clone script. So join us!


About Coinbase

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange and purchase platform that currently operates in over a hundred countries. It offers rather interesting trading features and provides its customers with several payment methods. However, its Coinbase Wallet is not yet well-developed in our opinion. To begin with, it only supports the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. In addition, this wallet is only available on mobile.

We have a very positive opinion of Coinbase, which we believe offers the best user experience on the market. The platform is easy to use, and its graphics are ideal for beginners. It is also a reference in terms of safety.

Among the points to improve, let us mention above all the recurring outages during bull run periods on Bitcoin and rather limited risk management tools. Overview of its advantages and limitations:


  • Ergonomics and simplicity of use
  • Very high level of security
  • Rather reactive technical support
  • Advice and tutorials to approach the fundamentals
  • Possibility of switching to Coinbase Pro


  • Recurring outages
  • High fees compared to an exchange
  • Too limited risk management tools

What is Coinbase Wallet?

Coinbase Wallet is the cryptocurrency wallet offered by the Coinbase exchange platform. It was formerly known as Toshi, a decentralized application browser that was already popular in the field. It supported Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens at the time.

Besides, Coinbase Wallet operates independently of the related platform. This means that you can register and use it without having a Coinbase account.

Since 2020, customers using the Android app can buy cryptocurrency directly through their wallets. However, a debit card is the only authorized method of payment.

How to Build an Exchange Like Coinbase?

  • Open Source Code
  • Start from Scratch
  • Launch using Coinbase Clone Script

Open Source Code — It’s not reliable, less secured, & is prone to hacking.

Start from Scratch — Works like a maze, and any minor technical hiccup may result in complete security chaos. It also requires considerable financial support and time investment for recovering.

Launch using Coinbase Clone Script — This is one of the safest ways to launch your crypto exchange platform like Coinbase. You can launch your exchange platform in a quick, secure, & cost-efficient manner.

Now let’s find out together the Coinbase Clone Script What it is, and how it works.

What Is Coinbase Clone Script

What Is Coinbase Clone Script?

Coinbase clone is a tailor-made crypto exchange clone software that has all the current trading features of the coinbase. The premium coinbase website clone software is completely designed, developed, multi-tested, and ready for deployment. Therefore, by using an error-free and customizable Coinbase Clone Script, you can launch a superfine crypto exchange. This product works similarly to the coinbase exchange. By using this script, you can create and deploy a feature-rich crypto exchange within a week at a budget-friendly price.

Features of Coinbase Script

  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Dispute Management
  • Wallet Integration
  • Multiple Crypto Support
  • Instant Buy / Sell
  • Multiple Trade Pairs
  • Live market
  • Push notifications
  • Robust escrow wallet
  • Attractive UI/UX module.
  • Admin Panel
  • IEO Launchpad Integration
  • Security Token Exchange Integration
  • 100% customizable Bitcoin Exchange Script
  • Mobile Trading App for Android, iOS

White Label Coinbase Clone Script

This clone is a set of source codes that includes all trading functionalities of the Coinbase website. White label Coinbase permits you to customize the features according to the current digital trend & it allows you to change brand name, logo, theme, design according to your business needs at that moment. This script offers advanced trading options for the users to earn greater returns on their assets. The main highlights are decentralized trading, coin staking facility, availing cryptocurrency loans instantly at low-interest rates, an integrated trading bot, and an accurate trading engine.

Security Features in Coinbase Clone

  • E-Mail or SMS based verification method
  • Hypertext (HTTPS) encryption
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Digital wallet and payment integration
  • SSL Encryption
  • Anti-DDoS (Anti-Distributed Denial of Service)
  • Cross-Site forgery protection (CSRF)
  • 2FA Authentication
  • Multi-Sig Wallet consolidation
  • Faster KYC/AML authentication

Coinbase Clone App Development

Coinbase Clone App Development

Coinbase clone app is one of the efficient ways to join the traders and investors with the trading site in form of an app. This clone is efficient, robust, customizable, and works perfectly for all kinds of mobile devices and operating systems. Take a look at the features that you will get in your Coinbase clone app to engage your traders and investors.

Features of Coinbase Clone App

  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Instant notifications
  • QR Scanning
  • Ratings and Feedback facilities
  • Location Tracking
  • Live Chat Options
  • Transaction History
  • Ad-posting facility
  • Encrypted Private key
  • Multiple language support
  • White list options
  • Fast KYC Verification
  • Advanced Price Tracking

Why should you start a website like Coinbase?

  • Brand reputation
  • Potential customer
  • The high amount of transaction
  • The high market cap for users
  • Users can learn and earn
  • The clone script is a replica of a famous website that exist before, which is an assurance that there is already a “demand” for that website.

How to Choose the Best Company to Develop a Website Like Coinbase?

  • Support period
  • Customization option
  • Data backup
  • 100% source code
  • Maintenance cost
  • Free add-ons
  • Their customers’ feedbacks

We recommend you request Coinbase Clone Script from the chosen company before buying the script.

Final Words

Our Coinbase Clone Software would assist you to start your own crypto exchange with all advanced features in a short time. We have an experienced team of web developers, they always stay updated with the current and latest technologies and take care of clients’ satisfaction. That’s why our clients rely on us for their repetitive web development requirements and call us as best web development service provider.

Radindev builds crypto exchange Websites that include full-fledged custom web designs for any type of organization. It creates crypto exchange websites and applications that can compete with the strongest in the industry. Our development team simplifies online cryptocurrency exchange creation for your business needs, allowing you to turn your business idea into reality. We offer crypto exchange development services that employ cutting-edge technology to create a solution that is safer, scalable, and user-friendly. Choose Radindev to gain through a crypto exchange solution to help your business.

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