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Steps to Make Your Home Eco Friendly

Today earth is facing serious climate issues like global warming, changing weather patterns, heavy rainfall, and storms this all is because of human activities. Making your home eco-friendly to the environment is a must these days to minimize climate issues. This way of living will depict that we are aware of the possible harms of our activities on the environment and we are taking steps to eradicate it.

A small step can make a great difference if everyone will take it. You can do this by just making small changes to your home design while building it or renovating it. Take help from the specialists present at Residential interior design Dubai or Interior fit-out services to make your home environment friendly. Here are some of the simple tips to make it more eco-friendly.

Lower energy costs:

The energy costs can be lowered by designing a home-style where maximum sunlight and fresh air pass through. An experienced architecture will decide everything before designing a home at a place where it can use a maximum of three shades to lower the air conditioner cost in the summer season. Likewise, he will also consider making windows on a side where they will allow maximum sunlight to enter the house during the winter season. This will not only save the planet by lessening the use of air conditioners that have a harmful impact on the environment but also will lower the electricity bills.

Solar light:

Solar light is another best way to make your home sustainable because it will use the natural sunlight to produce maximum energy that will have the power to fulfill your energy requirements. Green and sustainable building materials are good sources of sustainability during bad weather conditions but the normal building materials can not withstand this type of weather.

Environment-friendly windows:

The windows of a home can be made environment friendly by making them bio glass windows because it will allow penetrating most of the sunlight into the home in the winter season and fresh air in the hot summer days. Glass tiles can be another option for the flooring because it will have a cooling effect in the hot days and the natural cooling will have a longer impact on the house. evde iş

Use low VOC:

Paints are an essential part of any house these days because without paint the house doesn’t look good or new. Most people do not know the paints and they just randomly pick up the color but you have to use the paints with low Volatile organic compounds because these will not harm the environment and building as they are durable.

Recycled furnishings:

The furnishing can be done from materials that are sustainable like recycled tires, natural wood as in bamboo, or glass as these materials are less dangerous to the

environment. This furniture also has productivity and durability-like qualities and you can also replace these. Whenever you want a new design because of the reason that these materials are less in cost.

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Renewable energy:

Renewable energy sources are of different kinds as wind power, solar panels, energy made from dumping, and so on. All these energy sources are every less in cost and do not harm the planet. Solar panels are the best option because sunlight is directly stored in the batteries. After converting to electricity and can be used to fulfill every type of energy needs.

Proper insulation:

Insulation is the process to make your home fully water and airtight. Check all of your windows and doors also ventilations everything must be airtight. This will make your home cooler during summer and hot during the winter season. And this will automatically lower your energy bills that are increasing day by day.


Sustainability is the key feature of home designs these days. The homes are designed in a way that the water is used in the kitchen. It is directly passed to the home garden so it will reduce water wastage. All the electrical appliances must be environment friendly and do not use excessive appliances. For example, dry your washed clothes in the natural sunlight. As it will not damage your clothes and also will reduce the energy costs.


These are some of the tips to make your home environmentally friendly because it is the need of the day. The experts at Interior design Consultancy will give you the most useful information and home design having this key feature. These days everyone is becoming conscious of the fact. That what they are doing to the earth will have a drastic impact on their future generations. So the go green and eco-friendly environment in every aspect is the popular slogan these days.

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