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What are the different types of Villa in Dubai?

Villa moving is quite a time-consuming job. Villas have loads of work to do before and while moving. Villa movers in Dubai need to know the correct procedure for moving of villa. To make it easier we have discussed the different types of villa in Dubai.

Villas are of many types in terms of their construction. The right type of moving procedure for the different types of villa in Dubai is a must to know. Knowledge of the following types will help effortless moves between villas.

2 BHK Villas

2 BHK villas are comprised of 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, and a hall. They have the stuff from the 2 bedrooms involving the furniture, wardrobe items, toiletries, and other accessories. The kitchen must be packed separately with all the appliances, spices, and the hall usually has dining tables and a sofa set everything needs 2 to 3 days to pack.

4 BHK Villas

4 BHK villas require more days and packing material to pack. They have 4 bedrooms, kitchen, and hall. If you have stuff in all 4 bedrooms you must begin the packing 4-6 before the moving day. Pack each room, kitchen, and hall separately. Take our professional villa movers in Dubai, to help pack the stuff, label all the boxes to find everything later.

6 BHK Villas

6 BHK villas have 6 rooms, a kitchen, and a hall. Some of these rooms are utilized storerooms, study rooms, and etc. The foremost thing is to declutter the non-essential stuff. 6BHK villas take at least 10 days to get packed completely. Try to keep the essential items with you and pack the rest. Pack smart do not stuff boxes.

Double Story Villas

Double story villas have two floors with more rooms and sometimes 2 kitchens and halls too. The best practice is to start floor by floor. Pack the upper floor first and shift the essential stuff to the ground floor. Pack any one of the kitchens first. Label or use the color-coding method to discriminate between the things for each room.

Duplex Villas

Duplex villas are two villas constructed adjacent to each other and separated by a shared wall. Villa moving costs more because of the time and labor required. It is advisable to move them separately and in separate trucks. Boxes of each duplex must be labeled and kept separately having numbers such as 1 or 2 and color tape for each room.

Villa with Garden

Types of Villa with garden has a lot of different packing and moving strategies. The first step is to declutter the garden and villa both. The Garden must be packed and flower and grass beds must be mowed and cleaned. Pesticides must be used too to keep them safe from bugs. Garden packing and cleaning must be done before the villa packing.

Villa with Garage

Garage has loads of decluttering required. Unnecessary and old items must be removed or donated completely. Packing of the garage must be done after the packing of the villa. Reusable items must be kept to recycle and use. Some garages can also be lifted so it’s better to keep them empty to simplify the procedure. Cost is different for 1 and car garages.


Bluebox movers have made it easier through this guide about different types of villa in Dubai. Tips for Villa moving could easily help you out to . This guide is helpful for every type of villa having either one or multiple rooms. It is also helpful for villas with garages and gardens.

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