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Why Should You Consult a Financial Planner?

By the end of 2021, 19,382 financial advisors were operating in Australia. The demand for financial services is expected to surge in two years. This is because 2.6 million non-advised Australians intend to seek help from a financial planner in Sydney. According to the Financial Planning Association of Australia, 12% of Australians are already holding back from a financial adviser. The other 7% of people have embraced digital platforms to seek advice.

A financial planner is just like your fitness coach. You want to be healthy and fit but often fall out of your regime due to paucity of time, lack of discipline, and unawareness. This is where your fitness coach comes in, keeps an eye on your workout regime, provides suggestions, monitors your progress, and ensures that you stay focused on your fitness goals. Like your fitness coach, a financial advisor guides you on how, where, and when to invest.

They counsel you on wealth management and various other money matters. They give you a nudge in the right direction to meet your current and future financial needs. They help you assess your financial situation and help you create the most suitable financial plan so that you are self-reliant and financially stable even after retirement. Furthermore, they help you reduce your spending, pay off debt, save and invest for the family and future.

However, many people don’t seek the advice of a professional financial advisor or mistakenly think they don’t need it. They believe that the internet has got all the information, so do their friends, family and youtube influencers, and that is one of the biggest mistakes they make. Here are a few reasons why partnering with a financial planner is necessary. Continue reading!

Four reasons why you need a financial planner

One size does not fit all.

The advice you get from the internet or your family and friends can be good, but it may not be the best for you as everyone has their own goals, challenges and aspirations. Especially when it comes to finances, you need personalised financial advice. Having a financial planner alongside you while taking financial decisions ensures that you manage your money wisely and make the right decision with the proper perspective.

Financial planning is not a novice task to do

Managing your finances is not always easy. Over that, if you are a novice in financial planning activities, it can be arduous. Or, even if you are a young professional with a little bit of experience in finances, it can be hard to make time out of your busy schedule and learn the techniques and methods for proper financial planning. Therefore, it is better to hire a financial planner to get the job done right.

They have expert knowledge and skilled implementation.

Financial advisors have years of experience advising clients about financial planning and helping them manage their finances; having comprehensive assistance from professionals enables you to steer through complex decisions. A financial planner will not only explain to you the pros and cons of the products on offer but also ensure you choose the one that best suits your needs and goals. Furthermore, a financial planner in Sydney will make the process as simple as possible by taking all the paperwork off your head.

They make you and your family financially secure.

Last but not least, as you progress in life, your income increases making it challenging to manage your finances. Therefore, it becomes vital to have a dedicated professional monitor and manage your finances and guide you towards building a long-term future at this stage of life. A good financial planner will analyse your financial state and advise you on the possible ways to make your future financially secure. They will plan your spending so that you begin to save your hard-earned money and build your wealth.

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