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8 E-Commerce SEO Ways to Increase Sales for Products

Perth City in Western Australia is one of the most happening places in the E-commerce industry. Today, many retailers are into online sales by designing and developing one of the user-friendly E-com sites. SEO Services Perth makes them compete with their competitors by following the best SEO practices. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the need of the hour. After reading this tech article on business, you will implement them in your online marketing strategies. The below-mentioned are the top 7 ways to boost your product sales online by implementing the latest SEO techniques.

Keyword Research

After E-com site designing and development, you will find many contents in different formats. Yet, the text contents will be more than others. When customers search online for a product or service, they type some texts and phrases on the search engine toolbar. The result or the search engine results page (SERP) obtained from them includes those typed text words or phrases. Thus, your E-com site must have the most searched keywords then your online competitors. Hiring SEO for E-commerce sales is the best way to increase traffic and pull customers.

Put How-to Videos

Apart from texts and image content, short videos on how to use your products make much sense to those surfing your E-com site. It will help if you make how to use a product or service videos professionally. Adding the right keyword to the video title will cover the needy customer. Such short videos will make a big impact on buying your product online. A 50% conversion happens from those who saw your how-to videos in Perth, AU. The SEO Services Perth shows real-time happening on such videos with statistics. Those customers do promote your products by sharing your short sales video links.

Social Media Marketing

The SMM or social media marketing must be one of your marketing strategies online. It will help if you open your E-com site’s Facebook page instantly you launch your E-commerce site on different platforms. Your E-com sites links with the top social media sites in Perth, Australia, will increase sales of your products without spending much on digital marketing. The way people trust SM content are unbelievable. If they positively rate your product, those following you will convert it to a sale. Your SMM content must be SEO optimized with exact keywords. Your SMM page will have text, images, infographics, and short promotional videos of your products.

E-com Site Load Time

No consumers will visit even the top Ecom sites in Perth if they open by hanging or slowness. Those customers will skip as soon as they have a fear of making online payments. Your E-com site designer and developer must compress the images and videos such that they will open even on a 1-GM ram computer and SmartPhones. When you have an app, you must follow the same. You must do the same to apps, too, if any. Your E-com site on any platforms like Windows, iOS, and android must open instantly. They must not scroll or hang in between when a consumer opens a new page or link.

Unique Promotional Text Contents  

Words are mightier than the pen is what you must follow while adding text contents on your E-com site. SEO Services Perth will write unique sales promotional content such that online consumers will stay on your page and buy them without any hesitation. When it comes to apps, they must be crisp and short. Thus, you will require some infographic content rather than short videos on product sales promotions. You must put unique photos and videos too. When things are different, the non-target consumer wishes to browse your E-com site or App.


Having a few backlinks is one of the marketing strategies for your E-com site to increase sales for products. They have a positive impact when the backlinks are to reputed sites. They can be your allied services or similar products your customer might be interested in. These backlinks promote their product, giving you a commission if sales happen from those backlinks. The presence of bad or broken backlinks will bring down your SERP ranking. Paid backlinks are the best to buy. It would help if you could check the SERP ranks of such backlinks you will put on your E-com site.

High-Quality Links

Backlinks are the links from one website to a page on another website. Backlinks are also known as “inbound links”, “incoming links”, or “one-way links.” Search engines, including Google, consider the backlinks as votes for a specific page. Therefore, the more backlinks a page will have, the higher the organic search engine ranking will be.   High-quality backlinks will make your website land on Google’s first page. Even ninth and tenth positions also have an average of over 30000 backlinks. High-quality backlinks add authority and credibility to the website. It will let Google know that your website focuses on publishing valuable content. In this way, your customers will easily find you on Google. 

FAQs and Reviews

Your target and non-targeted consumers will have any questions about your products. Yet, they are frequently asked questions that you need to answer promptly. An FAQ will be new or different from the frequent ones. It will help if you replay them immediately. Such positive responses will boost your sales as a customer will be satisfied with your spot response. Similarly, having product reviews on affiliate marketing channels online is essential to grab the online consumers who frequently search the web for the best products.


Hire professional SEO Services Perth to boost sales for products online for your E-commerce site. They are friendly people to work with who show real-time results. They have better knowledge of the search engine algorithms and follow the best practices in SEO services in Perth. Thus, your E-com site will not come under any penalty or blocking of your E-com site as you follow the bad practices to boost your sales online. SEO services are the need of the hour for all who wish to go online and sell their product or services.

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