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10 Benefits of Using Kitchen Vinyl Flooring

Kitchen vinyl flooring has become incredibly popular in recent years. But why is it so much more popular than other types of flooring? There are many benefits to installing kitchen vinyl flooring in your home.  It’s the most affordable option for replacing your old floors; it offers superior durability, and you can install it yourself! Read on for 10 reasons to try kitchen vinyl flooring.

1. Elegant and Stylish

Ceramic tile seems like a great choice until you have to buy grout, ceramic tile tools, sealant, etc. Then there’s the cost of having the tiles professionally installed – another huge expense. And what about when things get damaged? Ceramic tiles are extremely difficult to replace, which means you may have to replace the entire floor. Kitchen vinyl flooring, on the other hand, offers all of the advantages of tile without so many drawbacks.  The prices are usually inexpensive due to the relative ease with which they can be installed; if there is damage, simply pull up one piece and replace it! And installing kitchen vinyl flooring yourself is not only more affordable but also rewarding. You’ll save on labor costs and your new floors will look great in no time.

2. Easy to Clean

It’s practically impossible to avoid spills when cooking; grease, flour, tomato sauce…you name it! A ceramic tiled kitchen floor is often difficult to clean because dirt gets trapped between each tile. Once the dirt works its way down in between them, it becomes extremely difficult to remove. Ceramic tiles are also susceptible to cracks when exposed to cold weather. Which can make it impossible for you to sweep or mop around them. Kitchen vinyl flooring is much more resistant to cracking due to temperature changes and spills that may go unnoticed until later. You’ll have an easier time cleaning up messes that occur on kitchen vinyl floors because they’re constructed with open spaces between tiles.

3. Flooring is Stylish

Did you know that you don’t have to settle for ugly vinyl flooring? Some of today’s kitchen vinyl flooring comes with a realistic appearance so good looking. It could easily be mistaken for real wood, stone, or ceramic tiles. With the wide array of styles available, you’re sure to find the kitchen vinyl flooring design that will look great in your home.

4. Affordable

If you have ever tried to install ceramic tiles on your kitchen floor, you know all too well how expensive it can be! Not only are there materials and labor costs but if something goes wrong, it can ruin your entire budget. Even if everything goes smoothly with the installation. Then there’s still no guarantee that your new floors are going to last long term. This means you’ll have to shell out more money after things start cracking and breaking down. Kitchen vinyl flooring is far less expensive to install – it usually comes in large pieces that snap together right over the top of your existing floor! The installation process is much easier and doesn’t require a lot of tools. If there’s a problem with the kitchen vinyl floors, you simply pull up the piece that needs to be fixed and replace it.

5. Lasts Longer than Other Types of Flooring

Homeowners who have installed ceramic tiles on their floors know all too well how expensive it can be when things start breaking down. Even if you’re lucky enough to avoid any problems. Then chances are good that your new look will only last a couple of years before you have to spend more money for a complete re-flooring job. And if things start to go wrong right away, the whole project can ruin your entire budget. There are many other reasons why kitchen vinyl floors work well in homes with children and pets. They’re not as susceptible to scratches or damages caused by chair legs. And because you don’t have to worry about things like chipping or cracking, you’ll have kitchen flooring that looks great for years down the road!

6. Easy to Maintain

Kitchen vinyl flooring is easy to maintain and clean; most contain special coatings that make it resistant to spills and daily wear-and-tear. Instead of spending time scrubbing grout off ceramic tiles (a task made even more difficult when there’s no grout between them). You can quickly and easily clean up spills on your kitchen vinyl floors. And because there’s no grout and dirt gets trapped in between tiles (like with ceramic flooring), cleaning your kitchen vinyl floors is a breeze – you sweep or mop right over the top of them!

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